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Kuala Lumpur? Good luck getting raided as the enforcers have multiplied their efforts in shutting down all the massage parlors. Safer way is using WeChat.
For Kuala Lumpur, check out this WeChat ID: PrettySexy5511

They have wide range of girls. They can outcall or visit directly. Price is reasonable, but I didn't try yet.
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For Kuala Lumpur, check out this WeChat ID: PrettySexy5511
Yeah, I added them on WeChat, and they have a good selection of girls and reasonable prices. They offer incall, outcall, and you can choose from 2 to 10 hours. There is also an overnight option. I asked where are they located if I wanted to go to them, and they said I could meet the girls at this hotel in Kuala Lumpur:

Orange Premier Hotel Shamelin
Level 6
38-2-2, Jalan 4/91
Taman Shamelin Perkasa, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur,
Malaysia, 56100

In the Google Reviews, it says the hotel is a "nice and secret place for couples" :ROFLMAO:
There is a massage parlor called Colome in the Chinatown neighborhood of Kuala Lumpur. It is a few doors down from the Speedmart99 on Jalan Tun Tan Chang Lock, close to the intersection with Jalan Sultan. Most of the girls are from Jakarta and offer handjobs and blowjobs. I had one great experience, and one so-so experience, like most places.

In Malaysia, it's better to Google for outcall services or visit a hotel spa because enforcement is ramping up in Malaysia and you don't want to appear on television.
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In Malaysia, it's better to Google for outcall services or visit a hotel spa because enforcement is ramping up in Malaysia and you don't want to appear on television.
I had good luck using WeChat, Line, Tinder, and Bumble to meet freelancer girls selling their services. And I've seen some agencies that offer incall and outcall services of their girls, and they have dedicated hotels they operate for booking appointment times with the girls they manage.
Has anyone tried Beach Club / Thai club? Any recommendations near KLCC?
Whatever price you're quoted, they'll eventually settle for RM700 per night, which includes 2-3 shots and spending the whole night in your hotel in your room till like 8-9 am the next day.
I've tried 3 viet girls from beach club and 1 from thai club over the past 2 years and experience was above average.
I was there June last year. Didn't find anything particular thru massage places. However, there are plenty in the Bukit Bintang tourist area disguising themselves trying to sell massage services. They distinguish themselves by folding the massage price sheet into one small piece. Normal massage barkers hold the price sheet unfolded. Price in Kula Lumpur can be high, and frankly can't compare to the quality in hcmc
kuala lumpur, petaling jaya
Friday night was Lily's BDSM session.
She had 2 cans of stouts and 2 glasses of wine which somewhat got her tipsy but not really, but the host began his session on Lily.
She was tied on with her hands on the shower roof bar and he worked his way by spanking her on her tits and all over. Clamped her tits as well
and it was deliciously erotic to speak the least. Since it was done behind backdoor of the bathroom, there was not much to see but to hear her moan
with ecstasy with each stroke of the ruler to her sensual areas.
I will leave rest to the host to relate the experience.
She took it well, and it was a satisfying ending to the session.
Till next time.

Now from the host:
Brother.. I thought I am the one who should write the report, didn't know you act so fast.. hahaha

After u and Lily went back, I thought I want to write but too tired and sleepy, so I sleep, but anyhow will write a more details one.

Yeap.. I am the chap in this session, next round will bring more stout for her.

I believe all man have sexual fantasy but not easy to fulfil, even you r willing to pay but not easy to get someone to corporate, I am quite lucky.

Actually before I start this session I chated with Raco many times and ask a lot of question, I even did some verification with dpf forum member to check the genuiness, as its sound too good to believe, anyhow the dpf guy told me is legit and Raco told me that is COD basis and no such bank in or digi shit, so I decided to try.

