Part time working girl in Hoi An, Vietnam

I met a very sweet Vietnamese girl in Hoi An, Vietnam. She is a part time working girl and will do anything to please.

Update: At the request of this girl, she has kindly asked to remove her pictures and to close this thread because she does not want to meet anyone else.
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She isn't miss world... but I don't think she's ugly...

You aren't paying for looks... sex is what she's about and blowjobs are her specialty.

She cannot put her face on the internet because this is Vietnam.
I am in Hoi An now, and full credit to the OP for finding her and sharing her details, what a find!

I will update as I go, and like the OP said, I can’t publish her face...

The OP warned me she’s a student living at home and her availability is uneven. She kept changing times when she could meet me before I arrived and I was close to giving up. I’m glad I didn’t! It was partly my fault as I had planned to meet her at Da Nang airport on Sunday, but missed my flight and arrived Monday. I think she thought I was messing around with her, and she was then sketchy with times she could meet. I suspected she had another customer and I increased my offer, which always works! Apologies to the guy I outbid!

She met me at the airport at 3pm, and I was pleasantly surprised. She looks good, not stunningly pretty, but cute and is a really sweet girl, if a bit giggly! She was wearing white shorts and a dark green top, not particularly sexy, but they showed her nice tits off.

We rode her motorbike to the beach and walked along, holding hands, and stopped for sensual kisses every so often, and I was charmed by her almost innocent sweetness. A slight misunderstanding followed, as I had assumed she was coming back to my hotel, but as we neared on her motorbike, she said she couldn’t because she had to go home.

I wanted her and suggested we ride somewhere quieter. The plan was a hotel she knew, but we didn’t get that far! Riding through some rice fields, we came to some trees, and I asked her to stop. We started kissing, and I felt how firm those tits are, and her sexy ass, and then I asked her to give me a blowjob, knowing she will suck publicly.

We headed into the trees, and she knelt down and wrapped her lips around me, sucking really sensually and clearly enjoying it. She sucked with that perfect mixture of fast thrusts and slow sucks, and she had me hard as stone very quickly, but she insisted I shouldn’t cum too quickly. I didn’t care by then if anyone came as I was not stopping!

Then she looked up with her lovely eyes, opened her lips and invited me to fuck her mouth, which I did passionately, but with restraint as I didn’t want to hurt her. She took my full load in her mouth, spat it out, and we arranged to meet tomorrow.

I won’t publish how much I gave her, but it wasn’t much and she was happy.

Really looking forward to fucking her! More to come!
A quick update, to say the only reason I haven’t posted anymore details as promised, is that I am waiting until I leave Hoi An. I’ve already delayed my departure date once, due my inability to leave her. She is absolutely adorable, good company, and very sexy.
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I'm planning to stay in Da Nang and Hoi An for one week during the middle of June.

Did she stay with you all night or would she only meet for a few hours during the day?
Apologies for my delayed review!

Yes, she will stay all night, but don't expect much sleep! You need to be careful with hotels in Vietnam. Some will enforce the no visitors policy after 10:00pm law, and some will eye your guest warily but allow her to stay, although you are left wondering all night if you will get a knock on the door later! I stayed at 4 different hotels in Hoi An, and there are ways around it.

The first guest house I booked had a sign saying no guests after 10:00pm, which I didn't want to challenge, and so we spent the day riding her moto around the beach and seeing various sights around the area. She met me wearing a short denim skirt and white top that displayed the firmness of her tits, and I enjoyed sitting on the back of her motobike riding around.

She was a former tour guide, and her English is good. She is knowledgeable, lively, and great fun, never far from laughing and joking. The pottery village was interesting, as was the lantern factory, but neither compared to my memory of her long, silky hair tickling my face as I sat behind her on the moto, having the occasional grope of her tits as she rode her moto through the rice fields.

As sunset came, we sat and cuddled on the beach, and then went for dinner at a seafood restaurant she knows (600,000 VND for some delicious food and a few beers for me, water for her.) Aware of the 10:00pm curfew approaching, I wanted to hurry back to the guest house, but in the cover of darkness, I could have a much better feel of her lovely tits as she rode, her nipples hardened in my fingers, and she asked if I wanted to stop somewhere. Having been surrounded by long haired beauties on their motorbikes since being here, the thought of fucking a Vietnamese girl over her motorbike was too good of an opportunity to miss.

We turned down a lane between rice fields and kissed hungrily, her hand thrust down my shorts. She dropped to her knees and sucked me to full hardness, then obediently bent over her motorbike, and I yanked her denim skirt up and had my first look at her sexy little ass. She was already wet and I slid right up her tight pussy, although we had to keep changing sexual positions so I could give her good fucking without knocking over her moto! Unfortunately, our fun was cut short by a barking dog who was edging threateningly close, and we admitted defeat, got on her moto, and rode back to the guest house.

Given it was 9:15pm, the reception gave me a stern stare and her a withering look. We hurried into my room, dived onto the bed, and she pulled my cock out and then rode me with her skirt up around her waist and her training shoes still on. It was quick, but genuinely passionate, and we both climaxed noisily. I was expecting her to hurry home, but she showered, and I asked to see her sexy bottom. She then teased me by lowering and raising her towel, and I pulled it away and licked her furiously, everywhere. We collapsed onto the floor, and she sat on my face leaning forward to suck me off.

She left at 9:55pm and as she left, I knew I wanted her to stay, and would have to move hotels the next night!
Because of family problems, I was not able to meet her at the date/time we planned... although, I did have a lovely time communicating with her, as I still do, while I am in Vietnam.

She is a very sweet girl and will do much to please a man. Please be very kind to her and treat her like a queen.
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Despite the efforts of another person, I finally connected with her last week...

After we got to the truth of the matter, she apologized and demanded to be punished. This led to a somewhat kinky, but incredibly erotic, evening. We have since enjoyed some incredible sex - morning, noon, and night. Every day brings more pleasure - in bed in the morning, somewhere public during the day (she is definitely an exhibitionist), and back to my hotel room to fuck and suck all evening and night. She has the most juicy pussy imaginable and her blowjob sucking skills are unbelievable. Fucking her long and hard brings her to a very genuine and noisy orgasm.

We have been together since, and I plan to continue seeing her until after Easter. My timing has been perfect, and she has free time so we are going to travel together.

I love feeling her thighs squeezing my hips while she straddles me, her wet juices slurping between us, while I watch those perky little tits bounce is pure heaven. She is incredibly skilled and also a wonderful person.

I hope to arrange more time with her after Easter...
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At the request of this girl, she has kindly asked me to remove her pictures and close this thread because she does not want to meet anyone else.