Meeting girls in Da Nang, Vietnam

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Hi, I am going to Da Nang next month, can anyone advise how the girls and nightlife there? Where are the best place to find freelancers?

Thanks in advance
da nang night life is normal. mainly people go around the beach. Danang have many roof top bar.
most of the massage place also can get extra services between 1.5M (dont ask me the name because i forgotten) basically you can judge but looking at the main entrance or signboard of the massage shop.
or else you download Wechat or Line and search people nearby. Wait for 15 - 20 minutes and you will see many girls will add you on friend list. if you lucky, some of the girls might want to video call with you just to ensure you are a foreigner instead of local.
I haven't been to Vietnam yet but I've been doing some research and for what it's worth I found a Vietnamese website that had some information on Da Nang massage places. Gái gọi Đà Nẵng - List SĐT gái gọi cao cấp Miền Trung

The reviews are from last year. I haven't been yet so no idea how foreigner-friendly they are but might be worth a shot.

Mưa Hồng - 300k ticket - 500k tip (listed on google as "erotic massage")
Eden Plaza - 600k-1m ticket - 1m tip (4star hotel, probably the safest option)
Cầu Rồng Hotel - 200k ticket - 500k tip(2star hotel with a decent rating on google)

There are a few more on the site but these ones stood out to me as ones I'll try on my trip

There are also apparently a lot of hot tocs along Tôn Đức Thắng in Da Nang.
Hi I r
I gave up after 2 weeks. The women seem generally unfriendly to Anglo men and the Line girls are catering to Chinese and Koreans willing to overpay.
ead what you say , yes its a problem with chiense and koreans and it is what girls look for also in Thailand - why ? 333 - 3 minutec. 3 inch . 3000 baht
these fools take their wallet up and pay almost anything as it is new for them - think they are the fist in the World WHO date a Hooker in viet or Thailand. they destroy it for us and same in taialnd the attitude against westerners are changing to be rude. . ignorant arrogant - Ih ear much nice about vietnamese women but when I was in saigon and Hanoi 6 years ago it was not very welwe was totally ignored - they didt care and not even a friendly smile in a restaurant.. its easyer to get a smile in Taialnd - as long as you have Money.. if they dont like us we better hem alone. . how is it in Saigon now ? am planning to go there soon to se if Things has been better ?
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da nang night life is normal. mainly people go around the beach. Danang have many roof top bar.
most of the massage place also can get extra services between 1.5M (dont ask me the name because i forgotten) basically you can judge but looking at the main entrance or signboard of the massage shop.
There was nothing normal about Danang nightlife when my Cali buddy and me with our 2 gals rode from Hoi An back to Danang City right to Novotel Sky 36. It was a Sunday night, and the place was packed and rockin' with dancers who were Caucasian, Viet, and other Asian. Some of these dancers are imported straight from California, as i've seen quite a few of these pro dancers i'd actually met at SF's Ruby Skye. Blanchy's Lounge in HCMC Saigon actually has a drink called "Ruby Skye" mimicking SF. Was at Blanchy's three times on this latest trip, the first night with my girl and it was Girls Drink Free Night.

Bakc to Danang....All four us of were dancing and partying to western techno and trance music, mixed in with American pop songs. There were some freelancers, and you can tell usually when there are "just girls" drinking a bottle or two, with no dudes. Since i was occupied, and happy, i only noticed. If i were going there without a gal already strapped around my shoulders, i most certainly would've approached them and closed the deal.

Plenty of nightlife and for play in Danang. It's just a different ball game and you have to hit a few singles and doubles before you crack that homer. As in take her home.

