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This is a full review with pictures for Kim Huy Massage, located at 220 Nguyen Cu Trinh, District 1, Ho Chi Minh.

Nhat Thien Kim Hotel
Kim Huy Massage is located on the sixth floor inside the Nhat Thien Kim Hotel in District 1. There are two street entrances that run along both sides of the hotel. The north side entrance is Nhat Thien Kim Hotel, located at 222 Nguyen Cu Trinh. The south side entrance is Nha Hang Chao Suon Chu Chen, a family-friendly Vietnamese restaurant, located at 281 Nguyen Trai. The easiest entrance is the north side, because it takes you directly into the hotel lobby. If you enter from the south side, walk through the restaurant, towards the hotel lobby. Once you've reached the hotel lobby and reception area, take the elevator up to Floor 6, where Kim Huy Massage is located. If you need any assistance, mention you're looking for a massage to either the restaurant or hotel staff, and they will direct you towards the elevator, where you will see a sign showing Floor 6 is Kim Huy Massage.


Kim Huy Massage
When you exit the elevator, you'll immediately be at the reception desk for Kim Huy Massage. There are two Vietnamese male attendants working reception, one sitting behind the counter, and one standing at the counter. Both of these men were very friendly, and the three of us were talking and laughing during my entire interaction with them. Neither one of them spoke any English, therefore we had to use Google Translate for everything. When I asked to see the menu, they showed me a massage menu with the exact same design and style as Phuong Anh Massage in District 10, but with different packages and prices. These are the different massage packages offered at Kim Huy Massage in District 1:
  • VIP - 60 minutes - 300,000 VND ($13 USD)
  • Thai VIP - 90 minutes - 500,000 VND ($21 USD)
  • Thai VIP - 120 minutes, 2 shots - 700,000 VND ($30 USD)
  • Onsen Combo - 120 minutes, 2 shots, shared bath - 870,000 VND ($37 USD)
  • Thai Super VIP - 120 minutes, 2 girls - 1,000,000 VND ($43 USD)
I wanted the Thai VIP massage, and they suggested the 120 minute package because it comes with 2 shots. This was late at night, and I only had one shot in me, and I chose the Thai VIP massage for 90 minutes. After I paid for the massage package, the attendant said to pay the same amount for the girl's tip. I paid 1,000,000 VND ($43 USD) to reception for the massage ticket and tip.

Before I arrived, I had already looked over photos of the different massage girls working here. The second post of this review thread has pictures of the massage girls (and their corresponding numbers) that are currently working at Kim Huy Massage. After payment was made, I tried choosing a specific girl. Unfortunately, my first choice was on vacation. I was told only one girl was available, with large voluptuous breasts, but I was not interested. As we were standing there, another girl was bringing her ticket to reception. She looked very beautiful, but when I asked about her, I was told she was busy with customers. I asked about a different girl, and was also told she was busy. I suppose this is what happens when you wait until late in evening for a massage. And then I saw two more girls finishing up with customers, and one of them looked very good. I pointed at her, and he finally said yes. We both laughed, and the guys working the front reception desk were happy to find a girl for me. And after seeing my massage girl, I was happy to spend time with her. I was told to wait in the seating lounge area until my room was ready.


After a few minutes, my room was ready. I was told to get undressed, change into their cloth boxers, and enjoy the sauna until my girl arrives. The massage room was not very big, but it had a good layout. The sauna was in one corner, the bathtub in the other corner, and a massage bed near the wall. The towel on the bed said PA Relax, confirming this place was associated with the same massage place in District 10. I took several photos of the massage room and have included them at the bottom of this post. I got undressed, hanged my clothes, changed into their boxers, and stepped into the dry sauna.

There are two small saunas in the corner of the room. I skipped the wet sauna and only sat in the dry sauna. The sauna felt cramped, and I had to work for my heat, constantly pouring water on the hot stones. I wasn't able to relax too much in the sauna, but I tried to make the best of it. After a few minutes, I heard my massage girl enter, and she started preparing things around the room. I sat in the sauna for a good ten minutes, stretched out as much as I could, and when I stepped out, my massage girl greeted me with a fresh towel and a beautiful smile.

