Looking for massage girls in Nha Trang, Vietnam

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I have been in Nha Trang looking for blowjob bars and massage girls, and it's much different than Ho Chi Minh. I've been researching the local Vietnamese forums, and I have been riding a moto around during the evening hours to try and find massage places for a blowjob. It's fairly easy to find a massage place with a happy ending, but it's probably only going to be a handjob. I've found a few places in Nha Trang where blowjobs are possible, but nothing is certain or consistent.

For those who have never been, Nha Trang is a much better coastal city than Vung Tau. Coming from Ho Chi Minh, it's an easy one hour flight plus a cheap bus ride (50,000 VND) from the Nha Trang airport to the city center. The locals will tell you Nha Trang was much different 10 years ago because now it's filled with too many Russians and Chinese tourists. And you will see this when you're looking for girls online.

This is not a review or a guide about Nha Trang. This is just what I've gathered from my time in this city. I plan to come back and spend more time here, so I welcome other's feedback and experiences with girls in Nha Trang.

Massages, Handjobs, Blowjobs

I have looked up every place in Nha Trang I could find, and I went riding the moto around to try and find other places. Many places that were open a few years ago are no longer open. And trying to get consistent information about these places is practically impossible.

The first massage place in Nha Trang that everyone recommends is Hoa Doa Massage. The weird thing about this place is many people talk about four different locations, however I have only been able to find three of them. I went to the address of the fourth place, and it's nonexistent. And to make it even more inconsistent, the addresses of these places are either wrong or outdated, because when you look on Google Maps, you can see their actual location. Here are the 3 Hoa Doa Massage locations in Nha Trang that I can confirm, in their corresponding order:
  • Hoa Doa 1 - 62 Thai Nguyen, Nha Trang
  • Hoa Doa 2 - 18 Van Don, Nha Trang
  • Hoa Doa 3 - 39 Yet Kieu, Nha Trang
  • Hoa Doa 4 - Unknown
From everything I've read about Hoa Doa Massage, handjobs are guaranteed, but it seems to be very inconsistent with blowjobs. And many people say some Hoa Doa locations are better than others. Everything I've read about Hoa Doa 3 is the girls are not attractive and the people running it are unprofessional. I've heard good and bad both about Hoa Doa 1 and 2. When I was on the moto looking for blowjob bars, I went by Hoa Doa 2 and the place looked nice. It's a new building that looks much different than the surrounding area. There's a moto parking entrance with one male attendant. He looked up from his phone when he saw me approach the entrance, and didn't care about me and went back to looking at his phone. I wasn't in the mood for bargaining or asking what is included, but if he would have done the captain's sales pitch and gave me any inclination about a blowjob, I would have happily obliged. I just don't feel like paying for a handjob.

Another massage place the locals recommend is Quoc Te Massage at 9 Nguyen Thien Thuat, Nha Trang. This place has a sauna, steambath, and supposedly offers full service. Same as Hoa Doa, many mixed reviews, but it seems like most people that have bad experiences here also complain about how expensive this place is, and instead go back to Hoa Doa Massage.

If Quoc Te Massage is too expensive, a cheaper massage place that the locals also recommend is the Hai Au Hotel Massage Spa, also known as the Seagull Hotel, at 3 Nguyen Chanh, Nha Trang.

There's also many references to International Massage in Nha Trang, and it appears to be part of a longer hotel name. It's confusing because I saw 2 different large hotels in Nha Trang that clearly had "International" as part of their primary name, but when you look online, every reference to International Massage is the same location as Quoc Te Massage. And many of the locals recommend International Massage, so I have not been able to get a specific confirmation if this place is different from other places or simply a name reference.

The locals also talk about their love for KTV Karaoke in Nha Trang. The place everyone recommends is Hoa Da Karaoke, but I have been unable to confirm an address. The locals also reference this place with the "HD" abbreviation, and looking through Vietnamese discussions, the abbreviation may also be referencing the same Hoa Doa Massage places, because Hoa Doa Hotel also offers Karaoke and Spa.

