Snow White Massage - Shelly

United States
When in Bangkok...

I got up this morning in a proper horny mood. I started thinking about my 2018 trip to Bangkok and my first experience at Snow White message. Off on the BTS I went, just a few stations down to Phrom Pong station. Exiting the station I started anticipating all the debaucherous activities that were about to unfold.

I showed up around 10AM, or, right as they were opening. My first encounter here was as they opened as well. There was only one girl on staff at that time. Different experience this time as there were about 6 girls already getting ready for the day. One little hottie came out in a skin tight red dress. Mamasan asked what I wanted, so I replied with "90 minute oil massage." I paid 2100 THB (600 THB massage - 1500 THB girl). The little hottie takes me up to the third floor room. She asks if I want a beer or water, I choose to have a beer. She say's the water is free but the beer is 80 THB. I ask if she wants a beer too and she agrees.

I think that my chick had to go all the way down to the 7-Eleven by the time she made it back. I was hoping that the time didn't start yet as she was gone for about 15 minutes. When she came back she apologized. She takes out her phone and starts the timer for 90 minutes. Good on her. She asks my name and I tell her "Foop" and she tells me her name is Shelly and she's from Issan.

After chugging the beer (Singha), we jump into the shower. After a gargle of Listerine, she shoves her tongue in my mouth and we play tonsil hockey. I win and remain the world champion. After we're all sudsy like, I flip her around and hot dog the shit out of her tight-round rear end. I reach around and start working on her clit. We rinse off and head off for the bed. She begins to give me an expert BBBJ. I really want to get up in her guts, but the BBBJ is too good and I climax. Shelly takes it all in and doesn't even spit.

She's still working my pole, but I have to tell her "no mas" as I'm spent for now. She begins to provide a lackluster massage. But if I wanted a real massage, I would have gone somewhere else. I will give her some credit, she puts in a decent effort. Certainly not the worst massage I've had but not the greatest by far.

After about 30 minutes of massage, we start feeling each other up again. I end up going down on her. We end up in the 69 position. She gets on top reverse cow-girl to cow-girl. I flip her over and go doggie and then to mish. I have her finish me off with a BBBJ. This time she asks if I came, I must be shooting dust at this point since I most certainly did come. Since we still have another 30 minutes, she offers to squeeze one more out of me, but I'm pretty much toast. Or as she said "You no more power?" Me no more power (sad trombone sounds).

My second time at Snow White and I still think it's a great value and both times have been excellent PSE's. I almost thought of trying Mango, but it seems that allot of forums are saying that Mango has really gone downhill over the last few years. So, Snow White it was again and did not disappoint.