Pay for girl to come to my hotel - Hanoi

Hi I'm in Hanoi next week for a short time and I'm looking to pay for a girl to come back to my hotel. I've read here that it can be hard sometimes with hotel security.

I've looked at weChat, Line and Zalo and
- I cannot get weChat working it blocked my account at register.
- Lines 'people nearby' doesnr work in the UK dont know if it will in Hanoi
- Kynu girls are a possibility but want to meet at there love hotel

What's the best way to pay to play in Hanoi?
Id liked to update you with my experiences trying to get a girl back to my hotel i.e Hooker

I was having problems with weChat and Line mobile apps, my best advice if you want to go down this route is to get a Vietnam sim card after you land. After that setup an account using your Vietnamese number. The reason for this is that the "people nearby" feature is not avaliable for every country.

So i used Line and the people nearby feature, you can scroll up and down and send a friend request to attrative girls. I noticed most hookers here use the kiss or heart emoji on their profile, have lewd profile picture or out right say they "need money" or "looking for sex" ect. Easy to spot so add them. You'll also get requests from them during the day, i ended up with quite a few...

As featured in one or Logans posts Vietnam Massage Girls with Photos there are a few questions you should always ask in addition to any specifics.

Do you offer services? <--- good opener
How much and whats included? <--- you can negotiate
Any recent photos? <--- beware here as photos are usually heavily edited or just random girls from the internet
Are you 100% women? or Are you 100% women? no trans? <--- if you are straight its good to get this out the way, ill explain...

I had no problem with a random girl coming to my hotel room, i just gave her my room number and location usually by sending a photo of the hotels business card. I ALWAYS hid all my valuables and only had the money i agreed to pay in my pocket. I had 3 experiences here they are.

I recommend doing a quick screening when they arrive to make sure they are what you expected. Ask them a few querstions even if its What is your name? ect. Check there mood is right and nothing suspicious before giving the money. Yes is usually pay up front.

First - 2 million dong ($86) - paid upfront
For the first time i actually tried a ladyboy, very different but it was actually fun. She was friendly and didnt rush too much, was trustworthy and there was no time limit. Suprisingly she looked exactly like her photos which was nice. Spent around 1 hour 30 minutes in my room. We fooled around then headed out and walked down the street together, i went to met friends she went home. Her name is Lý Thu Kiều search for "hoa khôi du lich lý thu kiều" she is well known in beauty in Ho Chi Minh apparently. Line name is Chery Ladyboy.

Second - 2 million dong ($86) - paid upfront
Sigh... This one was a waste of time and money. This is when i learned to ask is they were a women or not. She came to my room and looked pretty good I gave her money after a short chat and we begun. I generally thought it was a girl... until around 15 minutes in. Yep. A dude. I wasnt really up for it so asked her to leave after 30 mins or so. I know im more of a pussy guy for sure now haha.

Third - 1.2 million dong ($50) - paid after
This was low risk as it was cheap but a good experience overall. She arrived and didnt look like her photos one at least was fake, said she was 27 but looked about 35. Her body was not that good about 5/10 however she was pretty and had a lovely smile, she was also super fun and up for it. She got so wet when she saw my cock and said asians have small pensis but i have a banana LOL I think she was generally into me and was just staring at my body when i undressed. Proper GFE and she even gave me a long decent massage afterwards. Gave me her number at the end and was smiling all the way to the lift outside my room. She showed me photos of her kids which explains the body situatiuon, her photos where probably 9 years old as that was her oldest kid. She never asked for money so i handed it to her as she was dressing. Her name on Line is xuxi.

Happy hunting.