Qui Mixology - Wednesday, September 4, 2019 (HCMC Saigon Time)

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First off, apologies for the late reports/updates on this amazing 4th trip to HCMC Saigon and DANANG (report later to follow time-permitting) over the years.

Went to Qui Cuisine and Mixology after not getting any for over 36 hours. (I was all NPK'd girled out) The previous night, i was at Qui with 2 fellow SMF members, which i won't name. We don't kiss and tell. It was a night i would like to forget. This night, which was the night AFTER "Ladies Drink Free" night on Tuesday, was well, WAY BETTER than the selection of predominantly single ladies that come to this place. The gals come to this place looking for gentlemen, successful, and if not, then funny, well-groomed, well-mannered/behaved, and well, simply fun and a confident challenge. Classy. Men.

This night was the most unbelievable night i've had in HCMC Saigon in the 4 trips that i've now taken to visit remaining family and also to learn about the city's present, future, and well, we know the past. A fellow SMF bro had reached out in the previous days and wanted to score the right way, which was non-Pay for Play, and he wanted freelancers, as his experience on Kynu, LINE, and the other social media platforms were mostly miss, than hit. I wanted redemption for a previous night out which i had a cute, sexy girl ready to go home with me, only to have her be turned off since myself and the other 2 SMF guys were drunk off of our asses. My mistake for ordering and treating to 3 bottles, 2 of which were expensive Mumm California champagne. Total bill: $600 USD which resulted in no pussy.

At around 9pm this Wednesday night, 2 of us rolled into Qui after meeting at the Shabu Shabu place across the street for dinner. I was immediately approached by my young, sweet host the previous night before who i apologized to for the behavior 3 of us exhibited the night before. She said don't worry about it, as she knew from previous conversations i was here on vacation. She offered me a lounge table, and i said the 2 of us don't want to order the 2 bottle minimum, as we won't finish it, and if we did, we would have a possible redux of the night before. Host said "don't worry about it, you're like family here". We then both took a seat at the bar and ordered our 1st round of cocktails. The bartenders here are great, very friendly, very good at entertaining and holding a polite and friendly conversation, and one of them won the "People's Choice Award" for mixing Gin drinks. So our 2nd round of drinks was a Gin-based cocktail he mixed up.

In came a group of ladies very, very well-dressed to the 9's and by this time the place was packed. They had took the lounge right behind where both of us were sitting, and i had made contact with one of them as she did a round around the bar, re-acknowledging herself with the bartenders. It was one of her girlfriend's birthday we later found out. As the night went on, one of the girls at her table invited us over for a birthday shot, after the whole place had sang her friend a happy birthday. The lead gal was named Mai, and she had offered me a second shot, and told me to come over and hang out with them after we had talked for about 20 minutes when she waved me over. I asked if my fellow SMF buddy could come join too (in Vietnamese) and she said "Yes, "truyen nho"!" without hesitation. As we both took a 2nd shot with all of them, SMF buddy was pulled in by one of the gals in the group who spoke very, very, good English. I had asked them if she was "Viet Kieu", and they said "yes". As we later found out, she was from the Southern Cali area and was visiting her girlfriends in HCMC Saigon...for this birthday party because 3 of them had gone to college together. I had gone to college in SoCal as well (UCLA Masters). The conversation and drinks (on them as we were now part of their "girls night out" lounge) was on them and at around 2am, I had asked them what they would like to do next. Mai said to me, let's go home and listen to music and drink some more.

Birthday girl was drunk off her ass so they all took her home together (you know girls are good girls when they take care of each other) and said she would call me when she was heading over. I had given her my direct Viettel number so if she wanted to cancel the after-party, no big deal. At 0312am, i got a phone call. My phone(s) log all calls so now i have her contact stored. She asked me if me and SMF buddy were still up for more drinking and some music, and i said, "fuck yeah" (in Vietnamese of course). 2 gals came over to my place and SMF bro and i had purchased a couple of expensive champagne bottles, just in case on our way home via Vinasun.

We partied until approx. 5am listening to Vietnamese music and watching music videos with them which lead to making out (both of us) with the two of them. My girl had already taken off her halter top revealing some D cups under her sexy half-bra. She had been straddling me and giving me a slow grind lap dance, and bumping her long hair and tits in my face. SMF buddy was already past making out by this time with his girl Thu, who i think is hotter than Mai, and Thu also speaks English. I picked my girl up and took her to my room, as it was getting too hot and heavy in the living room with the other lovebirds make-out session, which luckily had a pull-out bed for SMF buddy. He didn't need it, as a fancy cushy sofa was good enough. You rocked that night, my man.

