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This is a full review with pictures for Phung Thuy Massage in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. This famous Vietnamese massage place is also known as Dntn Phung Thuy and Massage Phung Thuy.

I've heard about Phung Thuy Massage from many different places. It's a very popular destination when Korean and Japanese travelers visit Saigon, and several locals living in Ho Chi Minh have mentioned this massage place. It's easy to spend time in District 1 or District 3, and you find yourself with spare time for a quick massage and blowjob, but Phung Thuy Massage is not one of those convenient places. Because of it's location, it's more of a destination massage place requiring more time and effort to visit. However, given the high popularity and extremely positive reviews about Phung Thuy Massage, I had high expectations and wanted to go.

Phung Thuy Massage is located at 4 Duong So 2, Hiep Binh Chanh, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, which is right across the Binh Loi Bridge coming from Binh Thanh District. As soon as you turn right off the main road, you're going to be on a smaller road that doesn't look that exciting or busy, and you will see a huge Phung Thuy sign above the main entrance. I recommend taking a Grab Taxi because it will take around 20 minutes from District 1 to get here.

I walked through the main entrance, and a security guard was paying attention to every vehicle and person coming in and out. He smiled at me as I walked in, and the first thing I noticed was how large of an establishment this place is. There is a huge parking lot inside to easily accommodate multiple cars and taxi. This massage place was designed and setup to handle a constant flow of traffic, and I realized there were security employees on lookout everywhere. After the front security guard, I walked by four more employees, who were standing throughout the parking lot. Each one was professionally dressed, and as I walked by, each one would bow politely and make eye contact with me while saying hello with a friendly smile.


The front reception area is very nice, with a receptionist working behind the counter. The sign on the reception counter provides only one VIP massage option for 500,000 VND and says nothing else about time or services provided. Nothing was spoken between me and the receptionist, but seeing as there weren't any options to choose from, I just paid her 500,000 VND ($22 USD) and she gave me a small paper ticket. After I paid, a male attendant welcomed me, tore my ticket, and escorted me upstairs. Once we were upstairs, I was directed down a hallway, passing by five different male employees all standing by, each one professionally dressed and courteous, and each one again making me feel welcome with a friendly smile.

One of the male attendants was standing in front of my room, letting me know my room was ready. He brought me inside and showed me the room, the steam sauna, and some shorts for me to change into. He was very nice and friendly, and at this point, it was kind of weird because I've never experienced this much professionalism at one of these massage places. The workers genuinely seemed to care about making you feel warm and welcome. He spoke decent English and asked if there was a particular massage girl number I wanted to see again, and I said it was my first time. He asked what kind of girl I wanted, and I tipped him 50,000 VND ($2 USD) hoping he would choose a good one for me. He said to wait about five minutes and left the room.

The massage room was very clean and nice looking. It was a medium sized room with a good layout. The massage table was in the center of the room, with an enclosed steam sauna in one corner and a large bathtub in the other corner. Along one wall was a wash sink and towel closet, and the other wall had a small refrigerator and sitting chair. I took several photos of the massage room and have attached them to this post. Because of the layout of everything against the walls, I think it helped with how quiet and serene the room felt. I wish there was a dedicated wardrobe locker to safely place my backpack, but given the size and layout of the room, it was very easy to keep an eye on my belongings and I felt very safe. I got undressed, put the provided cloth shorts on, and got into the steam sauna.

Steam Sauna
The first thing I noticed about this steam sauna was there was no hot stones for me to pour water on, which is something you see at most massage places. There was nothing to do, so I wasn't sure how it worked. And it wasn't that hot when I got inside, but after a quick minute, I realized there was a small vent on the floor that steamed the sauna and it did a great job. I don't want to call this a wet sauna because it was nothing of the sort, and was closer to a dry sauna with continuous steam coming from the vent. And there was no eucalyptus smell, so my eyes never felt burned or irritated. This was absolutely one of the best saunas I've sat in, and the steam room did a great job of keeping the heat in. With the steamed heat coming from the bottom, rising to the top of the steam room, the entire room from floor to ceiling felt warm on the body. After five minutes in the sauna, I saw the lights in the massage room flicker on and off, letting me know my massage girl had arrived. I was excited to see what she looked like, but the glass door to the steam sauna was completely fogged up. I stood up and stretched out my body, staying in the sauna for another five minutes. My body was dripping wet from sweat, and I was ready to spend time with my massage girl.

