Le Han Dai Nam Massage Review with Pictures - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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This is a review for Le Han Dai Nam Massage at 142 Bui Thi Xuan in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

I first heard about this hotel and massage in District 1 when the manager posted about TRIIP Le Han Dai Nam Hotel offering massage services. I made an appointment for the evening and headed over. The Le Han Dai Nam Hotel is easy to find, an easy walk from the big Starbucks at the New World Hotel in District 1. When I arrived, the manager was waiting for me outside. This was his day off, but because I made an appointment before arriving, he wanted to be there to welcome me. The first floor is the hotel lobby, and we took the elevator to the 7th floor, where the massage lobby and reception area is located.

At the massage reception desk, there is a large sign clearly showing the different massage packages. Here are the different massage packages they offer and the prices for each massage room:
  • VIP - 1 girl, 1 shot, 75 minutes for 1,020,000 VND ($44 USD)
  • Super VIP - 2 girls, 1 shot, 90 minutes for 1,780,000 VND ($76 USD)
  • King - 4 girls, 2 shots, 90 minutes for 3,200,000 VND ($137 USD)
These prices are for everything, the massage room and the tip for the massage girl. You do not pay anything extra to the massage girl. I chose the VIP massage room and paid the girl handling money at the massage reception counter.

I was told it would be a few minutes while they prepared my room, and I waited in the massage lobby area and visited with the manager, who spoke some English. He said they have about 25 massage girls on their rotation, all very young, mainly students. There are only 10 massage rooms, so things can sometimes be busy, which is why he wants people to make appointments for the best experience. He said the girls prefer taking care of foreigners because they are usually nicer and easier to work with. He said the massage girls will not do full service sex with customers, but will provide blowjobs for a good happy ending.

After about 10 minutes, another man said my room was ready and to follow him. He led me down some stairs to the floor below and to my massage room. He showed me the wardrobe to hang my clothes and said to change into the provided silk boxers and enjoy the sauna while I wait for my massage girl. He left the room, and I took some pictures of the massage room and have included them in this post. There was a standard massage table, a large bathtub, and a dry sauna in the bathroom. The wardrobe was big, and I noticed they provided keys to lock the wardrobe if you were concerned about your valuables. I undressed, changed into the silk boxers, and went into the dry sauna.

Dry Sauna
The dedicated area in the bathroom that would normally be the shower has instead been transformed into a dry sauna. It's small and clean, and a fairly typical dry sauna for Vietnam. Pour some hot water on the hot stones and the ambient temperature in the spa increases. At first, sitting there, I wasn't impressed with the overall heat. Part of this was because the glass shower door does not close and seal you from the outside cool air. But when you stand up inside the sauna, it feels much better, and I enjoyed the heat on the body. The narrowness of the tall shower space coupled with the heat stones along the side of the wall meant all the heat stays towards the top half of the sauna. Although it was best to stand, the dry sauna heat was perfect and felt relaxing on my muscles. I heard my massage girl enter the room, and she came into the bathroom to say hello to me as I was sitting in the sauna. She was young, beautiful, and had a cheerful smile as she greeted me. I said hello, continued to enjoy the dry sauna, and she went back into the massage room to draw the bath water.

The dry sauna heat felt really good, but I was ready to spend some time with my massage girl. She was all smiles as I came out of the bathroom, and she took a towel and dried me off. She was very playful, and her hands wouldn't stop touching different places on my body. She didn't speak any English, but she loved to smile and laugh and was really good at making me feel comfortable being with her. She had me take off the silk boxers and assisted me as I got into the bathtub. As I was sitting in the bathtub, she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and lips, and wanted me to kiss her in return. They were short, playful kisses, and her wet soapy hands kept moving on me. She rubbed my nipples with one hand, and her other hand was giving me a few soapy handjob strokes. She kept saying she liked my eyes and smile, which is common to hear as a foreigner in Vietnam. She really put in the effort to give me a soapy wash, while being sexually playful in her massage uniform. I could tell she was young, but she was also very beautiful and attractive. She had me stand up in the bathtub, and she rinsed me off and helped me out of the bathtub. She took a couple towels and playfully dried my entire body off with the occasional kisses here and there. My body was feeling good, and the overall vibe was looking good, and it was time for the massage.

Body Massage
She had me lay down on my chest, naked, on the massage table. There was a small cutout at the end of the massage table to rest my head into. At first when I saw this, I wished the hole was in the middle of the table because I still have a massage milking fantasy, and I haven't found any place that does this in Vietnam. She started with a Thai style massage on the body, focusing on my back, arms, and legs. She gave a good, thorough massage, with the right amount of force and strength. She moved my arms and legs around as she needed, and took a few minutes on each area of the body. After a good dry massage, she put some massage oil on my back and used hot stones and her hands to give me a oily massage. Again, she never made it feel rushed and took her time to give me a really good massage. One minute she was standing next to me and the next minute, she would be sitting on me, always being attentive to make sure I was feeling good. My only complaint is there was no music of any kind playing in the background. It would have been nice to hear some relaxing music as she was lathering my body up with massage oil and rubbing her hands across me. Generally speaking, this was a very good massage and she had a great attitude throughout.