Bath Wash
My massage girl had me remove the boxers, and she handed me a fresh towel as she was drawing the bath water. She was energetic, beautiful, and all smiles. She was 22 years old, slender, small breasts, with nice legs and a great body. She spoke simple English, and thankfully, we didn't have to use Google Translate to communicate. I know it was late at night, but she didn't seem tired. She had a great personality and a very positive attitude about her, and it helped set a good mood for the rest of our evening together.

After she had the bath water ready, she helped me step into the bathtub. I sat in the bath, and she washed my head and upper body. She squeezed extra soap into her hand, and started giving me a good soapy handjob for more than a few strokes. I was attracted to her, and my body was turned on. She made a comment about how large I was, and given how small she was, I wasn't expecting to get any deep throat action this evening. She had me stand, and she washed my legs, and again she gave me another good soapy handjob standing there. We talked back and forth, and I continued to admire her beautiful body as her soft hands washed me all over. After she rinsed the soap from my body, she helped me step out, and had fresh towels ready. She was playful as she took her time drying my body, and then she had me lay down on the massage bed.

Body Massage / Back
I'm laying naked, on my chest, on the massage bed. There was relaxing music playing in the background, and she dimmed the lights. This little girl climbed onto the massage bed and massaged the entire back of my body with different techniques. For being a small girl, she had to put forth much more energy to give a decent massage. The massage started out good; she massaged my shoulders, neck, and back muscles. After my muscles were feeling good, she used her elbow to give a deeper muscle massage, which did not feel good. She then puts warm oil on her hands and gives a good oily massage, rubbing her hands all across my back. She then put a towel on my back and placed hot stones on the towel. I couldn't feel the heat from the hot stones through the towel, but I felt relaxed as she massaged the back of my legs. I thought the stones were not hot, but once she removed the towel, the stones felt very hot as she rubbed them across my oily back. Her energy levels were good, and it never felt rushed. She did a great job trying to make me feel good. And then she tells me to flip over onto my back.

I'm laying on my back, naked and relaxed. My girl stands next to the massage bed, reties her hair, and puts her hand between my legs and rubs me while saying she will massage my baby. She removed her bra and lowered her top, revealing some small, although perfect looking, breasts. I was hoping she would remove her panties, but my right hand could easily feel her soft legs and nice ass. She smiled at me, one hand rubbing my nipples, and her other hand starting to give me a slow handjob. My other hand feels her breasts, rubbing across her nipples, and she leans over to start sucking, giving me a blowjob. After a good minute of sucking, my body wasn't responding; her blowjob skills were good, but my body was tired. She leans back up and continues turning me on with a handjob, and then she went back to giving me a blowjob. Before I was turned on, she could suck all of me inside her mouth, but once I started to get harder, only part of me fit inside her. After more sucking, she leaned back up again and continued with the handjob. I was getting harder, more erect, and my hand was gently rubbing between her legs. I knew her mouth could not fit me, and I was expecting her continue finishing me off with a handjob, but she leaned back over and started sucking, and this time, she didn't stop the blowjob. Her hand was giving me a slow handjob at the bottom of the shaft, while her mouth kept sucking past the tip the best she could. I typically will put my hand on a girl's shoulder when I'm about to cum, to keep her mouth there for continuing the blowjob, but I didn't have to with this girl. She kept with the blowjob, and when I was fully hard, she continued sucking. And when I cum inside her mouth, she did not stop the blowjob and used her hand to make sure there was no more cum in me. After I completely cum inside her mouth, she did not swallow, and goes to the sink to spit and wash her mouth. She washes and rinses her mouth a few times, and comes back to the massage bed and smiles.

Body Massage / Front
After the blowjob and cumming inside her mouth, I expected the massage session to be over, but she stopped me from getting off the massage table. She gives me a smile and tells me to relax because she will finish the massage. I continue to lay on my back, and as I'm laying there, we talk and she continued to massage me. She massaged my head, neck and shoulders, and arms. And this was the first time that she started to look tired from her long day. It was late at night, and we both were tired, but she didn't rush any part of the massage. She could have skipped a few steps, and I would have never known, but she kept with it. She said her shift begins at 12:00pm and finishes at 1:00am, and I was her last customer for the evening. She said she was single because she doesn't have any time for a relationship; all she does is work and go home and back to work again. She was young, had a very good attitude, and she never stopped trying to make me feel good, using all her remaining effort and energy towards giving me a good massage.

