Seeking Bangkok Advice (Non-Monger Related)

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Greetings! I'm headed to LOS here in a few weeks. I've searched on a few forums (such as Thai Visa) and seeking some updated knowledge as some of the information I am seeking is outdated. I take Metformin (AKA Glucophage) 500mg Extended Release. I am going to be staying around Sukhumvit 8 and wondering if anyone can recommend a pharmacy that they've used near there. Or, anywhere along the BTS line is fine as well. Also, if anyone has any recent experience purchasing the type of medication I am looking for, can you provide the price point on that? Thanks in advance!
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<<Edited to add: G-maps will get you there, albeit Thai servers are slow in that part of the world due to their mobile networks, but they're accurate enough.

Google Maps

Two pharmacies near Sukhumvit:

1) **Pharmacy World where Currency exchange is**

2) Southeast Pharmacy - (next to Thermae Cafe) >>


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San Jose, CA
I just added the Google Maps directions for you. I was just there at Sukhumvit Soi 6 and both 6 and 8 are close to Nana Soi 4.

Was just in Asok Soi Cowboy as well.