Le Duyen 4

San Jose, CA

At about 1130 am yesterday, i had ventured into Le Duyen for the 1st time this trip. I was greeted by a male parking attendant, and then when i made my presence known and entry into the establishment, i was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of gals and equally their sheer beauty. Eye candy overload. After composing myself, and taking off my Harley Davidson star motorbike helmet (which doubles as a Vietnam flag logo stamped on the helmet f you ask me), i turned to a lineup of about 15 girls. I was half encircled.

I chose a tall one, with beautiful round eyes, perfect complexion, and jet black hair. She could easily be a CocoBay Vietnam beauty pageant contestant. Note: I said contestant, not winner/queen. lol

I then told the female host that i needed my toenails clipped, and they assigned me an older nail technician. Into the head washing room we 3 went. Pretty gal named "Thien" gave me a very relaxing hair wash ("goi dau") while the Milfy technician clipped my ugly feet. Cucumber on the face, face massaging, face washing, the whole works. This part of the session lasted about 25-30 minutes. Clothes fully on.

Thien then escorts me to the elevator (they call them "lifts" in the UK), and up to the higher upstairs level into a VIP room. She then give me a pair of shorts and white t-shirt so i can change into them for the massage part. Massage lasted for over an hour, front, back, feet, head, everything. Thien and i were talking and she had a lot of questions for me. These gals like to probe.

In this massage session, i learned Thien doesn't go out, only works out in the morning and then after work when she gets off at Le Duyen 4. She doesn't drink, smoke, and definitely isn't promiscuous. I also learned she was only 19. So we joked and laughed, teased and talked, basically chemistry on a business level while she gave me a good, teasing, and tantalizing massage. This is good for her tips, and for my enjoyment/experience.

At the inception of this VIP room massage, i was offered a drink from a menu. I chose the Vietnamese coffee of course.

Out we went, back downstairs at the conclusion of the massage. I paid 490K for the cost of services of nail clipping and massage/facial. I tipped Thien 500K, and then tipped the milfy nail tech 200K. Total cost: 1,190,000 VNd.

On the way out, made eye contact with a couple of the other hotties in there. Again, sheer facial and slender body beauty, which I am attracted to. Plus, they seem to be at their female prime. On the way out, my massage gal Thien walked me all the way out to my motorbike, and said "have fun tonight". I responded with "thank you, and i will", thinking to myself it really isn't any of her business who i sleep with.

Face: 10 Body: 10 Service: 9 (docked a point for trying to delve too much/deep into my personal life)

Conclusion: Experience worth more than what i paid and tipped. I will return and sample another hottie EVEN THOUGH 19 yo, beauty pageant worthy Thien is as pretty as can be. And i am more than twice her age, and so this really can only be a fun learning experience for both...

But some of us men crave variety, and no real man gives up his power without a fighting chance.
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