Review dai nam Hotel Spa massage

Just arrive yesterday and decided to try out the massage today , I contacted Paul but i ended up in a different hotel with the same name?
Anyway I was a bit drunk when I go up to this place, and when the reception brought me to 2nd floor that's when I realised I ended up in a different place, I took the 2 hours vip for 790000 ticket and the another 790000 for the girl tips, wtf is it a norm for the price this high
So when the guy brought me to this massage room, with a jacuzzi, a sauna and a massage bed, then 5 minutes later a girl came in and greet me with a smile, young and with nice body, she told me to undress and go into the sauna, she prepared the jacuzzi , after about 15 minutes she's done with the water and ask me to come out, she then bathe me for another 15 minutes, then I lay down and she started massage me, it was a 1 hour long massage, but it felt really good, seems like they really learn the skill to massage, not just to fool around, I got all relax and finally she ask if she can massage my penis, I said yes, she started to give me a few stroke and touching my nipples, I ask her to undress but It wasn't allowed, no blowjob either, I just touching her boobs and ass, and it wasn't long and I cum, she then clean me up and bathe me again,then I got dressed up, paid her tips and leave,so I paid 1.6m for a really good massage and a hand job, the one good thing is the girl is really professional and keep smiling all the time, I'll try out another place soon.