LINE girls in HCMC

I'm looking for HCM freelancers to add to my contact list in line. I've been using the friends nearby feature, getting sick of the bait and switch though... the majority of the time you're just texting the boss and not the actual girl. DM me if you're looking to trade contacts.
why does she have an Australian phone number?

That's very strange for a girl here to have.

No one here knows you because you only started to post here today.
Not correct. Add the Australian number (+61) into WhatsApp and you can contact her through that one. I don’t know about the Vietnamese number, but just use the Aussie one.
Southeast Asia
pumpkin, she is real, have been chatting to her
Have you met her or video called?
I have been chatting with her too but no pictures or video chat yet. Have you met her yet?
Exactly this. She seems about as real as all the other fake profiles.

The fact nobody has actually said that they've met or tried to meet her and it wasn't her almost makes me think she could be real.

The guy that offered her out on the first day he joined the forum has also magically disappeared.

I was messaging him personally and he sent me a video of her that looked nothing like the photos he posted. When I questioned him, he got defensive.

I then said "surely you can understand my suspicions considering you posted her just after joining the forum with an Australian country code and then sent me a video of a girl that doesn't look like the one you posted including an arm full of tatoos that the one he posted clearly doesn't have. Never heard back.