Meeting girls in Nha Trang, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh
Is there anything in Nha Trang that resembles Ho Chi Minh walking street or something similar to Bui Vien?

I have been walking around and cannot find any place to eat and drink the same as in Ho Chi Minh.
Ho Chi Minh
i was in skydeck and end up drinking with the bar captain then we went to sailing club, tonight she will pick me up and ..... i do not know where she will take me
Southeast Asia
Here you can read my experiences looking for massage girls in Nha Trang, but I didn't check out the bar/club scene there. When I was in Nha Trang, I had multiple people tell me about the Sailing Club in Nha Trang as the place to go for freelancers. Let us know how it goes? I enjoyed my time in Nha Trang and want to visit again.