Su Spa - D2

Supposedly this place offers FS so i visited out of research curiosity. I visited a couple of days ago, one girl alone at reception, around 13:00.

350 ticket for 60 min body massage, the usual stuff, as a matter of fact compared to Tin Tin Spa, it's 50k more expensive but the setting is nice, lovely bungalows with no mosqitoes.

The girl did her best to provide sufficient massage, tried to get me aroused but without actually working on my D i'll never get hard even if it's the sexiest woman in the world, so she asked whether I want handjob and blowjob. I asked i am okay with handjob only given the price is ok. She said 1 million. I laughed and said okay forget about it, any other spa around provides FS with a smile for that. And the girl really wasn't that pretty.

She tried to negotiate a bit but i told her clearly that 1mil for a handjob will never fly and she will stay poor forever if she keeps this up. She stayed firm on it and we just finished the massage which she obviously wanted also but the 60 mins was honored. She noticed I really dont care moreover, my dick wasn't hard because she did not do too well in that front, so it was better for both of us. I tipped half the ticket price as "normal" for the decentish massage.

I don't really know if the price was ridiculous because many porkfaces actually pay that much or because she was greedy as fuck (she saw the bike, the watch, the wallet full of money) but this is not good practice for her I can vouch for that.

Avoid the place.
I also went to this spa I believe (Sweet Spa also called) based on reviews of a chick called 'Candy' with nice fake tits and hot body.

In the afternoon only 2 ladies, Candy not to be found and unheard of. Took one of the ladies. About 300k for 1 hr massage in a semi outdoor straw cabana that was OK at best. She asked if I wanted a HJ and quoted 2M....ffs. I said I know the local price, kept rejecting, and 2M became 1M, then 800k, then 700k, then 600, then 500k. I got pissed off at that point and said I don't want extras as I offered the fair ticket price for HJ 300k and she kept negotiation hard. I left that place without paying any 0 tip, as massage was crap and sick of the hard ripoff negotiation tactics.

Went back another night, and saw 2 ladies, older MILF types. One was to my liking and she wanted 2M for everything (FS) and I got it to 1.5M. I was quite happy with her looks and service, but could not say most people will like this place. They don't have many ladies working, they are typically older MILF type and not youngish, and they negotiate hard for prices. maybe because it's an expat/international school area and think all foreigners are stupid or loaded with cash.

I would typically not advise the D2 area for FS as not worth the effort to go there, but Mild nature spa, and the other one the next street over, had more ladies, better selection, and didnt try overcharge so much (1.4M total price quoted straight away). These would be better places than Sweet/Su spa I think.
Toronto canada
As I stated earlier today, Asian woman, all over Asia, start with a crazy opening bid.
If someone is stupid enough to pay it, they will certainly take it.
Always negotiate. Recently had a gal from a site start with 3 mil. I told her I would pay no more than 1 mil, as she was young and very hot, she agreed instantly.
This doesn't always happen, but it's always worth a try. Especially if you are getting the massage and she sees herself not making SFA. Some aren't as stupid, and realize for 10 mi Utes of work, a weeks wages ain't so bad.