P4p in Thailand is shit

I live in Thailand for 2 years and I frequently visited for last 10 years 2-3 times in a year. Now all p4p scene is shit. I’m about 40 and slim white guy from west. Here in Thailand girls are insanely stuck up. Working girls complaint because there is no client but when a client comes, they don’t like clients and they are getting extremely picky. Prices are really cheaper in the west and services are better. Condomed bj are getting a new norm in Thailand . I live in Pattaya , Phuket , Koh Chang , samui.eveywhere same. In Koh Chang many Khmer Girls work at bars and even they are spoiled as Thai girls. Mostly stunners will prefer to go with Asians only. prices at bars and gogos are insane but services are awful. No bbbj, no kissing ,only a quick shit blowjob , no cim, no cif , no long time and many more excuses. When I compared Thailand 10 years ago , nothing is same even not similar. Normal girls ( not prostituts ) even unapproachable. I used Thaifriendly for years with success but nowadays very low reply rate. Almost impossible to find young slim hot and willing girls without baby damage. Even if you find , probably they will turn you down. Bars included soi 6 are full of ugly old and unattractive women even I wouldn’t fuck them for free and stunners amount these uglies will be extremely stuck up. if you don’t come thailand for its nature ( I mean beaches temples etc) doesn’t worth to visit here for p4p.i have no experience in Philippines and Vietnam but visited Cambodia and scene was worse. I believe Eastern Europe , especially Ukraine is the best place for mongering. This is just my experience and view.
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Ho chi minh city
Sad to hear. Have you tried elsewhere in asia first before going europe? My perspective is guys want the "wild west" of old thailand but with the safety comforts and convenience of modern thailand. Sorry to say it never works this way. Recognising this..id look to laos or myanmar. Possibly cambodia.
I respectfully disagree. I've been spending 6 month of the year for the last 5 yrs in Pattaya. I've gone to Phnom Penh last few years and this is my first time in HCMC. Previous years, it was fun in PP, this year, (2 weeks ago,) was a little more difficult. I've been in HCMC a week, and based on my experience so far, Pattaya still tops.

Europe? I hit the FKK's in Frankfurt Aug 2018: Centerfold quality, but very transactional, and business like. (Ive been advised to visit the smaller clubs in Germany.)

I suspect my taste in ladies differs vastly with Happy. (I like my girls curvy, not thin, mid 20's to mid 30's.) But old and ugly on Pattaya soi 6? There's lots of fresh 18yo's there. I find my GFE on Soi 6, and the Gentlemen's Clubs. I've only had bad luck pulling from the Gogo's, so I don't BF from there anymore. And Yes, the Walk Street Gogo prices Are ridiculous. Another reason I don't go there.
And Yes, prices have increased in Thailand due to the Strong baht. Hopefully it will weaken this year.

If you disliked Cambodia, You'll absolutely Hate the Philippines. Pattaya is the Major, Priemer League, Angeles City is the minor league. Infrastructure is shit in the Philippines. Much, Much better in Thailand and Vietnam. I only have experience in Angeles City, (Which I will return to next week.) I've been told things are changing there.

Bottom line: Easier for me to find GFE in Thailand and in Angeles City. But the Thai girls are Naughtier. For me, Pattaya is still the Best and Baddest in SE Asia. And Who's even more naughtier? Rio de Janeiro hotties, they Are PSE!!
In Pattaya only stunners are available in pinup for me. But prices are the way too expensive there. Soi 6 girls are unattractive for me. My target is girls between 18-24 years old without baby damage. Not olders. Very difficult to find this kind of girls in soi 6. If I find , they will be selective as well and stuck up. It is just my two cent.
Why Philippines are worse than Cambodia ? I like Ukraine so much but absolutely it is not a place to live long time.
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Pin-Up did NOTHING for me. I DID say our taste are different. lol
Angeles City Philippines is smaller than Phnom Penh. And if you like the Pin-up type, your not going to find them in AC.
For reference, I know a dude, who likes the Pin-up type, he recently went to AC and Did NOT enjoy.
Thank you for answer.i also heard Filipinos usually prefer Korean.
There are bars that cater to the Koreans. At those bars, its difficult if not impossible to get a girl. The Koreans also arrive early and snatch up the best girls. They like them because of the "333 rule." From what I'm hearing the Korean influence is growing. I'll find out soon.
Massage places in neighborhoods like Prom Pong and Thonglor were always fantastic for me. Beautiful wiling girls and never more than 2600THB I cant imagine it’s gone that bad in the few years I was there
It's not that the stunners are getting stuck up, it's there are less stunners willing to do that job anymore so the stunners working today know their value. Yes more are picky, I am seeing girls now posting weight limits, age limits. Alot of the very beautiful girls are just getting normal jobs and selectively finding st clients through apps such as Tinder. 5 years ago you could easily find a stunning University girl for 2000 st(nearly impossible today). The Thai economy started improving and more jobs opened up for Asian men in major cities so the "stunners" now are looking more for successful Asian bf's/husbands. Yes there is a trend that many girls are choosing to go with only Asian men, because they say westerners are too rough or want too much "extra". The so called "white worship" that was well and alive 10 years ago is dying, due to all of the bars/massages having many bad experiences. There is actually a trend that girls now want to reject the "crazy about western guys" stereotype. I am an American, I asked a girl why does your bar only allow Asians, she said because most westerners come here drunk and do not respect it. I love the confused newbies to SE asia, like where are all these beautiful girls that are suppose to be all over me? I laugh sipping my beer like it's not 2005 anymore dude, you are not special these girls pass foreigners everyday since they were in grade school. And the girls are getting clever, they are straight up if you want sex give money, if you want to date me, ok take then me out and no sex after. "date me or pay me". That's the kind of mindset many of these girls have.
That why i was less going to thailand
Service and price is getting bad
With thai strong baht and their attitude
I must rather go Philippine or Jakarta Indonesia
Ho Chi Minh City
There was never "white worship" of us farangs. They worshipped our money and continue to.