After she finishes the massage, she helps me off the massage table, and she washes and cleans me in the bath. I was impressed because she kept smiling and had a positive attitude as she went through the motions of washing me. She glanced at the clock and it was approaching 1:00am, and she joked with me about sleeping on the massage table after I go home. She was a very nice girl and seemed to always care about making sure I felt good.

She gives me a towel to dry off, and I get dressed, while she cleans up the room. After I'm dressed and ready to go, I say thank you, and prepared to exit the room. She wanted to leave with me, and she took the massage ticket to walk me to the front reception desk. I think she was expecting me to pay her tip to the front reception, but when she looked at the massage ticket, she realized I had already paid the tip. The reception counter had already noted the paid tip on the ticket. She was happy, said thank you, and to come back again.

Final Thoughts
I paid 1,000,000 VND ($43 USD) for a good massage and blowjob. The massage and blowjob was not amazing, but they were well above average, and I would definitely come back here again. My massage girl was beautiful and had a great personality about her. And there are a couple more girls at this place that I would try during future visits.

The only part of the massage that did not feel good was when she used her elbows. The rest of the massage felt good, and given how small this girl was, she really tried. The massage session started around 11:30pm and finished around 1:00am, and we both were getting more and more tired towards the end of the session. After the blowjob, I could have easily washed and been on my way because I was happy enough, but she continued with the massage and made sure she delivered a good massage experience. I was pleasantly surprised when she let me cum in her mouth, and I was happy when she continued stroking after the blowjob to make sure there's no more cum.

I prefer to pay the massage tip directly to the girl, after the massage session finishes. If I had not already paid the tip before the massage, I would have given this girl a bigger tip for her excellent service and positive attitude. And on this particular evening, I wasn't carrying much cash and needed to visit an ATM, because when I walked into this place, I already had an idea about the price and only had enough on me to cover the massage and tip.

I highly recommend Kim Huy Massage. It's a great value, good massage experience, and they have some beautiful Vietnamese massage girls. The next time I go here, I will choose the Onsen massage package, where the girl takes a bath with you fully nude, and she gets two shots out of you. And it's probably best to go in the afternoon or early evening before this place gets too busy.

And a special thanks to @Ian for recommending Kim Huy Massage. This is one of the best massage places in District 1 :)

Kim Huy Massage, from the north side entrance of Nhat Thien Kim Hotel, located at 222 Nguyen Cu Trinh:



Kim Huy Massage, from the south side entrance of Nha Hang Chao Suon Chu Chen, located at 281 Nguyen Trai:




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Here are pictures of the massage girls working at Kim Huy Massage in Ho Chi Minh.

The girl's corresponding number is shown at the beginning of the file name.



Thanks Logan. Another awesome review. Can't wait to come back in December and check out these places in person. Will definitely shout you a beer and massage if you're around.
Thanks a lot for the review, @Logan.

I'm lucky to find all your reviews before my trip to HCM in August.

BTW, have you ever licked the masseuse's boobs? Will they usually allow it or not in HCM? I'm a boob lover.
Thanks @Logan for the review. You've helped me make my decision on where to visit this weekend! I will hit up Kim Huy Massage first, and Zeus Massage second, then the next day its all NPK street. Will post reviews after my trip.

By the way, which girl did you see? Is she included in the picture?
Great review @Logan. I've enjoyed my time at this place. Generally the service from the girl is always top notch.

Careful with the ONSEN package as the bath is quite small and having 2 people in there is very challenging.

Glad you've enjoyed you time there mate.
Southeast Asia
I'm lucky to find all your reviews before my trip to HCM in August.