Bathtub Wash
As I walked out of the steam sauna, my massage girl was sitting in the chair waiting for me. I think she expected me to stay in the sauna longer, but she was receptive and attentive to me as soon as I stepped out. She was wearing a red dress that showcased her nice body, nice legs, and medium sized breasts. Her body looked above average, but her face was below average. It's hard to describe the demeanor of this girl because she didn't smile and never seemed overly energetic or happy. But she also never seemed very tired and was very good about taking care of me. From the moment I walked out of the sauna, she was all about taking care of me, helping me into the bathtub, and doing a great job at letting me know where to move my body while she washed me. She made sure the water temperature was just right, had me sit down in the bath, and she took her time washing my back, chest, and head. It never felt rushed or mechanical, and she made sure I was soapy clean and rinsed before having me stand up. And then she starts washing my legs, using extra soap to wash between my ass cheeks and between my legs. She was practically giving me an extended soapy handjob, because she kept coming back to between my legs and giving me a thorough soapy rubdown. She made sure my ass was soaped up and very clean before rinsing me completely off. She was very professional and did a great job at washing my body before helping me out of the bathtub to dry me off.

Oil Massage
After I was dried off, she hands me a clean pair of cloth shorts to wear and has me lay down on my chest on the massage table. She dimmed the lights and started to prepare some hot massage oil at the sink. I am laying on the massage table looking at her very nice legs, and her red dress was high enough to see her sexy red panties underneath that fit tightly on her nice firm ass. And I was feeling relaxed and good from the hot sauna and that excellent soapy wash. She climbs on top of the massage table and her soft skinned legs felt good on each side of me as she starts to give me a hot oil massage all over the back of my upper body. She really put the effort and energy into giving a good massage, knowing how to use her hands and the weight of her body to massage my muscles using the hot oil as a lubricant. She focuses on my upper back, lower back, shoulders, and arms. After finishing with the oil, she gives me a Thai styled massage across my back, using her hands to slap my back muscles with the right amount of pressure. After about 10 minutes massaging my back and shoulders, I was expecting her to start massaging my legs, but she never did. Instead, she went back to the sink to wash her hands and rinse her mouth with mouthwash. I could smell the mouthwash and wasn't sure what was about to happen because I usually only see massage girls do this right after a blowjob. And then she repeated with more mouthwash for a second time, being thorough to make sure her mouth was fresh and clean. I had no idea what was about to happen next because I still had my shorts on and I was laying on my chest.

Rimming / Rimjob
After she made sure her mouth was extremely clean, she climbs back onto the massage table and slides my shorts halfway down my legs. Here I am laying on my chest, and she starts to massage the back of my legs and ass in a light, playful way. She lightly passed her hand between my ass cheeks and then followed with her tongue, licking my ass for erotic pleasure. This started as light rimming and eventually turned into a full rimjob, using her hands to separate my ass cheeks while her tongue licked my ass. She made a few soft moaning sounds when she licked my ass, and then put her hands on my hips to tilt my pelvis up into the air. She put her hand between my legs and started giving me a handjob as she licked everywhere between my legs, and then she went back to giving me a full rimming. She definitely knew where to lick and what to do. I said nothing, and her little tongue stayed wet and was dancing around everywhere. She really tried to make me happy, rimming my ass and giving me a handjob. After about 10 minutes of rimming, she had me flip over onto my back to give me a blowjob.

