Karaoke and massage newbies in Ho Chi Minh

Hi Guys,

I'm new from Malaysia, going to HCMC next month with bunch of guys. We are staying at District 1.We were trying to find some nice karaoke with reasonable price and reasonable "Massage".

I saw a post on karaoke by Hentaiprof, some of the fellow members suggested Sunflower KTV; New Stocking (sounds very interesting); Catwalk. What is the rough cost for these? is USD70-80 per person sufficient for a nice karaoke experience with some hostess?

Also, i saw many interesting post on massage spa - Dai Nam; Vien Dong; Zeus Massage and etc. Any good recommendation?

We are not on very high budget, just trying not to be cheated nor scammed.

Thanks man.
There are many Malaysian old butt here in HCM. tag along with them. you wont be rip off.
  1. sunflower is expensive but fun
  2. new stocking nothing special unless for the girls wearing stocking and let you tear it off(you need to pay extra for that) - is a russian style
  3. catwalk is just a high end KTV (example like dimaco/bintang)
KTV's in Vietnam are different from Malaysia, they charge you by hourly for the room. and there are many KTVs in hcm.

the spa is different as well, don't put high expectation on the spa in Vietnam. there massage spa here is mainly fei kei cheong (blow/handjob)
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Need advice here. We’re two non Vietnamese speaking Chinese dudes wanting to try the ktv scene but contemplating about hiring a guide versus winging it. What do y’all think? Would also be opened to meeting some of you for a night out.
Can we survive the night ? Without getting ripped off or getting into any troubles? But most importantly having a very good and safe time.