I won't go into details about the sex part here, but this was a true girlfriend experience with a solid Face: 9, Body: 8.5 (she had aftermarket tits, docked 0.5 points, docked 1 full point for being not 5'5" or taller, as she was 5'2" petite) Service: 10 (GFE, as no compensation was even part of the discussion ever), tongue-ing, every act was intense. I think i must have ingested her saliva many times. Straight white-teeth, and my tongue had given them a polish a few times.

Once i ripped off her bra and panties in my Master room, I ate her out and i rarely ever eat any girl out. Almost never. Period. Turns out, i found out later that morning at 1pm that she was very well-educated with an advanced degree like myself, and also from a well-to-do HCMC family. Mai was not poor or looking for a sugar daddy. My uncle and mother i had told me that i should frequent some of the fancier and more expensive places in HCMC Saigon, because there are rich girls looking for dual citizenship, and USA being their 1st choice.

Mai has texted me a handful of times in the last 4 days as i was motorbiking in Danang, down to Hoi An, then from Hoi An to Hue via the world-famous and class Hai Van Pass, through the rural countryside (longer route, not A1 highway) where i got to see water buffalos in my path, poor happy kids waving as a rode by, old ladies with black betel juice teeth who i gave some money to. I will write a detailed report on Hue (where Ho Chi Minh aka Nguyen Ai Quoc aka Nguyen Sinh Cung aka Nguyen Tat Thanh went to school and where some of the fiercest fighting occurred during the war and the Tet offensive namely, and where the Citadel is now a National monument. Lest not we forget the Nguyen Dynasty and the Emperor's museum (Bao Dai) during the French colonialization.

This trip, mainly these past 4 days, have been out-of-this-world for me. I have traveled extensively prior, but this has been worth living for. These are the people and experiences that make life such a pleasure. I've experienced so many humble and helpful people in Danang, even had a group of girls ask me at a stop light where i'm from, then say follow me, and take me to yet another amazing place to eat. Aside from the beautiful lush landscape that has almost recovered fully from the Agent O. defoliation, and the development that is occurring. Not just the landscape, but the people. It is more "open". I realizing i am overpaying, but for every time i do, something unbelievable comes back as a reward out of nowhere. The look on my 2 tours guides in Danang (one cute little aodairidertour.com skinny gal who i rode on the back of her company's Honda Air Blade can't stop thanking me as she said no one has ever tipped her what she has made in a whole month). And the young budding entrepreneur who met me at my Hotel in Hoi An didn't want the post trip tip, as he said what i gave him before the trip that started in Hoi An at 0800 sharp (he was early) and ending in Hue at 0600pm (we rode until 2040pm) was already more than enough. He is so humble and poor. But he has character. Warmth. As he described our rode bike tour, we're "anh-em minh choi". Correction: We rode like renegades through the countryside where the most fierce battles occurred. Vietnam and a 125cc can be better than the best sex, if you ask me.

Little do both of them know, i had an experience in HCMC Saigon that would've cost me thousands for an overnighter like that, aside from drinking someone else's birthday girls' bottles of fancy liquor leading up to that. It makes giving to change and improve lives seem rather simple. It. Is. An. Easy. Decision. Qui has now given me VIP status, for a previous night of obnoxious drunk behavior by our group. Go figure. I've learned a lot from these people i've encountered.

As my favorite President BIll Clinton once said, "Giving, how each and every one of us can change the World".

I have been looking into and will be buying a Condo ("Can Ho") in Danang and maybe one in HCMC Saigon as well, as Mai told me that now "Viet Kieus" can buy properties for 50 years, just not land.

We learn something new from others every day.

I will write about out-of-this-world Danang, once i am done with seeing beautiful Hanoi...

And several of the Le Duyen 4 girls want me to take them out, so i will be back in HCMC again in October. I think it's Qui and Chill and Glow time. Gotta run now.
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Well played Duc! Great result. Did you see any evidence that non-Viet Kieu non- Vietnamese speaking guys stand any chance of getting lucky in Qui ?
San Jose, CA
Well played Duc! Great result. Did you see any evidence that non-Viet Kieu non- Vietnamese speaking guys stand any chance of getting lucky in Qui ?
Some of the girls speak English. The way you carry yourself and hold an interesting conversation, and please, please, be confident in your own skin.

Some of the highest quality women love...Patience. Please dress well.

Women come to Qui not to be treated as whores or hookers. They go there to have fun and be treated like they're supposed to by Men.

Or in my case, maybe Miss sexy Mai wanted a Green Card? Maybe not. Who knows. We fucked, and so did her friend. That is all i need to know for now.

Life goes on and i will see her again, after i am done with taking one girl out at Le Duyen (who is from Danang), and my father was a Navy Captain there. I know a little about Danang. And i have my eye and crush on this girl with whom i had a 2nd massage with at Le Duyen from.

And i adore Danang more than i do HCMC Saigon. I love both. But give me 1, it's Danang.


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