New Years Eve Saigon

Okay so I’ll be back in Saigon on NYE and ready to have a good time. I’d like to put together a small/medium group to go out.

We can do ktv, hostess bar, night club, whatever. I don’t mind doing a lot of the planning so if you’re around and have the means and desire to party like a rockstar NYE let me know.

I’ll be in town starting 12/30 so maybe we can meet up that night and get to know each other a bit before the big night.

Things are probably booking up so we should get moving on it!
South Africa
I will get a local number for WhatsApp when I arrive. You live there or visiting? Landing on the 29th now, maybe earlier.

We can communicate before then by PM. Let me know what you’re thinking!
Hi Jas, Pm me, maybe we can work something out.