Newbie to Vietnam

Been reading this forum and I have a few questions for my first time in Vietnam (probably just Hanoi if it matters), hopefully leaving just before Tet.

Cost: I’ve seen quite the variety of cost (which may depend on “source”, the next point). I often see $1.2-1.6M VND, but then I also see as low as $200K VND. I know the lower prices don’t’ include a room which you (have to?) get at “their” hotel for $100-200K VND. Something tells me price and “quality” aren’t necessarily proportional.

“Source”: Line, WeChat, and Zalo using the nearby function. Websites like (which seems to redirect to now),, and others.

Incall/outcall: From what I’m gathering in general it’s incall only to the girls hotel, but I also see some mention bring the girls to their own hotel or Air B&B. Is it either/or in every case; will some girls insist on their hotel and nowhere else, but others not care? I was planning on Air B&B, but it seems they may always be in a building occupied by the host; is this a problem? Should I just get a hotel?

Available time: I’ve seen a lot of girls post ridiculously short (or maybe long?) times, like 9h-12h or 10h-3h. Is that really 10AM to 3AM, 10AM to 3PM, 10PM to 3AM?

Password: Some profiles I see online have a clear password (saw “Popeye”once?!?!). Others I only see the website. Is the website the password, are you suppose to find the password somewhere on the website?

Lastly, processwise (think the questions above) is it the same from area to area? Do things work the same in both Hanoi and HCM?

I’m a “Did you search first?” kind of guy, but I have and it seems stuff is all over the place with the answers, so I just wanted to maybe put it all out there and see what comes back, with apologies if it’s all been answered before.