Short trip to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

So I'm visiting HCMC once again in a couple weeks, and once again, I only have 2 days to take in all that I can.

Been wanting to go back to Kim Huy massage and most likely will go back as soon as I arrive at HCMC, but I also wanted to try something different other than Hot Tocs. Been wanting to try Kynu, but it seems like it can get a bit messy and not worth the hassle for many.

So I'm looking for suggestions on where I can find overnight service and such if there are any available. If anyone is able to point me to the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
So you want bring LT and bringing back ur girl to the hotel.

You have the hostess bar (there is a thread about it in this forum : Hostess Bars Information - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)

You also can find FL in some club like Apocalypse Now, Lush, etc.

And last option is KTV (but be aware not all girls can go with customers, have to ask before)

If I were you I would avoid WeChat girls (99% of time will provide different girl than photo, bad service and ST)

If you want to bring back your girl to hotel make sure your hotel allow it (most of 1, 2 or 3 stars allow)
Thanks for the info @Lorkinky,

For the girls on WeChat and Line I saw that they have options and pricing for ST and overnight... are those not recommended?

I am thinking of maybe doing video chat to confirm that they are the girl that I am going to see and to offer them overnight instead of short time stays as the price was pretty decent I think as I saw some of Logan's post.

I'm not into going to clubs and KTV and bars but would rather have them come to me, but maybe I'm just being lazy?

Any experience with girls overnight through WeChat and Line?
Again WeChat girls you have more chance of bad experience than good, as far as i'm concerned 99% of the time i had bad experience : girls looking different from picture and/or bad service (hurry and complaining to come faster, within 10 mins) in total I only had 2 good experiences with WeChat girls one time with a stunning gal which look like exactly on the picture ... and second time the touts send me another girl, different from the pic but she was even hotter than the girl in the pic and that girl provided good service, no hurry and told me I can do whatever I want to her hehehe.

yes I suggest you to ask for video call to reduce the risk of chatting with a fake account with fake pics ... but to be honest, it seems most of WeChat girl are in fact touts that have many girls working for them. If you happen to chat with a tout, be clear you will reject the girl and won't pay taxi fee if the one they send doesn't look like the one on the pic.

To optimize your chance to have a good experience, it's better to deal with a FL (girls that don't work for a tout) coz the one who has a boss mostly they will refuse LT and will hurry you.

Yes WeChat gals are pricing into 2 category ST and LT, I never tried LT, but for ST you can have one shoot or 1 hour they said ... but in reality, most of them will hurry you to finish within 10 mins.

However if u want LT it's better IMHO to book the girl for ST first .. to see her in real and see if you really like each other and extend to LT after the first shot.

Price they quote in general are 1 million VND for ST and 2/ 2.5 millions VND for LT.

Keep in mind it's just my experience, maybe you will be more lucky than me ... but just be cautious.

The advantage of ktv, bar and massage parlor is that you get what you see.

Oh and one more thing, if you are Vietnamese like me, be aware that some WeChat girls will refuse to serve you (I guess afraid of you being undercover police)
Thank you so much for all your recommendation! It's really appreciated.

I still have couple weeks before I head back to HCMC so I will keep studying girls and keeping my options open.

I may even try some of the bars on Bui Vien walking street and try my luck with some freelancers.

Last time I was at HCMC, I just visited the massage places and NPK, but this time I want more GFE experience so that's why I'm asking.

Anyways really thankful for the advice.
You're welcome. Sharing is caring haha

In general, getting laid in Vietnam is not as easy as Thailand, and if you want GFE, it will require a lot of time. If you are used to the crazy abundance of girls in Pattaya or Bangkok, you might be a bit disappointed.

However Vietnamese girls are one of the most beautiful girls of SEA, so it's worth the effort ;)