Oasis Massage Review - Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam
Went to Oasis Massage in Hanoi, and the girl was super sweet. However, the rooms are quite run down so expect that. The facility is definitely not as nice as Neko Massage in Hanoi.

I did the standard massage one could expect at these places so won’t go into detail. Then my girl turned me around and asked me what I want, and I said what do you offer thinking like what you mentioned just handjob and blowjob. To my surprise, she said anything I wanted so negotiated for FS 2x.

I think sweet talking your girl helps to make them feel more comfortable, and it's not like another job for them.
Southeast Asia
Thanks for your review! Were you able to choose your massage girl? How attractive were the girls at Oasis Massage?
Southeast Asia
Thank you @12345apple, how much was the ticket and the tips? This can be helpful to us :D
I'm not sure how much @12345apple paid, but from my notes about massage girls in Hanoi, Oasis Massage is on the expensive side. Last time I checked a few months ago, the 90 minute massage ticket was 600,000 VND ($25.80) and the girl will ask for 2,000,000 VND ($86.00 USD) for full service, sex, etc. That's too much for me, but if the girl is a 9/10, maybe that's worth it for some.

Ho Chi Minh is much cheaper for sex than Hanoi, and many more options too.

Hope that helps some. Cheers!