My first time in HCM and Bangkok.

Dominican Republic
Hi guys, here is contribution to the Forum and before i start talking about my experience i want to tell that it is only my personal opinion, since a girl or place can be beauty and nice for someone may be for others not.

My Trip was a short holiday of 3 days, 2 nights in HCM and 1 night in Bangkok.

After i arrived to HCM i contacted Paul from Triip Le Han Dai Hotel and i booked a VIP session.
Pros and Cons of Triip Le Han Dai
All personal very friendly
Room and Sauna very nice and clean
Girls are Beauty (i visited 2 times and both case the girl were Beauty)
The Massage was Good in both visit
The Blowjob was good in both visit
They are open 24/h
You can't select the girl
No CIM (but still good blowjob)
They have different price for Vietnamese and Foreign, for example, The price in the Front desk have two side (620,000 VIP writed in Vietnamese) and (1,020,000 VIP writed in English) and when the girl in the Front desk see me coming outside from the elevator she changed the price from Vietnamese to English, in one hand i understand they charging more to foreign but in another hand i fell a little be scammed.

Second Hotel Paul also work:
Paul also take me to another Hotel with massage that he also work and 620,000 for 45 minutes, but this massage place is very ugly, small and ugly room, you can't select the girl, i pay two session and in both case the girls were under average and no friendly.

One thing to mention is that in my last visit to Le Han Dai Hotel i go direct without contact Paul because i was outside without internet to contact him, so when i told Paul i was taking massage in Le Han Dai he ask me why i dont contact him before, and after that Paul dont answer my Whatsapp again, i think he was mad at me because may be he lose some comission or %.

NPK Street:
In my second day i was in NPK street and i really dont like this street
I visited 3 different places and all were the same, small and ugly rooms that personally i feel like a Drug addict in this room.
They dont give you any massage they go direct to Blowjob
All the girls i see were under average
Easy to find CIM but i dont like this places anyway.
Personally i am no interested in to visit NPK street again.

Before to leave HCM i have a lunch with Exzel a guy from this Forum and it was a nice experience for me to share moment with someone from this Forum.

Night in Bangkok:

!!! Holy Shit !!! guys Bangkok is the place to go.
Bangkok is a little more expensive than HCM but worth the money.
Free to play everywhere
Really Amazing Blowjob with CIM everywhere, i try with about 4 girls in 4 different places and in all case i received nice blowjob CIM.
Everywhere you go CAN select the girl.
Everywhere BBBJ and Sex.

I am planning to go back Bangkok next month for at least one week.

Regards to everyone

Dominican Republic
I also was in Queen Bee, this place really dont worth the money.
All the Girls under average.
they dont give you any massage, they go direct to Blowjob or Sex and complaint if you dont cum fast.
No friendly staff and no friendly girls
Room ugly and and nasty
this place is a big scam