They arrived at 7 pm punctual, when I see Lily, I got shock, she looks same with the photo that Raco send to me, u all understand what I mean, nowadays photo also can scam. (Dont ask me how Raco look like, am not interested, I know he is a man with eye and ear and batang like me)

Skip all the F&B session, I start my story here.. as my fantasy is mafia rape inspector, I get Lily to change the costume I brought (Dun ask, imagine urself, or go and download some JAV to see)

When I hug her she start to struggle and fight back, I force her into the bathroom then chain her hand with leather handcuff and hang her on the bathroom shower roof bar.

I tear her cloth and strip her pants then blindfold her, we have some Q & A like what u see in the movie "tell me the secret bla bla bla...", "No !" then spank spank, "tell me !", "I will put u behind bar !" Spank spank. I use a soft platic ruler to spank her tits and ass, her reaction was so real, I thought I am really interrogating a pretty inspector.

After the spanking, I use baby oil to rub her body, she really like it, I can feel her face and her body become hot, I lick her body, bite her tits and DATY her then I rub her clit with finger, she moan and scream.

I realease her from the hanging position and force her to kneel down, forcing her head to my dick and let her blow, this is the best part, she let me in and out in her mouth with the slurp sound and let the saliva spread on breast, body and thigh, she even make the vomit sound to make it more like a force BJ, this really make me cannot resist and nearly to cum so I pull her hair and make her stand and fuck her from behind, her moan really like AV, especially when u see yourself fucking a girl with her hand tied behind infront of the mirror and with the facial expression.. thats why I do it in the bathroom.

I dun want to cum so fast, so I stop pumping her and use the vibrator to torture her, I make her kneel and use the vibrator to massage her pussy.. I thought its a torture but seems am wrong, this time she is much much more high, she hug me and bite my body and start to moan and : "oh~~baby ! Oh~~ come on baby"..excuse me... I am doing torture intertogation right ? am I ?

She is so wet, I can smell the cum smell, her body is shivering, when I ask her something, she can"t answer me and just holding me and breath heavily with a red face.

I want to anal her so we go to bed, brother Raco use the anal lub that her bought and fingering her ass, and she blowjob me, and during the anal fingering, I try to put the vibrator in her pussy, I can feel brother Raco finger is moving inside her anal..

After sufficient lub, I fuck her ass, she moan and moan but I did not cum, I really like the mouth fuck just now, so after a while I bring her to bathroom and rape her mouth again, this time I did not hold back, I realease full load on her face.

We started around 9 pm and finish ard 11.00, this is a really great sex game, for sure I will find her again.


Name : Lily
Race : Punjabi
Face : 8/10 (no different from photo)
Body : slim with small tummy
Breast : B and firm
DFK : many times
BBBJ : 13/10
FJ : 12/10
BDSM play : 15/10
Damage : RM700 hotel on your own
WIR : Definitely

For your info, BDSM will cause injury, especially to those newbie or inexperienced, for safety, a coach must accompany the girl during the session, If brothers want this type of service from Lily, for sure Bro Raco will accompany, please don't feel weired, this is for safety.

I'm guessing that most of you are after the local ladies (Malays, Local chinese, Indians) in KL. If yes, the places to visit are the spas/health centers of Eastin Hotel, Kuala Lumpur and Crystal Crown, Petaling Jaya. A session of 45 mins (inclusive of FJ) cost in the region of ~RM238-RM298 (depending on type of service - ie pure FJ or massage + FJ).

Over the years, a few notable places has since ceased operations, namely E2 Spa KL, Cititel HC, Armada HC, Skyriver HC and etc.

There are a few old ones, which are still surviving, and are still providing local ladies to date. These places include Deluxe Hotel Spa, Fuji HC (Jalan Gelang) and Green Elephant (same boss as Deluxe Spa). There are gems every now and then, but i would recommend Eastin and CC (mentioned in first para) if you're indeed after a local lady.

Good news is the re-opening of the legendary Cititel Spa on 02 02 2020. I have yet to visit and cannot verify it's quality though.

Cheers and happy bonking.