Matahari Salon Review - Prague, Czech Republic

I recently discovered this great board and asked Logan if it was ok to post reviews from other continents than Asia and he, more or less, gave me an order to share my information with you guys ;)

About me
I'm 45 years old and live in Europe but English is not my native language so I hope you can excuse some of my grammatic errors and other "weird" writing. I have a job where I travel a lot, mostly in Europe. I seldom travel alone so I have to be discreet so my workmates don’t discover my spice in life. I love erotic massages, handjobs, blowjobs but rarely fuck the girls I meet when I exercise my secret dirty hobby.

I have been to parlors and brothels in Germany, Indonesia, Spain, Scandinavia and the Czech Republic. I'll do my best to share my experience so you can visit all the good places and leave the bad ones to those who are to lazy to do research. I always do a lot of research before I visit a new city.

First up - Matahari Salon in Prague - May 2019
Me and two colleagues went to Prague for a couple of business meetings. We were a bit late when we came to the hotel and it was only two hours to the dinner. After we’d checked in, I told my partners that I was going to rest a bit, but instead I used Mr Google to check out the options in the nearby parlors. One of the great things with Prague is that many erotic massage salons are situated close to the city center. My advise is this. Book a hotel close to the “Muzeum” subway station. From there you can walk to many parlors and brothels in just a few minutes.

The foreplay
One of the most expensive parlors in Prague is just two blocks from my hotel. Their website is:
Matahari Salon has two branches in Prague and get good reviews on Google and a wellknown online “sexguide”. On the website there are photos of the establishment and the girls. Both look nice but it’s not hard to see that Photoshop has been used to better most of the girls pictures. I don’t like it but most parlors in Prague (and the rest of Europe) does it. Earning money from making guys squeal isn’t socially accepted so I understand why most girls hide behind fake pictures, photoshop or at least hide there face. Oh well, you can book the masseuse on the website but I suggest that you walk to the place. If you get there without reservation you are shown a lineup of the girls that are available. That beats the crap out of photoshoped pictures.

Getting there and arrival
As I don’t have enough time to enjoy a long and relaxed massage session, I decided to try Mataharis penis massage that lasts 30 minutes and cost 70 euros. That is as expensive as it gets for 30 minutes in Prague but when time isn’t on my side the decision was easy to make.

I sneak out through my hotels rear entry and walk to the parlor. It’s completely “in the open” like an ordinary shop of any kind and it’s situated in a nice resident area. I feel very safe in the surroundings but get a little bit nervous as I see the front door. Isn’t it strange that even if I have extensive experience of this hobby, the heart always pump hard when I’m about to visit a new place, or is it just me?
I ring the bell and is let in after a few seconds. The women that opens the door ask If I’ve booked a masseuse. I tell her that I haven’t and she smiles and says that the girls are on their way in a minute. The “lobby” looks great much better than in most Asian massage parlors I’ve visited through the years but I’m not there to study the floors, walls and ceiling so I quickly lose interest of studying the room when…

The Lineup
…The first girl enters. She’s short and thin with small boobs, about 25 years and have a nice black dress. She smiles and tells me her name (but I have forgotten it). I could definitely go with her, a good start.
The next girl is called Nina. She’s older, probably in her early 30:s and more European big boned, not fat but taller and wider. She does look nice though with her black skimpy outfit with quite large tits. Some of you would probably choose her.
Finally Lucy enters. She looks like a naughty girl compared to the other two. She’s just dressed in a black bra and a thong that reveals a sexy, curvy body. I guess that she is 22-23 years old. She gives me a naughty glimpse and I know that this is my girl for the evening. I choose her, pay 70 euros for 30 minutes penis massage and say that I don’t have much time when she wonders why I don’t take 60 or 90 minutes.

The room and startup
I’m shown in a nice room with a mirror over the bed, some other furniture, a shower and a small dry sauna. I undress and is told to take a fast shower. I do and when I get out Lucy asks if I want her to massage me nude or keep her thong on. Even though she looks great in the thong I prefer her naked. She quickly takes of the bra and pulls down her underwear.
Her tits is of “normal” size and the pussy is cleanly shaven. She commands me to lie on the back and relax and I oblige. She pours oil from a small bottle and puts it into her hands, than she lightly touches my inner thighs, balls, ass and my penis. She sits between my legs and gives me a naughty look when my cock rises to the occasion. She slowly strokes her well-oiled fingers over my most sensual region again and again and it feels very good.

But 30 minutes is 30 minutes and soon enough she starts jerking my cock up and down, first slowly but it doesn’t take long before she works it harder and faster. I grab her thighs and prepare to cum but suddenly she squeezes hard at the top of my penis and stop jerking. I breathe heavily but the arousal gets down a bit, than she does the same procedure and when I’m close to coming she stops again. I’m very, very aroused now and she asks if it’s good and smiles. I don’t have to answer, my bodily reaction says it all. She massages my balls 20 – 30 seconds and then she starts jerking again. One of her hands goes up and down on the shaft and the other is used to tickle my balls.
I’m ready for her to stop again but this time she continues and I tell her that I’m going to cum but get no reaction, so I climax very hard and I can feel my semen hit my chest as I groan loudly. When I open my eyes she is still jerking my cock slowly and when I’m empty I tell her to stop and try to get my breathing back.

Then she wipes away my cum. I head to the shower for a quick cleanup and she prepares the room for the next customer and put on her thong and bra. I ask her if they do anything more, like blowjob, but she tells me that no parlor in Prague does that. Men who like full sex or blowjob can go to a brothel. She also says that it has happened that men have to leave the parlor because they demand sex and behave badly when they realize that a handjob is what they will get. We said goodbye, I was let out and I took a fast walk back to my hotel, changed clothes and went to the business meeting.

The parlor looked and smelled good, the girls I saw looked nice. My choice, Lucy, was sexy and gave me a very nice penis massage. The climax felt really good and everything was safe and professional. Highly recommended.

The parlor isn't discreet ;)

mata jecna room.PNG
The room

lucy matahari.jpeg

This is "my" masseuse Lucy. The photo is from She's not in the lineup when I wrote the review but girls come and go often in this business and I thought that you would be interested to see it ;)