Edited to Note: You won't find "these types of girls" at the beach in My Khe, or Phuoc My for that matter. Working girls don't ply their trade at the beach.
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I stay in Danang, have a gal though, but last year I was single, didn't try a lot, but found a decent massage shop and a young gal that gave me good service, so I kept repeating. Any massage shop, not spa, with the flashing lght has p4p.prices would start at 1.5, always stayed firm on 1, never a problem, had a few moto guys at night to take me .got to know a few uni gals as well, looking for cash.
It's a fairly conservative city compared to Hanoi, Saigon,but the woman are gorgeous. My friend meets many online, but most are marriage minded, some aren't, he says it's nothing like Saigon.
But as far as meeting local gals, if you live there, it's not a problem.
Truly some genuine marriage material.
Something about the people in Danang, friendlier, happier.
As stated previous, these gals you don't find in the expat tourist areas, beach etc.2-3 day tourist, ain't happening!
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Truly some genuine marriage material.
Something about the people in Danang, friendlier, happier.
As stated previous, these gals you don't find in the expat tourist areas, beach etc.2-3 day tourist, ain't happening!
I have 4 freelancers i compiled in HCMC Saigon. I often try to expand my horizons and woo girls the traditional way (Qui, LD4, etc.), which is non direct Pay-4-Play. Sometimes when i fail, i call up a freelancer. Always ready to go when i need her. If not, i go down the list of remaining 3.

In Danang, i have 4 freelancers i built up. It was easier to build up this back-up list because like you said, the people in Da Nang are friendlier and happier. I think it has something to do with being less populated as there are only 1.3 Million inhabitants in Da Nang. Plus, there is a beach, which enhances a leisurely environment and makes it more "down-to-earth". And then there is artistic Hoi An to the slight South and educated Hue to the slight North.

Plus, it is where the War raged.

I have yet to be able to fully opt for all 4 freelancers that i built up, because i often stupidly invite a SGN girl to Da Nang for a side trip. Takes away my freedom in Da Nang.

But on this latest trip, i was able to meet up with a perfect 10 i had in my arsenal, and on the first night she told me she was from Hanoi. But her demure temperament was definitely all Da Nang. She was 5'5" tall, perfect body/amazing smooth silky legs, fake C's, but had eyes that would melt any powerful politician.

And i got to bang her all-night. Again, perfect 10 in...where else?

Da Nang.
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I gave up after 2 weeks. The women seem generally unfriendly to Anglo men and the Line girls are catering to Chinese and Koreans willing to overpay.
This is actually very true. The Chinese and South Koreans are actually "overpaying" relatively speaking. From my perspective, it's not that expensive what they are paying. But it definitely is more than what most are discussing on SMF here. This explains why the KTVs are increasingly priced in the stratosphere. KTVs are a Chinese and Korean thing, as well as an HK/Taiwan thing.

I have heard from a discussion from a street scammer who took a group of us out one Saturday night met at Qui, and he said the same thing about the Chinese and Koreans inflating the prices.

And i have heard this also from my Da Nang freelancer during the 2nd overnighter. She often gets 1M to 2M a night, just for being a KTV girl, no FS/sex.

But there are always pockets of price imbalance or unequilibrium, but like someone has said here, the best "Value" is often found at 1.8M-2M, or scoring the traditional non P4P way, as a fellow SMFer did this last trip (in our group of 5-6).

I am on my boat getting ready to go offshore fishing, so will def have limited 4G, and so will check back later tonight, when i am back at shore.
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I am not so great on posting a report.

I am a Japanese working in hanoi.
However I am better at providing information to aid in your hunt. I do hope I have been helpful to some of you from my previous posts in your travels and adventures. I certainly am not the ace of the base. Certain cities I know well and Hanoi maybe I know the best, with well over 180 days hunting the streets of Hanoi meeting many many fair maidens.

Most Regular Viet girls went to Zalo or Facebook. Of course you still have Spas, Karaoke and all the Knu / Gaigoi internet sites to meet girls. Or go on the hunt at the beer gardens most every night, weekends of course are much better.

IF, You want to hunt girls from the comfort of Your room, use the application LINE. I have posted about how, when and where to use this great connection.

Anyways, LINE has provided to Me more good girls and working girls than any application I have Ever used. You should be able to meet at least 5-10 pretty girls any night and most days in short time. Some good lonely girls, most P4P. Most beautiful girls. Most pictures are real.

