Kynu Experience

Ho Chi Minh City
Hi All, I am not sure how many people on this Forum, enjoy Kynu (how many percent) who wants FS.

1). If you are finding the girl, what criteria did you prioritize to choose the girl?

2). What do you think about Reup girl on Kynu. Reup means (any idea)?
I think it means she worked on kynu before. Sometimes they post a lnk to her old profile and reviews.

In choosing best to read reviews although I believe they delete negative ones. Photos can be disappointingly misleading. Price is not much of a guide to attitude.

There are no real shortcuts. You just have to try several until you find a good one i.e. one you connect with.
To me BBBJ must eventually lead to FS for me to have a good time but I have not tried Kynu but my experience in other countries where you choose a girl from online pictures, you end up disappointed most of the time.