Som's Haven Review - Bangkok, Thailand

Southeast Asia
This is a review of Som's Haven, a blowjob bar in Bangkok, Thailand. Som's Haven is located near the Asok BTS.

This was a Friday evening. I was finishing dinner at Terminal 21 in Asok and walked 2 minutes to nearby Som's Haven.

Som's Haven is located at the end of a dead end street, near a family-oriented restaurant with a large outdoor open patio seating area. At first, it felt weird to walk past the restaurant, but then you realize there are many guys coming and going on this dead end street.

I walked to the entrance of Som's Haven, and there were several girls sitting around. Some were staring at their phone, and some were chatting with other girls. I couldn't get a good look at anything other than the girl's faces because the girls were sitting, wearing black dresses, and there wasn't much light. A few of them looked cute, most of them looked average. The next girl in the queue motioned for me to come in, and I followed her inside.

We walked inside, and there were some tables and chairs for people to relax and have a beer. One table was occupied by 3 foreigners having a lively conversation. The inside was very dark, barely any light. The girl offered me a beer from the cooler, and then she explains to me that blowjobs are 700 THB and full service is 1500 THB. I requested a blowjob, and she asked me if I wanted her or to choose another girl. At this point, I still wasn't able to get a good look at this girl's body because of how dark it was inside and she was wearing a black dress. I said I would choose another girl, and she was very nice about it and said to follow her back outside where I could choose a different girl.

As we walked back towards the front entrance, I got a good look at her from the rear and she had a nice body. She was cute. Not super hot, but above average. But because she was nice and had a great attitude, I decided to stay with her because her personality made me feel comfortable. I put my hand on her shoulder to stop her, and told her I'm sorry and she didn't understand me because I was trying to say I choose her. She smiled when she heard this and said to follow her.

She picks up a cleaning toolbox, filled with all sorts of things, and I followed her upstairs. When we got to the second floor, there were maybe 20-30 cleaning toolboxes ready to go, all sitting around along the floor and on the shelves. It definitely sets the tone that it's just business and is setup for any volume of clients. I'm assuming they were not too busy this particular Friday evening because there were many girls available out front, many cleaning toolboxes ready to go, and it appeared there were more floors above. We were only going to the second floor.

As we go up the steep stairs and into the room, she starts the small talk conversation. She asks my name, where I'm from, how long will I be in Bangkok, etc. Her English was below average, but good enough to have a nice back and forth small conversation. The private room she leaded me into was very dark, with just enough light to see what's going on. At this point, your eyes become well adjusted. There is a black, fake leather couch on one wall, a large mirror on the opposite wall, and a wash sink in the corner. She motions for me to undress, and as I'm removing my shorts and boxers, she is cleaning the couch with a cleaning solution, and then lays out a white towel on the couch.

She places a small stool next to the sink, and I stand on the stool while she proceeds to wash me with soap and water. She is talking to me, making more small talk, and I'm rubbing her back with my hand. I noticed she was inspecting my body as she was drying me, and I'm very clean and had trimmed the night before. In my experience, most girls don't like hair when giving oral.

She leads me to the couch and has me sit on the white towel. She tells me to lean back and relax. We continued to talk some while she put oil on me and started to give me a slow handjob. She asked if I had a girlfriend, and I said no. We talked for another minute, and I started to relax more and as she continued to turn me on more, and then she started giving me a blowjob. I laid my head back and closed my eyes and enjoyed her mouth going up and down on me.

The walls in the room are either very thin, or they don't go all the way to the ceiling, or a combination of both, because I could hear someone else in the adjacent room. I'm assuming another client was getting full service. I couldn't hear him, but the girl was moaning until she climaxed. This didn't bother me as much as I thought it would. And I looked ahead in the mirror across from me, and there's this girl giving me a blowjob.

This girl was using her tongue and sucking. She could have been better, but she wasn't bad, and this was turning into an average blowjob. As I was getting larger, she could only take so much into her mouth. It felt good, but I wanted to push into her mouth deeper. I have had better deep throat blowjobs in Vietnam.

I continued to relax more and enjoy this blowjob experience. This is much better than the headaches of dating and much cheaper. And I'm someone who prefers a good blowjob over sex any day of the week. This girl didn't take her shirt off, and my hands were feeling her breasts through her shirt. She was on the floor on her knees, as I was sitting back on the couch, and I couldn't slide my hand into her body.

After five minutes, I was rock hard trying to go into her mouth deeper. She was good because she always kept me inside her mouth, never lifted away and kept sucking. I squeezed my legs onto her shoulders, reached out my arm and put my hand on her head and gently thrusted back and forth into her mouth. She could feel I was getting ready, and she kept sucking away. And I push into her mouth as deep as I could and finally got my release, and she kept sucking away taking all my cum inside her mouth. That felt really good.

After the blowjob, she said that was as far as she could get me inside her mouth and hoped I felt good. I don't know if she swallowed or spit, but I assume she spit into one of the nearby towels. She took me back to the sink and washed me really good. As she was washing me, she had mouthwash in her mouth the entire time. After she dried me off, she spit the mouthwash out. I noticed her teeth were white and clean, which made me think she took care of her oral hygiene. I started to get dressed, and she made herself busy cleaning the room.

I gave her 900 THB total (700 THB blowjob + 200 THB tip), which she counted and seemed very appreciative and thankful. She walked me back downstairs, said thank you and goodbye.

And I walked outside past that huge family restaurant. And as I look around at families enjoying dinners and couples having romantic dates, I had this huge grin on my face and kept walking by.