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Add this WeChat ID : VVIP2911 when your in Penang.
He's an agent and handles girls from different regions
His stables of girls are local chinese and malay, thai, viet, laos, koreans,japan and russia.
Everyday he will update his wechat account on the availability of his girls.
His girls are spread across different location depending on the region they came from, so e.g. if you intend to choose korean and japanese you need to go the location this girls are based.

Price is between RM$220 - RM$290. Most of the girls are on visit pass thats why he needs to update everyday
Each girl are allocated a studio apartment (this is what i encounter so far for one location) Room is great
Once communication is done he will direct you to the location, and when you reached the location u need to contact him and he will give you a password. When you are in the building security area,just say the password and you are free to access the lift to go the room numbers given to you. You might be given around 4 rooms numbers

Go the room and knock and wait. When the girl opened the door you then decide whether you like her or not, If yes just enter and she will text her agent to inform him of the arrangement.
If you are not satisfied with the girl you see then proceed to the next room.

I wanted to try the Japanese girl but I have doubts because it is only price at RM$290 some is RM$330. I mean how can a Jap lady be so cheap?
Have only tried the locals and koreans there

Girls quality are not bad you can view through his wechat updates
Service wise well this girls are all on short trip visit what can I say, It depends I guess

His websites are also updated everyday. You can get the website address from his wechat post

Hope it helps