BTW, have you ever licked the masseuse's boobs? Will they usually allow it or not in HCM? I'm a boob lover.
Yeah, most girls are very cool about letting you feel and lick their breasts. It's an easy thing for them to let you do, whereas every girl is different about letting you finger them. Keep in mind, if a girl has their breasts dropped into your mouth, they won't be able to give you a blowjob, so you'll be receiving a handjob during the happy ending portion of the massage session. And the only time a girl drops their top and let their lovely breasts fall out is usually during the happy ending. If you're paying extra for the girl to wash you fully nude, that's probably a good time to fondle and lick their breasts all you want.

And if you like breasts, I always recommend the blowjob bars in Ho Chi Minh. After the girl cleans you up, every girl pulls the top of their dress down, and the bottom of their dress up, and they welcome you to touch their breasts. I've only had one instance where a girl had small piece of tape covering her nipple... I could easily play and lick her breasts, but by taping only the nipple, I assume it prevented her from feeling stimulated.

The girls know guys like breasts, and it's never a problem. Just be gentle and nice when you first meet them, to make them feel comfortable being with you, and once things get more intimate, enjoy their beautiful bodies :love:
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What’s the difference between the Onsen and the Thai Super VIP?
The Onsen massage package is one girl, and the Thai Super VIP massage package is two girls. The tip equals the same price as the ticket. And of course, if you're really happy with the service provider, you can give extra.
  • Onsen is 870,000 VND for the ticket and 870,000 VND for the tip. Total price is 1,740,000 VND ($75 USD)
  • Thai Super VIP is 1,000,000 VND for the ticket and 1,000,000 VND for each girl's tip. Total price is 3,000,000 VND ($129 USD)
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If we get the cheapest package:
  • VIP - 60 minutes - 300,000 VND ($13 USD)
The tips expected is 300,000 as well?
Yes, that is correct. The tip equals the same price as the ticket. Of course, if you're really happy with the service provider, you can give extra.

Keep in mind, the total amount of time is for everything - sauna, washing, massage, happy ending, cleanup. My review above reflects the 90 minute massage session. For shorter massage packages, your experience may vary.
Yes, that is correct. The tip equals the same price as the ticket. Of course, if you're really happy with the service provider, you can give extra.

Keep in mind, the total amount of time is for everything - sauna, washing, massage, happy ending, cleanup. My review above reflects the 90 minute massage session. For shorter massage packages, your experience may vary.
My guess is the higher package you choose, the girl is more exclusive/higher rank...

If you choose the cheapest package... like the VIP for 300,000 VND, you may end up getting a lower quality girl...

Hope my guess is wrong...
Southeast Asia
My guess is the higher package you choose, the girl is more exclusive/higher rank...
The quality and availability of the girl should not differ based upon the massage package you choose. From a time standpoint, there's only so much the girl can do during your allotted time. If the girl has to rush through her mental checklist of steps, the service for a 60 minute session has to be cut shorter than everything she would normally do for a 90 minute session. And of course, I understand some girls at other massage places rush through things anyway, but that did not seem to be the case at Kim Thuy Massage.

The other thing worth mentioning is the money. Based upon the massage package you choose, the girl already knows how much her tip should be. A girl may be willing to do more for a bigger massage ticket because she is expecting a bigger tip. I don't know if that always holds true, but it would make sense. At other massage places, I've been told the lower massage packages result in a handjob for a happy ending. For these scenarios, if you're saving some money on the ticket, it might be worth increasing your tip for the girl to give a blowjob. Money tends to help things go the way you want. :)
As always, @Logan's reviews are artwork!

I want ask a question. How is the option with 2 girls? The girls will suck you together? Or you shoot with one girl, and afterwards, you shoot with the other?
Visited here tonight, standard package, certain it was girl 9 that serviced me from the photos above. Thought she was unattractive, and it was compounded by the fact that she seemed COMPLETELY off her mind, like some sort of junkie. Was pretty uncomfortable through the whole ordeal, horrible pokey massage, scratched my back, and after a bit, just cut my losses and left.

That said, it's a great, clean setup, and with the right service provider, could have been an excellent experience and incredibly good value. I'd just avoid this particular lady. Definitely should have sent her back, but on initial glance she seemed ok!