Neko Massage Review (Two Visits) - Hanoi, Vietnam

Since I received valuable information from this forum prior to my Hanoi trip, I wanted to give back to the community.

Here is another review for Neko Massage in Hanoi, Vietnam, and includes two separate visits.

First visit: 9/4/2019, around 5pm

The OCD Plaza was easy to get to (I used Grab). Upon entering the lobby, I was asked by a man "massage?" After confirming, he led me to the elevator and swiped his key card for 4th floor. Once there, another attendant instructed me to take a seat. Since I already knew about the menu, I told him I wanted the King package (90 minutes, Jacuzzi bath with the girl, for 950k + 950k). No luck - all of the King rooms were occupied and it was going to be a while. Wow, business is good. I opted for the VIP (single bath) 60-minute option instead, for 600K + 600k.

I asked to pick a girl from their pictures, which they were totally fine with. I was handed a tablet showing about 20-30 pictures of girls who they said were working. Awesome! Not too fast - my first two selections were both "busy". Finally, after choosing a third time, girl #23, was available. She was pretty cute looking in-person and not too different from her picture. However, her service was lackluster and the overall experience was mediocre.

So I guess their standard procedure is to let you use the sauna for the first 5-10 minutes while the girl gets set up (fill the bathtub, get supplies/towels, etc.). However, after I stepped out of the sauna I saw that she was playing with her phone. No biggie, except the whole time she hadn't been paying attention to the tub, and it was filled with cold water. I had to wait while she fixes the water temperature (she apologized). The rest of the session was average, her massage skills were OK, but there were a few long pauses in-between (pretty sure she was checking her phone). Overall, she just didn't seem very into the session. Standard massage/nuru/teasing/BBBJ/hand finish. At the end of the session, when she brought over my clothes, she laid them on the now wet/dirty bed (many spots were covered in nuru gel/dirty towels!!!) Come on. In the end, since I had high expectations coming in, I was a little disappointed by this visit. I was definitely going to give it another try though (which I did the next day).

Second visit: 9/5/2019, around 11:15am

This time, since I had another date at 12:30pm with a girl I met from Boss KTV, I went for the 60-minute VIP package again. The tablet this time only showed 8-10 girls, bummer, but I went with girl #42. This time, the overall experience was much better, and her service was top notch. Just all the little things. She made sure to turn on the tub spa jets for me to enjoy (this didn't happen on my previous visit). She also played music from her phone to set the vibe. She was very much into the session and grabbed my hands to touch her cooch and more. In addition to nuru gel, she also switched between hot water and Listerine for "her kisses" so that created nice different sensations (again, this didn't happen on my previous visit). There was a lot more mutual touching and intimacy. At the end, she also helped me get dressed - this was a nice touch.

  • The facility is clean, very well kept, nicely decorated. Friendly staff.
  • You're welcome to pick your girls! But, depending on who you pick, your experience may vary.
  • Pricing is straightforward. You won't be pressed by the girls to tip on the side.
  • Both of my visits included BBBJ, no CIM. I didn't specifically ask for girls who can do CIM, though that is possible.
  • The best time to visit seems to be around 1-4pm. It gets very busy at 5pm, but if you go too early (shortly after they open) you won't see too many girls in yet.
  • It looks like lock boxes are available - I saw one under the massage bed. This may be useful for those that are more cautious - especially since you'll lose sight of your belongings (for good 5+ minutes) when in the sauna.
Good review thanks, im arriving on 9th Oct I cant wait to check out a Nuru massage.
Do you remember the number of the first girl?
Also if your able to ask which girls has the best positive reviews?
Hi everybody. This is my first time go hanoi, Anyone who know where have massage with full service n what cost???.
Hi everybody. This is my first time go hanoi, Anyone who know where have massage with full service n what cost???.
Hey Ive done a lot of research on this and have decided to go to Neko Nuru im getting the king room, its not full service but looks good for the price. Clean, pretty girls and good service. Note that girls dont offer Full Service but some may offer services outside of Neko Nuru. Be sure to read Logans review here:
Neko Massage Review with Pictures - Nuru Massage - Hanoi, Vietnam

As for full service the only one i found was Oasis Massage but its fairly expensive and the rooms are not at clean or nice. Theres a good list of massage places in Hanoi here:
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Tqvm for ur reply. sorry ya i just join this review. even i pay more tips at Neko Nuru to the massage girl. they also dun want.
I went to Neko yesterday, king rooms were full, I didn't want to wait so went for a vip room. It's a safe place, but people sitting in the lobby of 2nd floor and 4th floor didn't give neko a good first impression. I could understand they being there are for "sercurity reasons", but it did not look nice. All friends can just go, don't worry.

I got no.7, firm but only small to medium breasts. for vips, girls wash you, for kings, girs wash with you.

Nuru was great, it was like electricity all over you, but no sex.

rating, 8 out of 10.
I will go for a king room next time.

the end
Hi. Tks for ur post ...i can see some comment abt Bao Son international hotel got FS. dunno is true or not. I more interest in FS. 😬😬😬
Hi. Tks for ur post ...i can see some comment abt Bao Son international hotel got FS. dunno is true or not. I more interest in FS. 😬😬😬
for me, it is good to start with some erotic massage then sex. I would suggest Logan to add China and Japan info. those two places have good ones, but need to be more careful.