Looking for massage places in Nha Trang is confusing. Finding the three Hoa Doa Massage places and Quoc Te Massage was easy enough. Everything else is just hit and miss. And as with any place in Vietnam, you will see different massage places all over Nha Trang. Some are obviously on the up and up, but there were also others that appeared to be offering more. I've heard about other's experiences, but it's so random and nothing conclusive. It's either walk into these places and negotiate a transaction with a service provider, or go for a private massage room and throw some money at the situation. In Ho Chi Minh, if you go to the right places, it's easy to expect a blowjob. The problem with the massage places in Nha Trang is you never know, and I don't want to be 1,000,000+ VND into a ticket and tip to have to keep spending more money for a blowjob or to have the girl remove her clothes. And it's not like any of these places have consistent positive reviews. Frustrating.

I also found every massage place mentioned by people where blowjobs were offered. I saved these places on Google Maps and none of them were still around. And then I heard about a massage place next to Ken Hotel, and when I pulled up on my moto, sure enough this place looked promising from the outside. Kim Ngan Massage is located at 85 Le Dai Hanh, but I've read good and bad. The locals do not like this place because it was checked out by the local police and they often cater to Chinese tourists. Some foreigners have complained because they walk in to bargain for a blowjob, and the massage girls are unprofessional and have raised the price of the blowjob to 500,000 VND after initially agreeing to 400,00 VND. The price doesn't bother me, but who knows if the massage girl will follow through on what is agreed after you pay.

Sitting on my moto, across the street from Kim Ngan Massage, one of the doors was open and inside were several beautiful Vietnamese girls. They were lounging around in the typical fashion. One of them looked up at me, but there wasn't anyone coming out trying to solicit me. This would require me coming inside and asking for a blowjob and price in the main lobby area. There's a Highland Coffee across the street, so I parked my moto there and gave some lucky money to the attendant to keep an eye on my moto since I didn't plan to have any coffee. And just as I was about to walk back across the street, I see a local taxi van pull up in front of Kim Ngan massage. The passengers in the van were Chinese tourists. The van pulls up, the taxi driver yells something in Vietnamese to the girls inside, and the girls come out and welcome the Chinese tourists out of the van and inside the massage place. I was standing there watching it all unfold, as these Chinese tourists went inside, and the front door was closed behind them. All I could see was the girls talking and laughing with their new customers. There was something going on about this place, but tonight was not my night. I got back on my moto, but took a photo of this place before I left:


Hot Tocs

The next evening, I turned my attention to finding the hot toc goi dau places. I don't need a haircut, I just need a blowjob bar in Nha Trang. The locals talk about cheap 200,000 VND blowjobs at hot tocs along an old industrial road south of Nha Trang, that parallels with the main highway. After some more research, I was finally able to find Le Hong Phong street in Nha Trang, which is exactly that... an old industrial road. It's too long to walk, too much traffic during the day, but in the evening it was easy for me to ride the moto slowly.

Riding along Le Hong Phong, I spotted 4 different hot tocs that looked like classic blowjob bars. Just looking at the signs, there were several more, but many of these shops and places were closed, as this isn't an active happening spot in the evening hours. The 4 hot tocs that were open all looked similar, with Vietnamese girls hanging out in these run-down establishments. It's completely possible these were legitimate barber shops in Nha Trang, because I've seen many of those throughout the city, but these had that seedy feel to them and Le Hong Phong street was where the locals specifically talked about for cheap blowjobs in Nha Trang.

The girls looked up and saw me when I slowed down on the moto as I was riding by. Nobody tried to solicit me, and I considered checking one of them out, but I didn't feel too safe in this area because there were too many unknowns. Here is a photo of one of the hot tocs:


The hot toc in the photo above was taken directly across the street from the pharmacy at 889 Le Hong Phong. There was also a hot toc near 572 Le Hong Phong, and I spotted the other 2 on the other side of the Le Hong Phong street. I want to come back here again, but I want to be more prepared, meaning I want to have less belongings of value with me just in case things don't go as planned.

