Meeting girls in Kiev, Ukraine

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Tell me more about mongering in Ukraine. Please.
Friend of mine who i fish with on his boat in SF Bay Area is Russian-American and speaks it fluently. I've taken him to Vietnam, he's taken me to Ukraine. This part of this read/link is total BS. Just like in Vietnam, where one-night stands are shunned culturally, the chics have 1-night stands all the time...albeit quietly/discreetly. Even married chics cheat like in every nation on Earth:

"The bad news is that Kiev is not a one-night stand hookup culture. Apparently, you must take a Ukrainian girl out a few times before having sex with her."

For the right amount of money, and if she wants that extra pure cash, and she might even be into you, the cash always makes it a "go" and no-brainer. Who doesn't like a good and favorable deal?

How To Hire a Ukrainian Escort - Bachelor Life Inc.

Again, cut out the middleman and go straight for the freelancer. They are all in the clubs just like in Vietnam.
San Jose, CA
You can easily find these high-caliber Ukrainian females in the bars and clubs sans the "management fee" from the agency and/or pimp:

Kiev Prostitutes. Independent Escorts. Profiles with photo descriptions and contacts - RelaxKiev

And this dude with this donation-based blog can't write in English with a lick, but he is spot-on:

Ukraine Escort Service - Truth Kiev Escort in Ukraine Price Service Info

The hottest 4-month girlfriend i had was a Ukrainian gal in the States. She was a cocaine-addict. Hot as hell but depressed as hell and i need variety. The problem was her and me. Didn't work. So i went for a Blonde Kentucky Penthouse pet for 8 months, and she cheated on my ass. Oh well. :) There are always more women equally as hot or even hotter....without the headache.