Parachuting in........

Hi guys, first post and I have to say, I'm a little out of my depth. I've traveled extensively in Asia, but for some bizarre reason, I've never been to Vietnam. I can muddle my way through Thai and a little Mandarin to get what I'm after, but Vietnamese is a whole new beast.

Now I find myself due to land in a week, without a lot of understanding about how things work on the ground.

I'm in Ho Chi Minh city for a week or so, I'm staying not far from the river, quite near the Saigon Skydeck and I'm pleased to see there seems like there is a decent amount of nightlife within a short walk of my hotel. I love being able to hang out in a bar during the late afternoon and be taken care of. The hostess style bars near Pasteur seem quite appealing. I plan to eat over at the market most nights, I love street food and have always loved Vietnamese food.

I'm looking for excellent massage with hand job and or a covered blowjob but nothing more. I guess I'm asking is a BBBJ standard procedure? or can I bring along a condom and still get a blowjob?

I'm compiling a list of massage places (thanks everyone) but am not sure how my requests will be received.
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Hey Brewer,
If your close or in District 1 there are great massage places such as Kim Huy which offer bbbj and some girls even do CIM or you can just head over to NPK street for some BBBJ action as well.
For bar action you can head over to walking street as there are plenty of bars there and you can try your luck with the freelancers there.
There are a lot of massage reviews here on this forum if you search around.
Have a great time in HCMC. I'm heading there in a couple weeks and can't wait to experience this great city again.
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Not sure what the response would be but these girls are getting paid to provide a service. I don't think with or without rubber matters.

I think you'll be fine.
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Yeah I have no idea what the response will be as well, since I never thought to ask, but please let us know when you get the chance to ask them!