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I don't frequent the bars, so I don't want to give you wrong information. But it appears easy to have beautiful girls who would love to be your companion for drinks and music nearly everywhere in Saigon. I see it all the time.

Looking at karaoke bars in Ho Chi Minh, the place you're referring to appears to be Karaoke Gold Star in Go Vap District, Ward 11.

There are karaoke places all over Ho Chi Minh. When I leave Saigon Center shopping mall in District 1, walking south on Pasteur street, there are multiple bars with karaoke, but not as fancy as the one you mention, and I've seen some very beautiful girls there. There's a 24 hour Family Mart right there in the middle of the bars, and every time I'm sitting there having some food and drink, I see these beautiful Vietnamese girls in tight dresses come in to buy things and go on break and my eyes fall in love with every one of them. And when I walk out of Family Mart, there they are sitting out front of these karaoke bars.

I've been to Singapore a few times, but haven't had much luck with the pay for play game there. Are there blowjob bars in Singapore? Or any good massage places with blowjobs? And I still want to try a good Nuru massage in this lifetime. :)
Should be that. However, the standards are not anywhere near what we have here. In Singapore, the girls will get all over you and strip and most of them allow you to roam all over their body. There is a place whereby girls allow blowjobs and sex in the room itself, but of course, this is subject to each individual because not everyone is that open minded haha

The redlight district in Singapore is Geylang and has hookers ranging from $50-200 SGD depending on their age and nationality. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you might have a chance with a Eurasian hooker too.

There is a street in Singapore name Duxton Road, with lots of Pinoy pubs. Some of them are equipped with private rooms for blowjobs and sex if you purchase enough lady drinks for the girls. Price ranges from $20-50 SGD for the lady drinks.

Massage wise, there is nothing fanciful, because the Singapore police are tough on massage places, and finding a good massage place is difficult. However, there is a street where these places still exist: Lavender Street and Jalan Besar.

Across the border, in the southern part of Malaysia, there are more massage places in Johor, Malaysia.
Hey, I moved to Singapore last year and have been to a few KTV places. I don’t know many people here... if you have any KTV places you would recommend checking out, please let me know. Thanks.