After the rimjob ended, I am now laying on my back naked, and she stands next to the massage table. She has me slide over to the side of the massage table to make it easier for her to lean over and give me a blowjob. I was expecting her to remove her clothes, but her sexy red dress and panties stayed on. I put my hand on her legs and felt her soft, smooth skin. She leaned over and started sucking on my nipples and her hand played and fondled between my legs. She moves her mouth to my other nipple and then to between my legs and starts sucking on me, giving me a sloppy wet blowjob. She didn't use her hand much in the beginning, but as I started to get harder and more erect, she could only fit me partially into her mouth. For as small as her mouth was, she gave a great blowjob making sure she never dragged her teeth, using her tongue to lick, using her lips to suck my tip, and sliding me into her wet mouth as far as she could. She kept one hand at the bottom of my shaft and another hand massaged my nipples. She was making more moaning sounds, which were more believable than during the rimjob. My hand slid up her legs onto her ass, and she moved her ass closer to me to let me feel her body more. Her body felt young and tight and very good. She kept with the blowjob and I could see she was clearly struggling to fit me into her small mouth once I was fully hard. She rests her mouth for a minute and sucks on my nipple as she gives me a handjob. This was the first time she really smiled and showed some happy energy during the massage session, letting me know how large I was. I was fully hard at this point, and I put my hand on her back and said I wanted her to suck more. She goes back to giving me a good blowjob with no teeth, but I just couldn't get inside her mouth that much once I was fully hard. She kept her mouth wet and her hand kept massaging me at the same time. She rested a second time and again smiled. I was ready to cum and I really wanted to cum in her mouth. She takes a small towel and puts on my chest and keeps giving me a handjob. I said I wanted to cum and wanted her to suck on me more, and she had a good attitude and started with the blowjob. I lift my pelvis into her and try to go deeper, but her mouth was too small. I started to cum inside her mouth, and then she lifts her mouth away and has me finish cumming into the towel. She kept handjob stroking me to make sure all the cum was out, and looks at me with a smile. She used her arm to show me that I am bigger than her arm, and she hoped I felt good and was not upset with her blowjob skills. This was more blowjob than handjob. She really took the time to suck on me and cared about what she was doing. It was much better in the beginning, but she still kept trying once I was fully hard. And she never made it feel rushed or mechanical. Her attitude was still attentive and she cared about making me happy and feeling good.

After the blowjob, she prepares the bathwater to the perfect temperature and helps me into the bath. She gives me a good soapy wash and rinse, and again made a gesture about how difficult it was for her mouth to fit me when she is giving me a soapy handjob in the bathtub. I tried to talk with her and asked her age, but she couldn't speak any English. I could tell she was young, and even though she didn't smile much, she seemed to care about making the massage session a good experience.

Once I was cleaned up, I proceed to get dressed and she cleans the massage room. I looked at my phone and realized the total massage session at this point had been around 50 minutes. The massage session never felt fast, and I was happy most of the session was spent giving me a rimjob and blowjob. My massage girl never said anything about money or tip. After I finished getting dressed, I give her 400,000 VND ($17 USD) and she seemed thankful and appreciative for the tip. I say thank you, leave the room, and another male attendant escorts me down the hallway.

As we headed back downstairs, I saw several more massage girls working here wearing the same sexy red dresses, and most of them looked above average. There was one girl that looked very beautiful, and I now regret not asking what her massage girl number was because I would have definitely chosen her number for a future massage.

At the bottom of the stairs, another male attendant escorts me back to the reception area, and he wants to make sure I am happy and pleased with my visit. And again at the main reception desk, another male attendant greeted me and hoped I had a good experience. He encouraged me to stay and relax in their lounge area. I walked into the lounge and it was one of the nicest, largest lounges I've ever seen. It reminded me of a luxurious cinema theater experience, with 20 large leather reclining seats, small food and drinks to enjoy, and a couple projection screens at the front playing movies. I grabbed a bottle of water and was ready to continue on with my day.

