Queen Bee Massage Review with Pictures - Phu My Hung, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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Anyone know when Queen Bee Massage closes? Can’t find a phone number. The phone number on the card in Google Photos don’t work.
That business card for Queen Bee Massage is an old business card, and no longer works. Before I visited, I tried contacting both people on the business card on Zalo and Viber, and neither one responded. And when I was leaving, I asked reception for a business card, and was told they don't have any. Add in the fact that the primary name of this place now appears to be Apple Pen, I haven't seen any newly updated contact info.

It's my understanding the girls work 12 hour shifts, with the first wave of girls arriving around Noon, and the second wave of girls arriving around 3:00pm. I cannot confirm this, but I would expect this place to be open until around midnight, and maybe a couple hours longer on weekends, when Phu My Hung is much more active.
Great review @Logan / The lineup here looks incredible.

I'm not a FS massage person, and while I'm tempted to go the way of Queen Bee Massage, these small squeaky massage beds aren't my favorite way to go about it. Part of the reason I was looking at Hoa Tulip is because it appears they have proper beds, even if their lineup of girls isn't nearly as good.

Question: This 900,000 VND blowjob option is officially on the menu? I always get the impression it was 1,400,000 VND because the price isn't negotiable. I'm unclear how this is worked out.
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I'm not a FS massage person
I agree. My preference is never FS massage. I prefer a good sexual massage with BBBJ and CIM for the happy ending.
I'm tempted to go the way of Queen Bee Massage, these small squeaky massage beds aren't my favorite way to go about it.
The beds at Queen Bee Massage were very uncomfortable, and in the photos I posted, you can see the quality of their massage beds are small and not built very good. For basic massage beds, generally speaking, the simple massage beds at the blowjob bars in Ho Chi Minh seem to be built more sturdy and fair better. The most comfortable blowjobs have been in Bangkok, sitting on a couch, and the girl sits on her knees in front of you and sucks away. And couches work great for FS too.
I was looking at Hoa Tulip is because it appears they have proper beds, even if their lineup of girls isn't nearly as good.
I walked by Hoa Tulip in Ho Chi Minh, but I have not visited and cannot comment on their lineup of girls nor the comfort of their rooms and beds.
Question: This 900,000 VND blowjob option is officially on the menu? I always get the impression it was 1,400,000 VND because the price isn't negotiable. I'm unclear how this is worked out.
Queen Bee Massage does not provide a massage menu. You are correct about their prices not being negotiable, however reception will only charge you based upon the services provided. Here is the price breakdown for Queen Bee Massage:
  • 400,000 VND for the massage room (ticket)
  • 500,000 VND for blowjob (tip)
  • 1,000,000 VND for full service (tip)
When communicating with your girl, I recommend being very clear about what you want. The total price will be 900,000 VND for a blowjob or 1,400,000 VND for full service.

And I just read another review about Queen Bee Massage, where he paid 900,000 VND for a handjob/blowjob, and full service was never offered.

My experience was not favorable. Total rip off place. Girl asked for 600/1mil after 10 minutes. Girl selection was meager. There were 7ish girls but they were all overly made up unlike some natural cuties I've seen at other places. Was like 80% HJ 20% BJ. They were really pushing for that mil since they might not see another customer for days. In the elevator we were met by another couple head down. They spoke viet to each other thinking me and the other dude couldn't understand them. Pretty snarky attitude. Not sure why I picked her but the blondish one with the shorter hair gave horrible service. Instant buyers remorse the moment i picked her. Lesson learned.
I want to share my experience at Queen Bee Massage. Before my flight back home yesterday, I decided to visit the Apple Pen in District 7, Ho Chi Minh. I called a Grab Bike from Bui Vien street in District 1, and it took around 20 minutes to get there. It was around 2:00pm.

When I entered the glass doors, there were a few girls sitting, and one girl asks me about a massage. She leads the way to reception, and the man first asked me to pay 400,000 VND before going to the room. After I pay for the massage, I ask about choosing a girl, and the guy calls all the girls. Maybe because I arrived too early in the day, there were not many girls to choose from. There was only around 6 girls, but all of them were beautiful.

After I choose my girl, I go to the room and ask her for full service, and she said yes for 1,000,000 VND for one hour. She said I needed to pay before the service, and I was shocked because I read this review before coming here, and I was worried about being scammed before my flight back home in a few hours. I decide to go ahead and pay her first, and she said not to worry and she would be back in a few minutes with condoms because I didn't bring any with me. She comes back, and I take a bath, and the entire full service session ends happily. I didn't have to go to reception after the massage session.

I hope I can visit here again. Next time, I will visit at night because there will be many more girls to choose from. *And sorry for my poor English.
We were there 2 days ago and i want to share our experience there
We were usher to a room once we enter and after one girl presses the bell,the girls will assemble in the room.
It was 3.15pm and i think a new batch of girls just clocked in so the girls selections were good easily 20 -25 girls
Understand there is 2 working shift for the girls. 12 -12 or 3pm - 3am.
Just choose the girl you want and pay 400,000 at the counter. And the girl will bring you to your room upstairs by the lift

Once in the room the girl will ask you to shower *yourself* The girl might leave the room while your are showering for a while.
After shower you will be ask to lie down on the massage bed,the girl will start by teasing you..... and pop the question.
If you say you only want a BJ which is 500,000 they will ask you why why why.
And if you settle for the FS when you are paying they will say that they are not earning enough for the day and might ask for an additional 100,000.
The problem here is kinda of how we look at it cause once the girl ask for this additional 100,000 and if we don't give we are afraid that the service might bad. Once paid they will ask you to wait for 2 min to get the condom from downstairs.