My most recent experience was to meet a girl named hika using LINE from my hotel room in Hoan Khiem. Your location helps in the hunt as to align you with most girls in search that goes by proximity. I recommend Central Park Hotel on Hang Be because it is ground zero for location, it is girl friendly and price is right. No, not the Ritz.

hcm3.jpg hcm2.jpg hcm1.jpg
Anyways, I started chat with hika who was a New massage girl to Hanoi. You will learn most massage girls are players for P4P. Most are recently divorced with with 1 or 2 children, now living with their mother and the girls are on the prowl for work and future opportunities. IE. Find sugar daddy.

hika was like most every other girl, agreed to meet at hotel for LT 1,500,000 vnd. Started at 2,000,000 and left with 2,000,000 after great service and good GFE. Most everything was offered. Not the most beautiful figure, but, she tried to make up with a very nice and tight pussy and enthusiasm that never stopped. She certainly made me happy happy. I told her that she needed to learn how to do a prostate massage so she could find many customers. She was most interested to learn. She had to leave early next morning as her mother and child were coming to Hanoi for a few days visit. She gave me her number and begged to stay in touch and a repeat.

The next weekend approaches and it appears I may have another hall pass from my GF, as she was going to visit her family way South of Hanoi. hika had been writing for me to meet her again. I did not want to get another hotel as before and did not want to take her to my apartment on West Lake as she may later start showing up at the wrong times. I asked could we meet at her room, have fun and maybe go eat. She was all OK. So, I quickly showered and dressed and drove to her location. Before I went to her hotel I went to Hang Chieu Street in Hoan Khiem to buy some toys for her to play with. Then, I met her at her place in the middle of back packer heaven and near the beer gardens. Now, another happy afternoon of bliss and great pussy, except the added introduction of a massager. She liked it and I tried to teach her how to use on me, not that I was experienced, but, always wanted to learn about prostate massage. She was a great cock sucker , sperm eater

After finishing up round 1, we decided to go eat, she took me to a great inexpensive restaurant near her room. The food was great, the service was good and the price was right.

hika then asks if We can go listen to music at a bar just adjacent to the beer gardens. We grabbed a nice bench seat with a great view of the street and on goings. We each had 1 drink when her friend toan called. Link asked was it OK for toan to join us for a drink and music. Of course it was OK. Cheap drinks, pretty girls, music what else could I ask for that night? toan arrives, dressed most beautiful. toan works same Spa as hika. After buying another drink each, hika asked me did I like toan? I said toan was fine and A pretty girl. hika then asked would I like toan go back to room with US? Hell Yes I think. How can the night be better?

We return to the room and everyone takes a shower. hika tells me to start with toan as she looks or plays. I kiss toan a little then decide missionary was my favorite attack. Next thing I know, hika decides to practice the prostate massage with toy on me as she gently caresses my balls. Boy what a force multiplier she created. I thought I would blow toan's head off with my orgasm. I had to rest for a while because they both wanted to continue to play. hika needed something from the store and I told them both to go and let me rest.

They both returned in 45 minutes to an hour and quickly undressed to get back in the bed with me. Now, I start with hika kissing and hugging soon to mount and bang her missionary, soon to follow was toan with the clean toy. Needless to say my staying power was short and after shots fired, I thought they blew my balls off. Great was not the words.

From there We all 3 fell asleep in each others arms to wake in the morning for 1 more round on toan. Again, the feelings were unforgettable.

I needed to go as my GF was to return to Hanoi in a few hours and I needed to go home and shower good and try and wipe the grin off my face.

By afternoon, both hika and toan each are calling wanting me to take them out. I could not.

A week later my GF returned home and toan came to my apartment, sexual bliss again, but, mistake coming to apartment. toan stayed 2 days, the visit was great. She is a sweet and beautiful girl, problem, I already have a younger and sweeter girl living with me. In the mean time hika is writing for me to meet her. toan sees hika try to video call me. She gets mad and sends picture of her and me together. Cat fight begins.
Bullshit, you ARE great at posting a review. Well done, what a great experience. My fantasy is to bareback 2 girls like this, pussy to pussy and cream pie both of them. Next you must try to get them to let you do anal. Keep sharing!!