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So kynu has this stupid policy where you can't post a comment unless you have signed up for 30 days. Obviously, I signed up to post a report to help the cummunity but now I have to wait 29 days to be able to post, completely retarded policy. Enough with this rant.

So I've had 4 experience with kynu girls, the first girl was godly, literally everything I can ask for and more. Nice face, amazing tits, fresh and young, good personality. 9/10, 400k, I gave her 500k.

So, so I feel supergood about the girl #2. She was awful, probably my worst experience. 1/10. 500k

If I just had sticked to my instinct and went back to #1, but no I wanted to be adventurous so I tried #3. She wasnt terrible. She was professional and she tried but honestly she just doesn't have the looks. On the older side, below average face, small tits but she tried so I can't really complain. Overall I giver #3 5/10. 350k, I gave her 400k.

This next girl, girl #4 is the reason I feel I needed to make an account just so I can report her. I actually wanted my #1, but she was busy when I texted her. Bitch totally scammed me. I kinda shoulda known better so it's partially my fault. She didn't have a KYnu profile, she just posted in the comment session. 20 year old, still in school, needed extra money, willing to do anything, and will give me your money back if you are not satisfied. Yea right, lol

Obviously she posted these gorgeous picture of her face, with lovely tits, and a nice looking pussy. Her price was 400k...
I fell for the bait.

Met her at the hotel, she is 30+ at least, with fake tits, average face, and tried to suck me with a condom on. At this point I couldn't even get hard and told her to stop and gtfo. Tried to give her 200k but she wouldn't take it, said I already did her wrong so I needed to give her the full 400. After a bit of back and forth she told me she will yell and make a scene if doesn't get her money. I gave in and gave her the 400.

Her name is PE Ngoc and she goes by "be yeu" on kynu. D10, you have been warned!

Her phone#, she has a zalo account but she never accepted my friends request.


I tried to copy some of the images she posted on kynu but I can't or don't know how. Just go to Saigon>d10, scroll down to the chat, and you can find her add. You are definitely not getting that girl.
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Kinda new and I notice this is not in the correct subforum. If a mod can do me a favor and move this thread to the HCMC subforum, that would be great. Ty!
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Thanks @Cchad for the review. Much appreciated if you could share the profiles and prices if possible. I'm heading down tomorrow and am looking forward to contribute some reviews. Cheers!
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I just want want to share more context and info on girl #2 and why I gave her a 1/10. She actually doesn't look bad. OK face, nice body but fake tits which is a turnoff for me. She just wasn't into it at all. Tbh I'm not the best looking guy, and if I was, I wouldn't be paying for this shit.

She started off by giving me a bj with the condom on(I'm not a fan). I tried to suck her tities but she claimed it hurt her, might be because they are fake, so I had to stop. Then she started to ride me and in the middle of it her phone went off and she answered it. She was on the phone for 2 mins which completely ruined the mood. My dick is like wet noodle at this point. Now I'm ready to bust just so she can get out of my face. She pulled off the condom and started to give me an hj. She has one hand on my dick and the other hand on her phone texting the entire time. I'm so pissed but she jerked me so hard that I came anyways. All this lasted maybe 10 minutes total.

Her name is mai cherry and this is her kynu profile. 500k

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I would bet that 90%+ of the pictures on are fake, or highly photoshopped. If you can't tell online which pictures are fake, you shouldn't be using online websites.

Again, there will be more "misses" than "hit". Bait and switch is highly likely anyways, and once you've invested your time and energy setting up a time, date, and location/love hotel, you're already pot-committed.

I prefer face-to-face interactions to avoid this wallet-ache.
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Sorry guys, just got around to it. Gonna write up a review on girl#1 here and i'll also share my experience and thoughts on using the kynu website overall.

The last few days I tried to hook up with girl#1 again and was unable to book her until today. Guess she's been busy. Her name is Ngoc and I'll post the link to her kynu profile down on the bottom. I met up with her today and It went pretty much just like the first encounter. She had a weird tan strip on her face this time which wasn't present the first time i met her. She claimed she doesn't know how she got it, and I couldn't figure out what it is either. It looks like a burn or tanline. I'll rate her as follow.