They asked if I wanted a taxi, and I saw several Vinasun taxis waiting in the parking lot for exiting customers. I've had very bad experiences with Vinasun because they rig their taxi meters, and now I only use Grab Taxi when I go anywhere in Ho Chi Minh. I said I would walk out on my own, and they hoped to see me again in the future.

More Information
The manager said hello as I was walking out, and he genuinely wanted to talk with me to hear about my massage experience. He spoke very good English, and we talked for about twenty minutes about different things.

He asked for the massage girl number I had, but I never asked her and didn't know. I said her mouth could not fit me because I was too large, and he asked me to come back again and allow him to help by choosing a massage girl that could please me better. He said they have around 60 massage girls currently working there, and he felt confident I would find a massage girl that I could enjoy for repeat visits. He said each massage girl has an assigned number, making it easy to request the same girl again. I wanted to look at all the girls and choose one before the massage, but he only said it's never a problem to turn away your massage girl and request a new one if you don't like the girl assigned to you.

He also wanted to make sure I touched and felt my massage girl anywhere I wanted, but I said she kept her clothes on and I was only able to touch her legs. He said customers are welcome to touch anywhere on the girl's body, but the girl is required to keep all of her clothes on, which means we have to put our hands inside their clothes to feel their body. He said no sex is allowed, but he encouraged me to put my hands inside my massage girl's dress next time to feel her breasts and between her legs.

I asked how long Phung Thuy Massage has been in business, and he said for over 15 years. That is why it's become one of the most famous massage places in Ho Chi Minh, especially with customers visiting from Korea, Japan, China, and Taiwan. He said they love foreigners, and they receive more Europeans than Americans. Sitting there talking to him, all I saw was a constant flow of Koreans coming in and out of this place.

He said there are 40 massage rooms, and they serve 250 to 300 customers every day. And in addition to the 60 massage girls, they also have an additional 30 people working, making the total staff count to just under 100 people. He said they stay open every day of the week, opening early at 9:00am and closing late at 2:00am.

Final Thoughts
My total cost this afternoon was was 950,000 VND ($41 USD) for a good massage, rimjob, and blowjob. Every single person I walked by or interacted with at Phung Thuy was professional and went out of their way to make you feel welcome. They genuinely seemed to really care about customer service. With over 60 massage girls working here, it might take multiple visits to find the best Vietnamese massage girl for each individual's preferred experience.

Phung Thuy Massage, from the west of 4 Duong So 2 street:



Tay Ninh, Vietnam
Well the same as me bro, i forgot to asked my girl her number so when i come there the 2nd time different girl come to my room.

And yes all of their staff is so professional you even cant imagine that your in a massage pub area (well thats what i feel like) it feels like your walking in a 5* hotel in HCMC D1 Center.

So your massage girl didn't even show her boobs?, when i got there last time she opened up her dress and lower her undies for me to touch her body more openly, unlike other massage places that you have to dig inside their clothes just to feel them.
Southeast Asia
Well the same as me bro, i forgot to asked my girl her number so when i come there the 2nd time different girl come to my room.

And yes all of their staff is so professional you even cant imagine that your in a massage pub area (well thats what i feel like) it feels like your walking in a 5* hotel in HCMC D1 Center.

So your massage girl didn't even show her boobs?, when i got there last time she opened up her dress and lower her undies for me to touch her body more openly, unlike other massage places that you have to dig inside their clothes just to feel them.
Yeah, I plan to go back a second time, and if I have a better experience, I will definitely ask for the massage girl's number so I can request her again in the future.

I agree with you about it feeling like a nice 5 star hotel. The only thing that seemed off about the overly luxurious experience was the old stairway between floors. Once you've walked up the stairs, it starts to feel nice again as soon as you enter the hallway to your room. But from the time I walked into the place and got to my room, I felt like I was checking into a nice hotel and a girl was coming to please me. It's very different than other massage places, and nothing like the cheap blowjob bars on NPK street.

