Reviews: Queen Bee, Zeus Massage, Minh Tam spa 2, NPK 84

Queen Bee spa:

Visited twice. (around 7pm)

First time was great, girl really went an extra mile to satisfy me, was super cooperative I could play with her (play with her pussy). FS + HJ + BJ but I had a condom all the time (BJ with condom). Total duration was about 20mins (plus some foreplay = 30 something minutes).
Second time was ok, girl really had lots and lots of skill but I could tell that she didn't like me, she wanted to get it over with ASAP, she wouldn't let me play with her. She would change positions too often, I didn't like that, even when I didn't want to change anything. Massage 5mins+ intercourse 10min. Barely any BJ (with condom). Still her skill was so great that I was satisfied in the end, she really knew how to use her hips.
Price 1.400VND (was worth my buck the first time, second time not so much).
Both girls were average, but on my way out I saw some that were absolutely gorgeous! Wish I had payed more attention on my way in. Both times I just picked the girls that had offered themselves first.

Too pricey for what you get, won't be visiting again.

PS: Actual name of the place is the Apple Pen, located 2 streets north of google maps address.

Zeus Massage:

Visited four times. (between 4pm-1am)

I'm too lazy to go into all the details, but it's the place that I fancy the most. They don't do full service but they more than make up for it in other departments. 1h - 1 shot is 1.000vnd ; 90min - 2 shots is 1.800mils. It's a good GFE, girls are lighthearted and some really have great massage skills (aside from those other skills). Out of 4 times it could be that I'd left the place unsatisfied only once. In other cases I got what I have paid for.
Out of 4 girls, one was above the average, 2 were average, 1 was slightly chubby but she more than made up for it. 3 out of 4 let me play with them.

There's that other stuff - sauna, bathtub, can check it in other reviews, it's very accurate.

Minh Tam spa 2

Visited once (around 3pm)

Uh oh, so.. Once you pay, you can't really skip to the massage part. First goes the sauna, then the shower, than the foot massage (which, even though it's ok lasts for waay too long, like 20-30 mins and it's the guy doing it). All that time you'll shuffle between many rooms and you'll see bunch of other guys that came there for the same thing. If the privacy is No1 on your list, this may not be for you. But in the end once I had reached my massage room it was worth it. The girl had barely even massaged me, when she started ''playing'' with me, I had enjoyed that greatly because it was very erotic. She then named her price - 500k which I had agreed to (probably could have haggled), she only did the HJ but it was amazing, and she let me play with her. Her looks were average, but her body was great, you could tell that she was working out.
Problem is that I had spent around 90 minutes altogether in there and I was with that girl for maybe 20mins. Even so it was an ok experience, I'll visit again. Total damage was 1mil. Her number was 8.

NPK 84 (around 7pm)

The kind of a place that you visit on your way to circle k. You just drop in there and finish everything quickly. Once you walk trough the door there is a selection of around 15 girls just sitting around, doing nothing. You just point at the one and she goes with you upstairs. A couple of them had some nice sort of natural beauty. HJ and BJ. Girl allowed me to play with her, but she was too dry so I didn't enjoy it as much. Price 400k, just pay downstairs, don't ask them anything.

Will try other NPK's

Started visiting these places recently don't have too much experience with all this. I felt safe all the time in all of those places, everyone was civil at all times.

Tried kynu twice, disappointments so far, will try a couple of more times.
Melbourne, AUS
Quality write-up @Jack4321 , very helpful. I've heard similar experiences with Minh Tam Spa 2, too much time wasted on the legit stuff, not enough time with the girl, given its a fair investment for VN standards.

NPK is pretty good, you get what you pay for, for me it's a neat little (quick) investment. Definitely wandering through here again when I am back, and I agree, I haven't felt unsafe whilst there either.

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