IND/PHP/VNM experience

first of all, I'm an Indonesian who work in the Philippines for 2 years now

while I'm not an expert in hunting (find girls for sex, either pay for sex, FWB , or FOCS), I prefer to find girl, have conversations, meet up and execute

until now, i have been hunting the girls from Batam Island in Indonesia (BTM in short), Manila in the Philippines (MNL in short)and HCM in Vietnam (but only for 2 days and only Pay for Sex)

each location has its own characteristics and unique on its own


BTM is a small island south of Singapore, only 40 minutes by ferry, most of the tourist go there for few things : seafood, massage, pastries/snacks and sex

there is a lot of JOINT (place to book a girl for short time or overnight) for you to choose to pick a girl,the price for short time ranged IDR 300.000 to 700.000 for 1 shot 1 hour and overnight from IDR 1.200.000 to 3.000.000 (1 USD : 14.100) and the price will go up by 30-50% if there a long holiday (some joint has rules of limit the number of shots or time limit for overnight). there is some joint employing OJEK (motorcycle taxi like angkas in the Philippines) to be their marketing in exchange for commission, their way of operation is same as HCM and MNL, using some chat apps like wechat, michat etc to find guest and the photo you see is different from the girl that is coming, if you didn't tell them there is no cancelation fee, they might ask you to pay for transport fee

all the girl come from many places, mostly the girl has tanned skin like in Philippines, some has white skin if they come from a different city like Bandung or Manado

if the girl asked you to go to the discotheque, you better say no, because those place is the place to use party pills/drugs, so for a foreigner, better don't go to discotheque

there is a lot of bars, club, ktv and lounge you can enjoy, in ktv, you might found import girls like from china and vietnam but the price is skyrocketed, USD 200 for 1 hour short time

there is also few kinds of massage parlor that can be exploited, clean and health massage, massage plus HJ, or massage with sex


i stay in manila not too long (only around makati, pasay and malate), only 2 years plus a bit, not too much experience around here. i usually try to find girl from social media, like facebook, wechat etc, as per other thread's information Meeting massage girls in Manila, Philippines
For Manila, you can use Tagged, Skout, and WeChat to meet girls.
A lot for freelancer girls will charge around 2,000 PHP (Philippine Piso). Some girls will go overnight for 3,000 PHP for the GFE (girlfriend experience).
The girls do not use a condom... but, I insist (and the girls are not happy about it). Any sexual position you want, they will accommodate. If I meet the right girl, and pay the right money, the girls will do anal and threesomes.
My last trip, I met a girl through the dating apps. We chatted for about a week before I headed there. She initially asked for 5,000 PHP for overnight, but I negotiated down to 2,000 PHP for overnight. Service was good, her small size was easy for cowgirl, and she slept naked with me. I paid for her dinner, transportation, etc. Total damage the first night was 5,000 PHP (paid more for her service). 2 shot at night, 1 shot in the morning. My performance was bad... I cummed very fast.
My second night, I paid another girl for LT (long time) for 2,500 PHP. She was prettier. First shot was ok, and I was unable to cum for the second shot. After playing around for 30 minutes, she finished me off with a handjob and blowjob.
My third night, I was back with the first girl. We were chatting, she said she missed my company, and wished to join me for a night. I told her sure, but I already paid her more on the first date, and I didn't have much $$ left. She didn't mind... so I paid for her transportation, dinner, and morning breakfast. Fucked her 3 times. The last fuck in the morning was the best for me and her. I think my dick was numb after so many fucks. It was hard for a long time. We tried many positions. In the end, I still paid her 2,000 PHP, and told her that was all the money I have.
The best fuck I have had in Southeast Asia has been the Philippines, followed by Thailand. You can get 2,500 BHT overnight with a pretty Thai girl that's accommodating to anything.
For Manila, be careful of ladyboys. Never meet them in your room because they can gang up on you and take your money. I always meet girls in cafes before going to my room.
as per he said, there is a lot of freelancer, and also some have bosses, in my experience average price here is about 2000-3000 per 3 hours for 2 shots, there is some KTV girl asking for 6000 per pop (1USD = 51Peso).
if you are good in sweet talking or good looking, you might get some FOC sex, coz they are so open minded about sex
They speak good english. Let me explain a bit why Phillippines is heaven and hell.

1. gun freely available and people get pay 1mil to kill a person (told by my client and i believe him). When i go there in Feb'19. They have a restriction on carrying gun (those with license) because its election time (senator or mayor in manila). That didn't stop a business men kill in daylight. He and his driver shot by paid killer.... when i follow up the news, apparently the business men already make multiple police report stating that his business rival plan to kill him... well no action done.
2. Young girl at age of 12-13 was kidnapped by neighbor and sold for prostitution to serve Caucasian man that looking for your virgin (no offense here mate).
3. Ladyboy that smokescreen themselves as young girl (they always come in pair) and offer threesome for cheap price. Once enter your room, all hell break loose.
4. Those, more seedy area that pick up girl at bar. If your unlucky get hooked up with scam that partner with police to extort you money.
5. And all those news about police plant drug and extort money to let you go. Few korean guy was killed this year after family paid the money.

6. Girls don't like to wear condom. Taboo for them to wear (apparently catholic is strong there - again no offense here). Only ladyboy and men buy condom in Manila (i was told by the girl). Everytime i bring out condom, the girl expression change.
7. All girl as young as 20 might already have a child. That's means bountiful of pussy available and they are much adventurous compare with other ASEAN country (probably only Thai can beat them).
8. Sex is their favorite sport. It depends how strong you can match with them.
9. They looking for away out from Manila and poverty. Thus, every foreigner that treat them well. They make you fly on bed.
Well... that's my experience and opinion. Can't wait to go back :p

At immigration, with all the bad review about the custom officer. I notice they only target India and Korean... claiming their visa not valid and have to enter special room. End up paid fine that no receipt. For me, everything is great about their custom... ask three simple questions and off I go.
about 2,4 and 5, im not really knowledge about this.
but for 1 i heard there is few korean and chinese shot in the head when coming out from hotel or just walking, from the information i got, they are either in DEBT because of casino, or some personal grudge
# 3 is the most often case happened around manila, they target newbie that cannot tell the difference between girl and ladyboy (i personally see 4 guy bring 2 girls and 2 ladyboys to hotel), they will ask you to pay first, then extort you, but you dont have to worry about this, you can call the receptionist, and ask them to help you, if they didnt extort you, they will try to steal your money while you are in CR
# 6 is true if you get girl by flirting, if for pay, they insist you to use condom
# 7 that is because they dont allow abortion (even divorce is not even allowed, thats why they just stay in together without marriage, even have baby, so some guy just run away after the girl is pregnant)
# 8&9 is true

just beware if you need to find girl using chat apps, video call is a must, if no videocall, better forget it

there is not much for me to say, while i only have 2 days of experience, gonna go again with some buddies

girls comparison :
phil girl and indo girl has a lot of similiarities, from the skin and some habits, they are bit tanned, while some phil girl are bit white because of mix spanish, korean, japanese, chinese etc, while some indo girl are while because of location, like manado and bandung
phil girl usually have small boobs, but firm ass, indo is the opposite, average boobs but small ass. both countries girl like cold drink, sweet drink, and rice, thats is the reason why most of them has some fat tummy
vietnam girl i like better, because of the skin and body, but the problem is hard for communication

thats all about my experience
if there is any mistake, feel free to correct me