Single Man Saigon - HCMC Adults Tour Guide

Saigon - HCMC Vietnam
Tour Guide to the Darker Hidden Saigon Red Light Zones (Saigon - HCMC)
Mature White Western Guy living in Saigon for over 11 years provides "Guided Tours" To and Into 'The Hidden Red Light Zones' of Saigon - HCMC.
If you're looking for a good time with a Local Woman or a Girl and this reasonably cheap, Secure very Discrete but above all 'very pleasant', then I'm the guy to guide you there.
If you'd like to know where the locations of these woman of pleasure are or if you're too shy or worried or even reluctant to go there on your own, then hook me up and I'll take you there as your "Wing Man".
This all 'Safe and Sound' and I also protect you from anything nasty (if ever any).
With me on your side you'll get the best deals with some of the ladies along the routes and it also assures you that you'll never get mugged or being bothered by anyone or anybody during my tours.
Me and my tours are very discrete and are not done at the city center.
So its perfect for people that are attached in some way, as nobody will know what we're doing out there other then just walking the streets of Saigon.
I usually meet up with my tour clients at any place in the city center and guide them to the spots where all this kind of action is located.
I also guide them along places and streets where strangers to town (and even expats) usually never go or
never would dare go to on their own, and/or would have a chance to visit for some other reason.
My previous clients/customers were always very pleased with 'me' and with what I've showed them, as it's got a bit of everything on it.
From sightseeing's into the Hidden Saigon Red Light Zones area's (downscale tour), to the lots of Massage Woman and Girls Parlor area's and Easy to Pickup "Girly Bars" (upscale tour).
At my downscale tour I usually take a rest stop in between area's if one likes, this just to have a drink and chat and/or to have a chance to talk to some of the locals that might speak a bit of English.
There's not really a schedule for each tour and there's also no foreigners to be seen on my 'downscale tour' as it shows people the real 'Dark Sides of Saigon' this 'without the foreigners'.
Its (therefor) a very suitable and discrete way to go if you're in the market for some discrete fun with one of the local woman or girls, (which would also be a lot cheaper than the upscale ones by the way).
So, if you're looking for a nice, pretty and sexy woman or girl and this reasonably cheap then I'd advice to go for my downscale tour.
If you prefer the more younger and classy woman or girls then there's my upscale tour for this.
So, if you're interested in something like this then please hit the "Reply button" here and send me a message (preferred with your direct email address on it please) or SMS text or Whats App or Telegram or even Call me on the number underneath my email address.
Thanks for reading this post and I'm looking forward meeting up with you in some way and at anyday soon.


+84 81 222 4046 (for Whats App / Telegram / Phone Calls and SMS texting)
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