Kim Huy Massage Review - Ho Chi Minh

I visited Kim Huy Massage in Ho Chi Minh a few days ago, and most everything @Logan said in his review for Kim Huy Massage in District 1 is accurate.

I chose with the Thai VIP 120 minutes option for my massage package. I wasn't able to choose a girl, I was just taken into the spa room and told to change into the cloth boxers and enjoy the sauna, and a few minutes later, the girl walked in and started the bath tub. I don't speak a lick of Vietnamese, and the girl didn't speak a lick of English.

Once on the massage table, she went straight to licking and kissing my body, then into the blowjob, albeit she just focused on the head due to size constraints. I take a while to blow my shot, and it was evident as she was signaling that her hand was getting tired.

After the first shot, she washed up, then began the massage with hot stones. Massage was basic, nothing similar to a Thai massage. Then she asked me to flip over one last time for the second shot. Same as the first shot, mostly hand job, and occasionally she would suck on the tip.

As for the girl, I think she was #8, judging by the photos Logan posted of the girls working at Kim Huy Massage. She had fake tits, small mouth, and very flirtatious. Since this was my first time at one of these establishments, I just went with the flow. When I first got to the 6th floor, there was already a gentleman there trying to communicate with the front desk about the options, and he only spoke English so he was having difficulties.

As for me, I read the review and already had in mind what I wanted, and I didn't bother attempting to speak with the guys working the front desk, and chose my option, paid them the 700,000 VND for the massage ticket and 700,000 VND for the tip, and they immediately knew what I wanted. Being confident and not hesitant went a long way in speeding up the process, from getting off the elevator to getting into the spa room with the girl, otherwise these guys seemed fairly irritated by the guy who was there before me.

I walked to this establishment from my apartment rental, and it was actually a pleasant walk. I chose to take a Grab back to my rental afterwards, due to the rain picking up.

All in, I really appreciate this forum and the accuracy of the reviews. I was not disappointed.