Nguyễn Phí Khanh - Hồ Chí Minh

Hỏi An, Vietnam
This is going to be fairly brief typing this on a mobile is bloody horrible.

I googled Bennys hot toc and found this site a few weeks ago and decided to try Nguyễn Phí Khanh.

Took a Grab moto there one afternoon and was hailed by the captain at 68.I will admit to being inexperienced and just asked how much. He gave the old "no english" reply and took me inside where there were three or four girls and an older lady who told me 500k. I shook my head and went to leave and was told 400k. I said ok and was grabbed by a chubby lass who really didn't float my boat, and I pointed at a very good looking lass who stood up and led me upstairs to a small room and told me to lie down. Very friendly, nice attitude.

She disappeared for a few minutes and came back with a cleaning kit. She pulled my shirt up and trousers and underpants down. She then cleaned by tackle and torso, her hand and washed and disinfected my hand. She gargle with mouthwash, took her panties off and pulled the top of her dress down and the bottom up so she was effectively wearing a wide belt. She started by kissing my nipples while I played with her breasts. She started playing with me and moved my hand down to her pussy. She climbed up onto the table which made it easier for both of us! We both then had a really fun time. She spat and gargle, we both got dressed and went downstairs where I paid the older lady and was shown out by my girl.

I also visited and reviewed Hoang Thanh Hot Tóc at 140 Nguyễn Phí Khanh, and Phú Ngoc at 68 Nguyễn Phí Khanh.
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I also visited Hoang Thanh Hot Tóc at 140 and Phú Ngoc at 68 Nguyễn Phí Khanh and will review them later.
When you have a chance, I would love to hear about your experiences at these 2 blowjob bars.

I have not been to 68 Nguyễn Phí Khanh, but it's on my list of blowjob bars in Ho Chi Minh that I want to visit.
Hỏi An, Vietnam
Sorry guys, I've written a duplicate on 68 Nguyễn Phí Khanh. Over excited I suppose!

At all the places I've been, the girls washed my right hand making it clear that I was allowed to use it. Every girl has been wet right from the start and always really enjoyed being finger fucked. The problem I've found is that the more worked up the girl gets the less blow job and more hand job it becomes. Next time, I think I'll keep my hands to myself - to to be brutal about it, I'm paying for my pleasure, not theirs.

After not finding a hottie at 68 Nguyễn Phí Khanh, I went to the next one I came to at 74 Nguyễn Phí Khanh (Hot Tóc Hoang Duc). They kept trying 500, but I just kept shaking my head and saying "bọn tram" (400) until they said ok. Picked a nice looking Vietnamese girl with decent sized naturals, but she was very off hand. Very wet and went off like a rocket, but I got about 30 seconds of an unenthusiastic blowjob. I felt like asking her for a tip.

Lots of choices for Vietnamese girls, but I don't think I'd go back.