Kim Huy Massage 4th Sept 2019

Hey boys,

Just came back from my massage at Kim Huy. A great and scary experience for me as I've never been to a massage place in Saigon even though I travel here monthly. I've had quite a number of misses in Wechat FL and only a handful of good ones. Never did find a gem in Wechat. Maybe I'm just unlucky. But let's get right to it.

The Journey
Touched down at 2.30pm and headed straight to my regular hotel in D1. Checked in at 4pm and had my coffee on the sidewalk till about 5.30pm. Booked a Grab Bike (best way to travel in Saigon IMHO) and reached the entrance of Kim Huy Massage.

Well Kim Huy has 2 entrances. One through a Chinese restaurant and one through the hotel itself. I went through the Chinese restaurant and got a little embarrassed by the waitresses looking at me weirdly (they definitely know I'm there for a massage). So there's a elevator there in the middle with a sign saying Massage at 6 floor.

I reached the 6th floor and was greeted by a lovely Receptionist. She was beautiful. She didn't speak a speck of English but then she proceeded to show me a laminated menu with I think was 4 options. I pointed at the first option which was 100 mins 1 mil dong and paid her. The staff then showed me to a small lounge where I sat down and gave me a bottle of water.

About 5-8 minutes later, they beckoned me to follow them and I was shown to Room 601 which was next to the elevator. The waiter kept my shoes and asked me to change into silk boxers and pointed into the wet and dry sauna. They left the room and I was there alone, excited and no idea what to expect next.

The Experience
After changing into the silk boxers I went into the wet sauna first. It wasn't very hot at first, but the steam had a subtle hint of lemongrass and the heat started to build up over time. It was about 5 mins when I heard the door open and I could barely make out my masseuse walk in through the fogged up glass door. I decided to stay in awhile longer because I knew she had to setup the bath tub and other stuff.

I gave it another 5 mins before I walked out. I couldn't see anything because I needed my glasses. I put them on, looked at my girl and said hello. She wasn't the prettiest girl I've seen but she was definitely cute and had a sweet smile. She was sitting at a small stool waiting for me and when I came out, she handed me my water and pointed to the dry sauna. I went in there and tbh, it wasn't very hot no matter how much water I splashed onto the rocks. I came out 5 mins later and she asked if I would like a shower. I said yes.

She started to lather me up and looking at her close up, she definitely looked very young. She had nice racks, medium sized and we're just popping out of her tight top. When I stood up and she was washing me off, I had a nice view from above. She dried me off and I started to have a massage.

Massage was okay. Nothing special.

Then she took her top off and started to rub her boobs all over me slowly while giving me a catbath. She turned me over and I was rewarded with the beautiful sight of her perky boobs. It was perky and defied gravity. She looked down and started laughing because my flag was fully up.

She then did the same routine, teasing my dick, catbathing me while running herself all over me. I slowly caressed her legs and ass and asked if she could remove her panties. She smiled and said yes. She then gave me a fairly okay blowjob while handjobbing in between. I slid my fingers and started to rub her clit. She was wet even before I started. As she was blowjobbing, soft moans came out while I was rubbing her. I then tried my luck to slowly slide my fingers in but was rejected. Damnnn....

We were about15-20 mins into it when I knew the end was cumming (pun intended). I told her I was about to cum and I wanted to CIM. She said no because she has never done it before. Now, in my head, I came here with the expectation of having CIM. Admittedly I was a bit disappointed and thought she was taking me for a ride, I then offered her tips and she rejected it as well. So in a flash of 3 secs reviewing my entire experience while lying there, I decided fuck it.. i came while HJ and she milked me dry with her hand.

I laid there and she cleaned me. Gave me another shower and then we proceeded to get dressed. I walked out a happy man even without my expected CIM.

Sorry for the extremely long post. Give me some feedback and I'll reformat it in my other posts.

Place : Kim Huy Massage
Girl : Jee/Ji (No.1)
Face : 7/10
Body : 7/10 (soft, supple skin)
Boobs : Solid B borderline C. Small Nipples.
Ass : Perky
GFE : 9/10
Massage : 5/10
HJ : 6/10
BJ : 6/10
CIM: Nopeeeee
Damage : 1 million VND
Overall experience: 7/10
WIR : I will. For her and maybe a few others.

She's young. Might need more experience. She speaks basic English. She's really friendly and sweet. She's really wet. Massage so so. Would be better if I got CIM, but given overall experience, I'm still happy given its only 1 million VND.

Thank you for reading and sorry for the long post.
You should try Dntn pung thuy. I had a great time there yesterday. The girl has big boobs and looks so cute. She speaks English very well. You know, she let me play and poke my fingers into her wet pussy. In extreme addition, she licked and poked her tongue deeply into my anus :D she had done this process many times. She hugged and kissed me from every angle :D she also let me CIM.
In all, she did a great job and i will go again.
She’s number 60 as i asked her.
Hey bro,

Sounds amazing. Will go for it for my next escapade. The girl I had was great, she's just young and needed some more experience. Will definitely check out Dntn Pung Thuy for my next one.
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Kim Huy is a great place for a message. I've had an awesome experience there as well, but I did get the CIM experience so I guess it just depends on the girl.
Another great place is Zeus which isn't too far from Kim Huy.
I'm going back to HCMC and will be visiting Kim Huy again so will post my second review.
Kim Huy is a great place for a message. I've had an awesome experience there as well, but I did get the CIM experience so I guess it just depends on the girl.
Another great place is Zeus which isn't too far from Kim Huy.
I'm going back to HCMC and will be visiting Kim Huy again so will post my second review.
I think Kim Huy, Zeus and Dntn Pung Thuy have similar techniques and services, but Dntn Pung Thuy has luxurious facility and spacious compounds.
Anyways, one thing that made me uncomfortable when I first came to Dntn Pung Thuy is that there are so many security guards and servicemen from the gate to the reception counter. I felt nervous since I have never experienced like this when I go to any massage places (Thailand, Cambodia or other places in Ho Chi Minh).
You know, when I finished the massage and exited the room, the serviceman escorted me to the lounge where there were many guests who have finished massage like me. Also, there were so many waiters who are waiting for us to order foods and drinks stood all around in the lounge. I felt like I'm sitting in the exam room :D I didn't enjoy myself in the lounge, but I left immediately and grasped GRAB back to my hotel.
You know, even though I left immediately from the lounge, both the servicemen and security guards still fetched for me to ask more and more. It's damn boring !!!! In my mind, I just want to tell them that I just came here for massage only ^^
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