Looking for a good KTV in Ho Chi Minh?

As a foreigner, I've tried to explore a few KTV's in Ho Chi Minh on my own. Some of the KTV's refused me - Boss Karaoke in District 7 would not let me enter. The Little Japan Saigon area is for hookups, and is hit and miss and most girls are overpriced - one girl asked for 5M! I think they take advantage of Japanese businessmen here.

I found a few KTV's on Tran Quang Khai in District 1. I managed to enter two of them. In one place, they would not allow me to take the girl home. And in the other place, the price was 2M VND for short time. I thought this was too much because I had already tipped her 700K and the mamasan 300K. Plus the cost of the room and food over 1M. Very expensive to be honest.

Does anyone know a good KTV place in Ho Chi Minh with the "true prices" because my friend is visiting from Australia, and I want him to have a good time.

If anyone is in Saigon, they can join us. Beer, room, and food is on us. We are going out this week.

I want to know the real prices because I don't want to feel ripped off. I can speak basic Vietnamese, and this helped me enter a few of these places.

For anyone who can help, we will buy beers for you. First 2 rounds are on us.

Appreciate it guys. Thanks.
Am coming next week as well, if my work permit I will join you. Let me talk to my friend in VN or someone on the forum might be able to help. It had been sometime since I have been doing this.