Kynu site dead? Or got screwed?

Hi I'm new here HCMC
I need to know how kynu works, I mean how to book the girl, she will come my hotel I have to follow the location shared in girl's profile. Another thing is girls on kynu don't have whatsapp... Howwww
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Ho Chi Minh City
Just use a proxy to open it. You service provider might be blocking it.

KPROXY - Free Anonymous Web Proxy - Anonymous Proxy

I think recently I couln;t open some porn sites. I simply used proxy.

I just checked - I got redirected to this - Web sex số một Việt Nam |
yeah..the same as you. Its been a few days cannot open some porn sites including kynu. And when i cant open kynu i use the word kynu gai goi on google and also the same as you get directed to that link