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This is a link to her profile on kynu

*Disclaimer: most of my contact with her was in Vietnamese. English was not available*

So i got her number off her profile and texted her on Zalo. She responded pretty quickly (at least whoever her handler was did, I think she uses a different number for her personal phone.) Actually I’m pretty sure the number on her kynu profile is just a handler cause he quickly sent me a bunch of photos of other girls he manages soon after I finished. More on that later.

So if you want to contact Le Vy directly her number is +84 37 7152 312. But be smart and text the profile number first. I think she’ll be freaked out at someone texting her actual number directly.

Anyway, After a couple of messages back and forth, she tells me a time and a place to meet. We met at 2pm at Cupid Hotel in district 1 (2Bis Nam Quốc Cang, Phường Phạm Ngũ Lão, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam)

I parked my bike outside, a man took it in and gave me a valet number and i walked to the front desk to book my room. Usually when meeting a kynu girl you’ll meet at a love hotel and book a room for however long you might be planning to play for and then pay it all at the end. So I book a room for an hour (it would end up being about 380k vnd for the hour) and a female staff member leads me upstairs. The room isn’t as impressive as some other love hotels i’ve been to in vietnam, but still very well sorted out. It had mirrors everywhere and jacuzzi’s and saunas right in the room.

After about 10 minutes, I hear a knock on my door and Le Vy shows up. Her face isn’t the cutest, but she had a great body. Slender legs, about 165cm height, maybe on the high end of B cup to C up breasts and long black hair. Definitely looked like the pictures if you could imagine peeling away all the photoshop and air brushing.

She spoke with a very thick Hanoi accent and spoke quite quickly so much so that even I had some trouble understanding what she said, but we were in good spirits and it wasn’t before long before she stripped down and we got to work. Now, compared to some other kynu escorts that I met, Le Vy was quite business like. Standard suck and fuck with BBBJ followed by covered intercourse. In the profile it said eating pussy was ok too, but she seemed not to really be into it, so I didn’t bother. She was no dead fish by any means though, actively pulling me in and gripping me with her hands and legs. It wasn’t long before we had a good rhythm finally followed by a humongous release. She was about 25 and her pussy definitely felt like it. Tight enough but not uncomfortably tight like some other escorts.

So we laid there talking for a bit since we finished a little earlier than I expected. She told me she’s in saigon like so many other girls just trying to earn money and sending it back to Hanoi. And then she offered to introduce me to her friend who was also working here. “Working here?” I asked her. She then explains to me that the love hotel that we met at is actually a low key brothel. Lots of girls live with her on the top floor where they book clients, meet their clients on the lower floors, bang, and then just go back upstairs to eat and rest and sleep. The staff of the hotel are all in on it too and get a cut of whatever the girls make. I would wager that you couldn’t just go into the lobby and say “Hey call one of the upstairs girls to come down and bang me” since they still have to operate as a legitimate enterprise and that would be blatant prostituting but there’s a grey area if you book on kynu first and the girl just happens to come downstairs to the room you texted her. Staff can’t be seen mediating the transaction since that would be illegal.

Le Vy then asks if i want to meet one of her other escort friends who is her roommate and maybe book her next time. I cordially accept. So i wait in the room for a few more minutes while Le Vy runs up stairs and then i hear a knock on the door. Another girl named Miu comes down and greets me. She’s quite attractive and we end up exchanging phone numbers so I can book her. Will probably meet her and post a review here tomorrow as well.

Overall, I would give my experience with Le Vy an 8/10. It was safe and straightforward. I didn’t get robbed, stabbed, or drugged so I’d put that in the “Win” Column. Would I see her again? Probably not. The sex was not GFE enough for my tastes despite her being hot. Her friend promised to do a better job in that regard so we’ll see soon.

Hope it helps you guys.


Thanks for all the research you're putting in with Kynu escorts. Much appreciated. Will be heading to HCMC in a few months so looking forward to adding to a few reviews of my own.