Quynh Dolly Call Girl Review - Kynu.net - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Today I met with someone from KYNU.com. After not being able to find full service at NPK or Queen Bee I decided to try my luck at kynu and after dropping a couple of messages, a girl named Quynh Dolly replied from District 1. I added her on Zalo and we discussed the procedure. I was supposed to go to a love hotel called 7S Love Point Hotel in district 1 and book a room. As soon as I booked the room I was to text her the room number and she’d come.

So I rode my moped to the hotel and immediately was getting weird vibes. The dude outside told me to park my moped outside but leave the neck unlocked so he could move the moped if need be. Wary of moped robbery scams, I locked the neck anyway and was keeping an eye on the parking valet and took all my valuables with me. The hotel itself was quite beautiful with a very interesting and aquarium themed reception. There were two young women staffing the desk and they were friendly, but I was still on guard because you never know who is trying to scam you, especially when you’re buying a prostitute from the internet. The main receptionist girl asked me for an ID to hold onto in case I damaged the room and they had to hold me accountable for damages. I reluctantly handed it over, afraid that I may never see it again. the second girl then grabbed a room key and took me to the second floor where my room was.

I had my helmet on and all my clothes on in case I needed to run. It was my first time using kynu and I was afraid of the old “get naked and suddenly 3 gangster burst into your room and rob you scam”. I was on edge the whole time. I texted the girl and told her I was in room 201 and waited.

The room itself was absolutely magnificent. Like, seriously probably the most impressive hotel room i’ve ever seen. To call it a room would be to say that buckingham palace is just a building. This room had a giant king sized bed in a bungalow. Right next to it was a pristine jacuzzi where you and a lover could roll on over too once you finished love making. The living room had a couch, an interesting shaped chair for any chair play you wanted to do, as well as a flat screen TV. The bathroom however, was an entire other section of the room. There was a full body walk in Shower and a sauna attached to it at the very end. At the end of a stone path was the toilet. This was the most ridiculous thing I’d ever seen and I would honestly stay in this room again just to experience it. The hotel charged me roughly 280k for the hour and I must say it was worth it

After a couple of minutes of waiting after texting her ,she showed up. She was similar to her pictures, but I could tell the pictures were photoshopped to accentuate her lack of boobs. She was an older woman from hanoi (born 1989) and had a slim and petite frame. She spoke with a heavy hanoi accent. Her demeanor was quite friendly though and we joked and laughed a bit about trying to figure out how this full body shower worked (it had 8 different nozzles and 4 different knobs to control all of them)

After we finished showering, She pulled me over to the bed and we began deep kissing. After rolling around the bed making out, she flips me over and begins giving me a BBBJ. She was very skilled and I was thoroughly enjoying watching her do so on the ceiling mirror. After we were both worked up, she slips the condom on me and starts to ride me. She had the tightest pussy I have experienced to date. Probably because of her petite frame, but it physically hurt me when she pushed me in due to how much chafing their was. But once she started to get wetter, the sex became comfortable. We did a couple of positions before I finally busted in her doggy style. Seriously, her pussy was like a vicegrip. I barely made it to the 40 minute mark.

Since we had some time left over, I chatted with her a bit (in vietnamese). She was a mother of 2 kids (5 and 7) actually and used to live in Hanoi. She worked as a school teacher. Her husband was a dead beat and left her to chase another lover. She had accrued lots of debt trying to support her family and ended up in HCMC in this industry to make as much money as possible and pay back her debt before returning to Hanoi permanently to be a school teacher.

Overall a good experience. She wasn’t as attractive as her pictures but the GFE and pleasant demeanor made it fine. A good 7/10


Tay Ninh, Vietnam
nice review, would you like to share either of her account or phone number incase someone here in the forum would like to book her
I noticed that some of the women on Kynu are posing with a phone, including this one, do you happen to know what that means from your experience?
I believe the phone thing is for authentication, that she is actually taking photos for this website and they didn't just steal photos from somewhere on the web.

Kudos to OP, thats my biggest fear, getting scammed, especially when they want to meet up somewhere. But Kynu must be a decent site to use. Good review!