Massage luxury 152 - 152 Nguyen Thi Tap, District 7


Been a lurker for a while so I thought I’d make a post about a place I haven’t seen here yet.

I’ve been getting ads on Facebook for massage places, but they’re usually in district 10 or Binh Chanh and living in district 7 I’m not traveling that far, however a place on Nguyen Thi Thap was advertised so I thought I’d give it a try.

I’ve been to Apple Pen or whatever it’s called a couple of months ago but to be honest I was pretty disappointed with the whole thing, it felt like a rushed formality and since I don’t like FS (I’m in my 20’s and reasonably good looking so tinder sorts that out) I prefer a good service to a “full” service. I’ve been to a few hotel massages with work/customers with the bath etc. and I kind of like that vibe. The place advertised has the kind of single person sauna/steam bath thing so it was almost that.

Pre amble over.

Ok so I arrived at the place by bike, it’s set back off the road so it’s not as if all the passers by can see you so it’s not a issue to drive yourself unless your drinking. The security is friendly enough gives you a parking ticket and opens the door. The girl on reception is reasonably pretty and speak a bit of English. The prices are pretty clearly displayed 300-60 min, 500 - 80 min, 700 - 100 min and 1200 - 2 girls 100 min. From 500 upwards you can pay 50% extra for nude (I didn’t, kinda thought i should have but actually didn’t really matter). You also have to tip the same as the room cost. It’s all written down on a card thing in English/Korean/Chinese if the staff don’t speak so well when your there. You can choose your girl on an iPad. The pictures weren’t massive but you got an idea of who you were picking, I’d have preferred more or bigger pictures since the girl wasn’t right there.. anyway, after choosing the reception took me to a little waiting area, the area was alright but a little boring, they didn’t give me any tea or water. A couple minutes later the boss guy who speaks a bit of English took me up to the room. Their is a couple a Tre Trau fellas in the hall way, I guess they’re their to check you don’t FS. Went into the room and it was exactly what that advertised. I sat on the bed and waited for the girl.

The girl came in, she’s wearing little panties and a bra a size or two too small and a semi see through short shirt kinda thing. I’ll say it now- the girl was hot (7-8/10), the same girl I chose on the picture and as good as you can expect in a massage place, but her effort levels and attention to detail throughout were lacking. She told me to undress and go in the steam room (was pretty good but the steam comes from between your legs so I had to cup my c+b’s to shield them from that) I got out of there and went in the sauna which was good enough. After that she took me into the bath tub and washed me.

After the bath I went on the bed for the massage, she made a point of making sure the towel was tucked under my legs which isn’t a big deal but was odd. The lights were on for the entire massage portion and they were playing weird music which wasn’t relaxing at all, not vina house, but more like a mixture of traditional Viet music and funky elevator music. The massage was well below par, I’m sure I’ve had worse but rarely, she didn’t give a shit. Some of you guys might not care about that bit but for me it was a big negative. After a while the light went out which I guess is the timing signal to change gears.

The girl took off the blouse/shirt thing and took off her bra. She did this whilst I was still on my stomach but I had a little look. Her breast were great, big and natural, light colored soft nipples. A bit of belly fat but if your choosing the big tit girls it comes with the territory. She then oiled herself up, took away my towel and oiled my up and slowly from the my feet to my head rubbed her whole body on mine. When she came to the top she licked my neck and ear and kissed my neck a bit. She turned me over and repeated the process, stopping to jerk me off with her tits for a little while whilst licking my nipples.

After that she stared the BBBJ, she hd a cool technique which involved her having a mouth full of either ice water or hot water whilst she sucked on my dick which felt great. She wouldn’t deep throat or let me touch her ass hole or pussy which was a shame. I eventually came as she was jerking me off and she really made sure it was all out. She then cleaned herself and myself up and gave me a rinse down in the shower. I have her the tip and left, the boss guy asked how it was, I said “ok”.

Honestly the place is pretty decent, but sometimes the girls are just a bit lackluster and I swear the best places still have girls on an off day.

Would I go back? Yes
Would I pick that girl again? No, no way.
Was it worth 200k more then Apple pen? 100% yes.
Actually if you get the 300k one it’s cheaper, but I don’t know what the deal is with that...

TL:DR good service, girl wasn’t great but decent enough BBBJ