Once back in the room they will not strip naked, just lowering the top and exposing the breast and lifting the skirt exposing the butt
We went as a group of 5 and all have different treatment as we shared with each other. One girl in our group was naked only left with bra which was lowered. This happened because my friend insist on stripping her lol

Overall I would say this is a fuck joint where you just fuck and go.
What massage are we talking about??? Once the FS is paid its straight to the job lol
Service wise I would say it depends on your girl. e.g the duration of a BJ .Some will rush some will not.

Just my 2 cents worth

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I was able to motorbike there to Queen Bee on Saturday, August 31st at around 7pm and didn't see even 1 female there that i wanted to get naked with. I also went by during the day when i went to buy a bottle of wine at the LotteMart in D7 and saw all fobby looking gals.

Queen Bee aka Apple Pen isn't all that. I find that the handful of pretty girls at NPK are much hotter than any gal at QB/AP.

Pointless banging a girl who isn't even hot.
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Thank you Logan! I just got back from a great trip because of all the awesome advice you offer. I was in Saigon 9/15 through 9/ 20.

I took a group of 4 to Queen Bee after finding this review.

The process was as described. We entered the main lobby Monday around 8:30pm and was ushered to the back room. The girls were called out and there were about 20. I let my colleagues pick first since I convinced them to go. The mix ranged about 50/50 hot and cute to eh not so much. Luckily I was able to pick a real cutie. We went to the desk and they asked which service I wanted and I said Full and then they flashed me a calculator 1,400,000. I said that includes everything and they girl smiled and said yes.

While waiting for the elevator the girl asked me if I wanted 2 girls. I was tired from jet lag so I said I'm good with one. While in the elevator, she smelled me and said "you smell good" while putting her hand on my cock. For the gents, I wear Jean Paul Gauttier cologne and all the girls loved the smell. I went 4 days in a row with multiple girls and they all loved my cologne.

She brought me into the room and handed me a towel and toothbrush packet and told me to take a shower while she got ready. She put towels on the massage tables, there were two in the room, and then turned the air on and said she would be right back. I took a shower, the tub was disgusting so I stayed on the floor and washed my cock and ass.

I dried off and laid on the table. The girl came into the room and dimmed the lights. She came over to the side of the table and opened up her top and took off her panties. She walked into the bathroom and washed her pussy. It turned me on watching her get ready. She came back and climbed on top of me while I was laying face down. I could feel her pussy on my back and ass at times and that was hot. She started to give me a massage on my shoulders and moved lower all the way to my ass. She flipped over started massaging my calves. She then asked me to roll over. As soon as I did, she grabbed my cock and started to lick my nipples. She started to suck my cock. It was a tight fit but she worked her ability as best she could. She did this amazing thing with her tongue where her lips were wrapped around the head and her totally wet tongue would flick back and forth. She then put on the condom I brought. I brought my own after reading, thanks guys for the advice.

She then climbed on top and started to fuck me. It was so nice to fuck a tight pussy. She worked her way to get as much in as she could fit and looked up at me and said "is it okay" to get my approval. I nodded and she proceeded to slide up and down. We did this for about 10 minutes before she said "change." She had me stand on the side of the table while she laid on top. I pulled her legs into me and I was tall enough so that I could fully pile drive. It was awesome drilling this girl as she screamed "Choi Oi, Choi Oi, Choi Oi." I came hard and it felt good. Not sure how "Choi Oi" is spelled but she said it meant Oh My God. She pulled off the condom and cleaned me up and then asked if I wanted more massage. I said yes and she gave me some more massage until a knock on the door. I then rinsed off again and got dressed. As we rode the elevator down, she kept smelling me and said "I like you and how long are you in town." I told her I would definitely be back.

Tuesday night I went by myself as my colleagues were good with the one time. This time when I walked in a really hot girl opened the door for me. Since I saw the lineup last night, I was totally cool with this hottie. She took me to the elevator and we went to the room. Just like the night before, wash while she goes out of the room. This one gave a decent massage however she had amazing blow job skills and could take the whole thing. I wanted to cum in her mouth but I also wanted to fuck. She climbed on top and we fucked good for a while then she pulled me up while I was still in her and she laid back pulling me on top of her. I plowed her until a good nut. She said she liked me and I got her whats app. We've been chatting every day. We both washed up and then she took me down to pay. Same thing, the lady pulled up the calculator with 1,400,000. I paid and gave the girl an extra 200,000 ($8.6 USD) since she had amazing blow job skills.

Wednesday night I went by myself again. I had the lineup come out and picked a girl who was really smiling at me. She was trying to get my attention and she was cute. Same process as Monday, I paid at the counter 1,400,000 and went up. This one did not give a good blow job but her pussy was really tight. I love a tight a pussy.

Thursday night was my last night and so I went for one more session but this time I decided to get two girls. This was amazing. I had the line up come out and I flashed two fingers in the air. I picked two and went to the counter and paid 2,400,000. I'm sure I could've negotiated but I didn't care because when I'm in Europe I have no problem pay $100-240 euro for 1 hour so $103 usd for 2 girls one hour is a deal. Shit my wifey just walked up so I can't go into full details. It was more than worth it. The only hassle was I had to change condoms each time switched girls. Oh well the things we do.

Thanks for all the great advice guys!!!!