Online Girls in Nha Trang

Talking to the girls online in Nha Trang is not like Ho Chi Minh. You can swipe through everyone on Tinder in less than 30 minutes, and it's only a few local Vietnamese girls, too many Russian girls, and the occasional massage girl with the fake photoshopped pictures. Nearly all of the girls you will find using the nearby function with Line app are more fake photoshopped massage girls, but I did find one unattractive local girl who was offering full service for too much, but I didn't feel like bargaining:


I was surprised to see many girls on WeChat using the Discover Nearby function, but then realized all the girls are Chinese tourists. All of them have Chinese names, and the occasional Vietnamese massage girl on there is advertising her services in Chinese. Another surprise was how many Vietnamese massage girls were advertising their services in the People Nearby function within the Zalo app. The prices for girls on Zalo were much cheaper, but many times, their account was banned by Zalo a few hours after matching with them. Here is one of the Vietnamese girls on Zalo offering her phone number and services are 400,000 VND for 1 shot or 800,000 VND for 1 hour:


I wasn't in Nha Trang long enough to get anywhere. I would have had to spend some decent money trying out some of these places. Nha Trang would be a good place to spend some extended time to relax and build up a harem of girls to hook up with. I enjoyed my time in Nha Trang and plan to come back again in the future. I just wish it was easier to find some decent blowjobs without paying the crazy prices that I've heard the Russians are willing to pay. I miss the ease and simplicity of the blowjob bars on Nguyen Phi Khanh street in Ho Chi Minh.

What's been your experience with the girls in Nha Trang?
Ho Chi Minh
I went Nha Trang 3 times and dun have good feeling of the place because of the touristy feel. So we went to a local massage joint 4 years ago and got half bj/hj type of service. The massage was piano and nothing to shout about.

This place need to bring your own gf to have good gfe.

Oops went to local ktv once and spend about 35k per bottle of beer and min 1 carton. Gals tips 300k and did not bring any back as mummy said gals that can go back all taken.
I done research about Nha Trang for months and I found it's just not a place worth going at all. You should much better off to stay at HCM/Hanoi than Nha Trang based on the single man review that I found.
Southeast Asia
I plan to go back to Nha Trang in the upcoming weeks because there are some beautiful local girls I want to hook up with. But I don't expect to find much else there. It's better than Vung Tau, and a nice place to relax and much cheaper than Ho Chi Minh.
Nha Trang
Found a new massage place that offers much more than massages, check out Massage 007 in Nha Trang. Reading their reviews on Google, this place doesn't really care about giving quality massages. The girls working here will give blowjobs, and some of the girls will have sex with you. It's easy to find and near the beach, at the corner of Yersin & Pasteur, across from Paradise Garden.
Hello everybody. any idea for good place for sex parlour massage at Island Phu Qouc. sorry first time at there.
I was at Hoa Da in summer '18 and the service was great overall. Good looking girl when I went. Full nude, and you can play & bathe with the girl.

Then I went to Hoa Dao 3 (thought they were the same franchise) and it was a total shitshow -- girls looked worn and were rude and I have not met a more unprofessional staff. Left a bad taste in my mouth, I wouldn't go to a Hoa Dao again if you paid me.
I found a FS massage place about a block or so away from Havana Hotel. I can give more specific details if anyone is interested. PM me.
Just went Massage 007. Paid 500d for massage and HJ. Got a 5 min rub and was asked to roll over and then pestered for more money. Refused and then got into angry exchange surround by a gang of them. Ripoff merchants IMHO.
Toronto canada
I was in Nha trang for 2 nights last year, moto guy brings me to a place, about a block from my hotel haha, it was a whorehouse, not even a massage shop.gals were average, 30 s, price was $400 k all in. FS.
I´m going to Nha Trang next month. Anyone have updated information about massage places for HJ/BJ/FS? And prices too, this is my first time in Vietnam. Thank you!
I will confirm what Logan pointed out, those certainly are Hot Tocs. Went to one tonight. There were 2 girls sitting out in front as I rode by. Stopped, said "yes?" " They smiled said "good". I could choose whichever girl. One of the girls was pretty damn hot. Some tats, nice size tits... The other a bit heavier than your average Asian (pretty normal for US). I chose the hot one, we went behind a curtain. She made a gesture for sex, I said no, made a blow job gesture, she said no, again did a fucking gesture, I said no, blowjob. She then said no for her, but pointed to where the other girl was, I said ok (I speak no vietnamese, this was gesture only).

It was decent. Not the best bj I ever had, but I enjoyed it. She was pretty firm on 400. I tried to negotiate her down, she was firm on no so I went with it.

Address was close to 609 Lê Hồng Phong