Face: 8/10
Tits 9/10
Ass 7/10

21 years old, Pussy is nice and shaved, tight and she has very soft skin which i like. She has very soft boobs, C cup, which is perfect for me. I dont think I like them any bigger, but that is just me. she was down to do anything, HJ, BJ, making out, any position you like, and the total GFE. The only thing that i couldn't do was finger her too hard and that is totally reasonable. 400k, i ended up giving her 550k since it took me awhile to cum this time and i felt like she had to do some extra work. totally voluntary. she didnt ask for any extra. she is probably the best you can ask for for that price tag.

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I agree with the poster above, kynu is hit or miss and i would guess with my limited experience and sample size that its more miss than hit. If you dont have time to waste and an actual good experience i suggest going with a girl with lots of reports. I feel like those girls go for volume so they are more professional since they want you to keep coming back.

Your budget also matters. I was being a cheap ass so i was mostly looking for girls 500k or lower. Obviously the lower you go the chances of the girl being hot will be lower.

Before I tried kynu, ive actually tried a few massage places. My first experience ever was at Minh Tam Hotel in d10. The girl was ridiculous hot and keep in mind that if you do massage parlors the quality of the girls will be much higher, but from my experience most of them are only limited to hand jobs, not even bjs. If anyone is interested the girl I had a Minh Tam was #28, 19 years old, perfect tits, and a pretty face.9/10 her name is Vy if i remember correctly. 380k for normal massage + happy ending HJ, I gave her 600k tip. Total damage 980k. The reason why I dont regret this so much because the girl was so hot.

My second experience was Vien Dong on Pham Ngu Lao. The girl I had was hot but inferior probably 8/10. I got the VIP this time which was 780k + I gave her an 800k tip. Shower, Sauna, mediocre massage + happy ending HJ. Typical of these hotels. total damage 1590k. this one hurt the most and I do regret this, lol.
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One more thing I would like to add for those of you deciding between massage parlors or kynu. It really depends on your preference. I honestly don't care for the sauna or the shower or the massage so the massage parlors are a waste of money for me. I'm mostly after the gfe so kynu is more my type, but everyones cup of tea is different. The pros to the massage places are the girls are much hotter and you know exactly what you are getting.
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One more thing, if anyone is able to post comments on, please report that PE ngoc girl or "be yeu" of scam. Some of the locals are skeptical of those pics and asked if they are real and I can't even respond.
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I want to put a disclaimer out there for girl#1 (ngoc) . I know I gave her a 9/10, but I don't want to mislead you. She is probably a 7.5 just off of looks. She is kinda petite around 5'1 maybe? which doesn't bother me but I gave her a 9/10 as an overall grade which includes her performance.

The girls at the well known massage parlors are all legit 8 and above.
Hey Cchad, thanks for the detailed reviews. Quick question from someone who's never used before, but do you only contact the number when you're ready to go or is it possible to schedule a few hours or maybe even a day in advance?
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Hey Cchad, thanks for the detailed reviews. Quick question from someone who's never used before, but do you only contact the number when you're ready to go or is it possible to schedule a few hours or maybe even a day in advance?
I haven't tried booking in advance, but I don't think it's practical. I don't feel like there is anyway the girl will wait for you with no incentive. They will just be taking whatever call they get.

As far as the process itself, there is a very well written guide on this forum somewhere with the step by step instruction. It's very straight forward.

Basicly you text the girl, they will respond with their location. I notice they will almost always be at the same hotel. I'm pretty sure they have a contract with the hotels. You just go to the hotel and book an hour and text the girl your room # and they will come to your room shortly.
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Oh yea, the girls on kynu speaks little to no English so knowing vietnamese helps but if not you have to rely on Google translate. These girls know less English than the massage parlor girls and those girls know only enough phrases to get by.