Meeting massage girls in Jakarta, Indonesia

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The local community here has started to share some good places for meeting girls for massages, blowjobs, and sex in Jakarta, Indonesia. If you know good massage places, hotel massage spas, blowjob bars, etc. in Jakarta, please help others with the name of the place and what to expect.

And we always welcome and encourage full reviews of a particular place in Jakarta, so others can hear about your experience. This helps everyone in our community.

In Jakarta, Indonesia, you can get full service for 400,000 IDR ($28 USD).

Classic Spa and Hotel is quite famous in North Jakarta.

Freelancer on WeChat charge 800,000 IDR and rush to finish.

I only stay in North Jakarta... South Jakarta has more happening = more expensive.
Search YouTube for Classic Hotel Jakarta. They have a hidden camera, and step by step, they teach you how to choose a girl.
Just came back from Jakarta. Staying at Central Jakarta.

Plenty of choice using Wechat and Michat . average price 800k 1 shot.
got myself 2 different girls.

1st ML at 500k/shot, a bit old.

2nd girl i'm lucky - accommodate on all, no rushing and just 23 year old. rubber and no anal are the only restriction . From Bandung, she came to Jakarta because her client booked her for 3D2N. I was lucky that we stay at opposite hotel. Paid 1mil for 2 shot. still have her contact with me but she is based in Bandung. Anyone going to Bandung , i can share the contact.

In Jakarta, got a few contact also , all roughly around 400k but you have to go to their apartment/hotel room (which i didn't took it for security reason).

Do follow standard SOP. Picture a lot is fake. Mine is real, just a bit different.