My massage girl showed me nothing, but I also did not ask or attempt to have her remove anything. If I had wanted to see more, I think she would have let me. But I was relaxed and she was already making me feel good with that rimjob, so I just let her do her thing and I was happy. I hope the next girl I try here gives a better blowjob. I need to learn how to ask for "deep throat blowjob" in Vietnamese when the male attendant chooses a girl for me. I would love to ask for CIM every time, but it seems these girls give a blowjob and only finish with a handjob. I'm starting to think a blowjob at Benny's is the only place for CIM.
Tay Ninh, Vietnam
The price at Phung Thuy Massage is definitely worth it, compared to Zeus Massage. The treatment of the customer is similar, but Zeus Massage is somewhat lacking in my opinion compared to Phung Thuy, which is overall better in terms of customer assistance. If you want a really quick massage and blowjob, and don't want to be hassled by traffic going to Phung Thuy, then you are better off at Zeus Massage. Or maybe Le Han Dai Nam (but I'm saying this and have not been yet, planning on going this Saturday).
Nha Trang
Great review! I think this is the first time I've heard of a massage place where the girls do rimming.

How much was the Grab from District 1 to Phung Thuy?
Southeast Asia
How much was the Grab from District 1 to Phung Thuy?
I do not recommend taking local Vietnamese taxis because they rig the meter and you will pay 3x or 4x too much every time.

To go from District 1 to Phung Thuy Massage, you can take Grab Moto for 37,000 ($2 USD) VND or Grab Car for 100,000 VND ($4 USD). I recommend taking a car, drink some water on the way, and feel more relaxed on the drive over before you have your massage.

If you go to Phung Thuy, please let us know how your experience was.



Ho Chi Minh
Thanks Logan for sharing this place with us!

Next month, I will be there. I hope to have a good experience.

I will share with this good community!
I did not have a very good experience. Seemed rushed, and the girl assigned to me was kinda old/mature. I tipped the worker when I got to the room asking for a young girl with big breasts.

The English speaking manager told me the girls have no understanding of English, and they only ask the girl preference from you to take your tip. He said to look for him, as he understands English, and he will ask for the type of girl we like to give better service.

In comparison, I think Kim Huy Massage in Ho Chi Minh is money more well spent.
Southeast Asia
The English speaking manager told me the girls have no understanding of English, and they only ask the girl preference from you to take your tip. He said to look for him, as he understands English, and he will ask for the type of girl we like to give better service.
The manager told me the same thing. He was very nice and spoke good English. I agree about specifically talking with him when you visit Phung Thuy to have him assist with choosing a girl.

If you like rimming and rimjobs, and have the time, Phung Thuy is a decent massage experience. But the massages and happy endings are much better at Kim Huy Massage and Phuong Anh Massage.

I will visit Phung Thuy a second time, and will speak with the manager about choosing a girl, and be hopeful for a good blowjob and cum in mouth experience.

Southeast Asia
Does Phung Thuy Massage accept booking with two girls for the massage?
I don't know, but I'm sure they will happily accept it.

It's probably going to be 1,500,000 VND for 2 girls. The same 500K for the massage room, and 500K tip for each girl.

I would recommend asking the manager when you arrive, and he will take care of you. He is nice, speaks English, and is happy to serve the customers.

And if you go, please let us know about your experience.

Went to try it yesterday.
The girl I had didn’t really ass rim me, just tongue action near the hole but didn’t touch the hole. Kinda of disappointed.

The captain said they don’t allow 2 girls.
Southeast Asia
Went to try it yesterday.
The girl I had didn’t really ass rim me, just tongue action near the hole but didn’t touch the hole. Kinda of disappointed.

The captain said they don’t allow 2 girls.

That's a bummer about your experience. Thank you for sharing about what happened.

Let us know if you visit any other places while you are in Ho Chi Minh?