Karaoke girls in Da Lat, Vietnam

Da Lat, Vietnam
I'm in Da Lat, Vietnam right now. It's a nice spot, but not a lot of action.

I have a Thai regular who came with me, but she's gone back now, so I have 4 days on my own.

It seems like the karaoke places are the most promising, but I have no clue what goes on once you go inside, and I can't really be arsed to sing for 2 hours just to get laid. Can anyone tell me how it works and/or how to tell whether a place is the kind I need?

I feel like a lot of them are basically family type places, and I definitely can't be arsed to sing for 2 hours just to not get laid...
Ho Chi Minh
One will not get many actions in Da Lat, except touristy attractions. Most keen to go round shopping or visiting. Although kynu state that there were some gals on offer but never tried.

Massage places will offer some handjob if price is right.
Da Lat, Vietnam
Thanks for that. There are handjobs and blowjobs in the massage places, no problem. I got FS in a massage place up near the train station but the the girl was nothing special and the massage was shit, I was just waiting for the sex part. I tried kynu and it worked OK. While I was waiting for my girl to come to the ST hotel, the guy in the next room was giving his girl a proper banging. I made sure to get a look when she came out and I would go there with bells on, but I can't see her on kynu even though there's only a handful of girls listed in the area. There must be some other website, I think. My girl arrived soon after and she was OK but I hate this pot luck shit.

As I passed the back of one of the Karaoke places on my way back from the kynu thing, I got a glimpse of a girl who was dressed like take-out, so I think it's out there but I would never find that place again (I was in a taxi at the time).

Some guy in a post I read was saying he found girls on twitter, but I have no clue what to search for.

This place would be my idea of perfect if it just had a fishbowl or freelancer bar.