outside of Vietnam

I haven't been able to access for the last week. Disappointing; it seems to have been shut down. I've tried using a proxy to access from a Vietnamese IP, but that didn't work either.
Yeah, that's sad because I'm planning a trip there soon, and would like to do some homework first to see which girl is nice before going. And now it's down? Anyone knows what happened?
From my understanding, I think may block access outside of Vietnam because it works fine here (I'm in Saigon now), I just accessed it today. It's been good so far, if you guys need any recommendations on which girl is pretty and gives good service for a good price, inbox me.
Southeast Asia
I'm in Thailand now, and I can access good :)

When I was in Vietnam, there were a handful of times I was unable to access and it had to do with the some of the Internet providers when using free WiFi at the local cafes. At the same time, I would try accessing from my mobile Viettel 4G and I could access good.

If you are unable to access outside of Vietnam, I would recommend using a VPN. And as others have stated, the first time you access the site, it will require you to wait 5 seconds before loading.