The only reason the Thais put up with us is because of money, and I dont blame them. We've seen so many expats acting boorish and drunk off our asses behaving like complete childish imbeciles lowballing them with sick fetishes
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Exactly, they put up with white trash because of money. The lowlife tourists that abound in Thailand have got worse year after year.
It's funny you don't see these people in Vietnam, or few. No daily beat downs like Thailand etc.
The Asian men treat the gals with respect, pay them well, don't get drunk or aggressive etc. Gentleman.
They don't need whitey there anymore.
Thai's have had it with foreigners, basically saying out, enough. The schools there are so sensitive to foreigners now because they have had so many outrageous stories over the years. Every school/agency has a "he showed up drunk" story. Yes, In Vietnam the expat community is not near as crazy as in Thailand....... But you are right they prefer Asian clients because Asian clients treat it as a romantic business transaction. Not I'm paying for a doll I can use for 1 hour. You have to remember, most of these girls are not bad girls with terrible pasts. A lot of them were in serious relationships from HS or University, and oops they got pregnant, the guy runs off and months later they are counting bj's juggling how to pay everything alone. And yes times are changing with the "trash" comment. Many girls now are saying Asian only. I talked to an "Asian only" girl 2 months In Thailand before I finally got her to come. She said it flat out, I just don't like the way western guys treat me.
I mean there will always be girls, but I think the days of the drop down stunning girls working in gogo/pool bars are gone. They are taking other avenues. Modeling, online selling, etc.
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Much more options for the gals nowadays, they can actually get a job, or if they want to enter the p4p, the smarter ones are going online. No sitting in gogos, bars for hours on end. And with the barfines and prices in gogos and bars, guys are more keen to avoid this and go online.
Ho Chi Minh City
The prettier ones will go online because they are pretty and cut out the gogo's bar fines and dont have to be at a work site. They can relax at home or do other stuff while filtering out the cheaper betas and taking on whoever they prefer, which is mostly the higher paying males or alpha types they find more attractive.

They've harnessed the power of the internet to their advantage and can reject customers they dont want and maintain a stable of financiers and sugar poppas.
The prettier ones will go online because they are pretty and cut out the gogo's bar fines and dont have to be at a work site. They can relax at home or do other stuff while filtering out the cheaper betas and taking on whoever they prefer, which is mostly the higher paying males or alpha types they find more attractive.

They've harnessed the power of the internet to their advantage and can reject customers they dont want and maintain a stable of financiers and sugar poppas.
You are absolutely right. Which is why the massage palours are shutting down. The owner will make more money selling the land than continuing to run the business.

Go online to where?

On which websites will we find them?
Line (chat app)
Yes many places are closing the physical site. I met 1 freelance massage girl. She said I make more money working from home. I don't have to pay the shop and I don't have to sit there 6 days a week for 10 hours waiting for customers(everyone knows massage girls will chat all day with anyone because they are bored outta their f'n minds). I can walk around, go shopping, have coffee while I am waiting for customers to message me. This is numerous girls saying that. Another one said, I've done gogo/massage/bar. I make more money working from home because I don't have to split it with anyone. And they don't get paid for taking off at a gogo. They get around 500 baht for coming in to work. The rest of their money comes from lady drinks and boom boom(that's why they are so aggressive, 5 minutes inside where your hotel?). So some are there taking off everything for 500 baht if they don't get any lady drinks or customers. Hence why many of the very beautiful girls are saying F this. Could be taking off everything for basically free if it is a slow night, or a small gogo. I don't think the bars care. Many owners I spoke with over the years said, the more beautiful the more problems. They know they are beautiful and any place will hire them so they behave more reckless, being late, cutting in line, calling in sick, fighting with the staff etc.