After a great massage, she had me flip over onto my back. She started to kiss my nipples and her hand played between my legs. She leaned over with a beautiful smile and asked if I wanted her to massage my baby, and I said yes please. Her hands were playing all over my body, and she would keep going back to stroking me with a handjob. My right hand was feeling her legs, going up her dress, where she was wearing tight underwear. I could feel the wet heat between her legs as I rubbed my hand back and forth.

And then she suddenly stopped, went to the phone inside the room and made a quick phone call. She said something in Vietnamese, hung up the phone, and then dimmed all the lights in the room. The room was much darker now, with just enough light to see her beautiful body in that massage uniform. She pulled down the top of her dress, showing me her lovely breasts. She leaned over and kissed me on the lips. And then she then lifted up the bottom of her dress and removed her underwear, and my hand was free to play anywhere I wanted to on her body.

She licks my nipples some and then starts to give me a blowjob. But she only sucked on me for a quick minute, and then she wiped the saliva from her mouth and was giving me a handjob. After a few minutes giving a handjob, she would go back and give me another quick lick, and then back to giving a handjob. She was giving me a handjob and pretending to give a blowjob by licking my tip at the same time her hand was stroking me. To be fair, she was young and her mouth was small, and I know I cannot easily fit inside these girl's mouths. There was no deep throat, but she would lick the tip and drag her tongue up and down my shaft, and her hands would keep playing with me the entire time. She was enthusiastic and did the best she could. And my hand was rubbing the back of her legs until my fingers were gently rubbing her clit. She was dripping wet and the body temperature between her legs was fire hot. Her hand felt better than her mouth, but feeling between her legs was turning me on and I was rock hard in her small hands. She was moaning and making sounds that were believable, and it never felt mechanical. I did not cum in her mouth, but as I climaxed and finished, she kept stroking me the right amount and wouldn't stop to make sure every last drop of cum was out of me.

She put the towel on top of me and went into the bathroom, and I continued to lay on the massage table and relax. I could hear her brushing her teeth and using mouthwash in the bathroom. When she comes out, she was again all smiles. She was being playful, and her hand start rubbing between my legs, and she asked if I wanted another round. I didn't have another shot in me and said no thank you. She helped me up from the massage table and walked me to the bathtub, where she washed my entire body and rinsed me off. She took her time and was very happy during the entire time. I understand these massage girls are trying to give a girlfriend experience, but she seemed too playful at this point and too into me. Or maybe she just wanted to make sure I was having a good time. I asked her how old she was, and she said 20 years old.

After she washed and dried me off, I went to the wardrobe and got dressed. She cleaned up the room during this time, and then filled out a paper ticket. She always smiled at me and kept touching my nose and saying she liked my eyes. She was very nice, and I said thank you, and we walked out of the massage room together. We went to the stairs, she handed the ticket to one of the men, and he walked me up the stairs to the massage reception area.

There were a couple men at the massage reception, who kept asking how I was and hoped I had a good experience. They asked if I needed a taxi, and I said I will walk. One of the men escorted me down in the elevator, and again he kept hoping I had a good experience. Getting out of the elevator, I walked through the main hotel lobby, and as I exited the hotel, another man working there told me the massage is open 24 hours everyday and said I am always welcome and hoped I had a good time.

Looking at the time I took the pictures to the time I departed the hotel, my entire massage experience lasted just a bit more than one hour. It felt longer because it never felt rushed, and the entire massage experience was very good. The Vietnamese girl was young, beautiful, and really tried to do a good job. Everyone at this massage place, from the male workers to the massage girl, was definitely trying to make sure the entire experience was positive. I believe this is because I am a foreigner, and as the manager stated, they are trying to grow their massage business more with foreigners because it's a better experience for the massage girls. The location is convenient, and given the services, I will give this place another try at some point in the future when I also need a massage with my happy ending.

This is the start of the rainy season in Saigon, but it was a nice evening with a cool breeze. I walked to the nearby Family Mart to buy some water and walked back towards the New World Hotel.


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Wonder what the phone conversation was about? Were you being watched?
I cannot understand Vietnamese, so this is complete speculation... but based on the timing and how the massage girl responded, I assume she was contacting one of the men who were on lookout. I always feel like, the way these places are setup, is there is always some form of security watching out for police so they can alert the people running the massage places inside these hotels. At this particular hotel, the elevator to the massage area is the 7th floor, and you have to then go down some stairs to the 6th floor... there is more than enough time to alert the service providers and customers well before the police make it to the massage rooms from the front entrance. Again, this is complete speculation because I cannot understand the Vietnamese language, but it's the only reasonable solution I've come up with. o_O
I have always assumed that we are being watched in any of these types of establishments... the girls need to know they are safe... my guess is when she turned the lights down, she knew it was too dark for the cameras.
We only install external security cameras. There is no camera in the room.