MY Experience at Zeus Spa

I've been reading the forums quite a bit. I'm finally back in Vietnam for some fun hahaha. I use to only go to Little Tokyo. Now, I want to explore other places, but also let my fellow brothers know how my experience was! On this forum, I've read many reviews on Zeus Spa. Here are my thoughts.

The location was pretty easy to find. Busy street, nothing shady. Lots of Tourist walking around.

Going in, I was presented a massage menu. Pretty straightforward, I wasn't sure if the price included tips or not, nor did I bother asking. Prices ranged from 1-13 million. I chose the lowest price which was 1 million dong. I got to choose the girl through an IPad. I chose the youngest girl, she was around 20 years old. After that I lead to my massage room.

Room was pretty small, but it had everything you would expect. Wet / dry sauna, tub, and a massage bed.

The girl was quite cute. Very thin body. She wasn't as welcoming as I would have wanted. Most likely due to the language barrier. After I spoke some vietnamese (I'm half vietnamese), we instantly clicked. We began to talk a whole lot about ourselves. It was more like a date hahaha. Anyways, first of I went through the dry and wet sauna. Sweat a little bit, after that she bathes me.


I never had a legit massage before but this was pretty poop poop. Lots of random motions ahaha. It wasn't relaxing it felt like wtf is happening. The head massage was pretty good though.
After that she flips me over, begins to give me a hj and bj. I tell her to stop because I'm a weird fk who loves kissing girls neck / body. I was really into the moment and she smelled like roses. I then proceed to ask her if I can touch underneath. She's ok with it. I tou h and boy she's as wet as a waterfall. I'm super into the mood and I'm ready to fk her. I want to and I ask her. She denies me and says it's not allowed. I push her and even bribe her money. She wasn't into it hahahah. At least I tried :(. She proceeds to blow me then I cum. After we talked more and more. Knowing each other more. She indirectly ask me for my number but I kinda avoided it. Saying I'll just find you outside.

Overall the experience was pretty good. Price was good. Fuxk man.. I really wished I could done more, but she had rules. Would I come here again? Probably not, this was a one time place. Time to try another places!

How was this place compared to Little Tokyo? I forgot the name of the shop but the only difference was the price, larger selection of girls, and size.

Room size was bigger
More girls
And sex was an option

During my time at little Tokyo I paid around 1.5 mill for full services.

Thank you all who have read it this far! I'm just a horny university student! I hope you guys enjoy yourselves! Mostly important, use protection!!