Thai Red Cross Anonymous Clinic - STD Testing in Bangkok, Thailand

Southeast Asia
This review is for the Thai Red Cross Anonymous Clinic in Bangkok, Thailand. This is the best place in Bangkok for STD testing.

The Thai Red Cross Anonymous Clinic is located at 104 Ratchadamri Road, near the northwest corner of Lumphini Park. It's easy to walk here from the BTS Silom Line or nearby MRT. The closest BTS station is Ratchadamri BTS (S1). You can also walk here from Sala Daeng BTS (S2) or Si Lom MRT station.

This Red Cross clinic is anonymous. The first time you visit, you will register an account at one of the online computer stations, and you'll pay a one time fee for your anonymous identification card. From there, you schedule your doctor visits and any testing you want. Business hours are Monday through Friday, from 7:30am to 3:00pm. This clinic can get busy at times, so expect to spend 2 to 3 hours for your visit. The most common lab tests require a one hour wait for your results.

You can request a full blood chemistry test and check for HIV, STD, or STI's. The staff at the clinic are professional, and your profile and results are kept 100% anonymous because you are only an assigned number in the system. The clinic only knows what you choose to tell them.

The best part about this Red Cross clinic is they serve the community, and their prices are very cheap. To compare, the STD testing in Vietnam is expensive and not anonymous. If you have the time, I recommend doing routine checkups at the Red Cross clinic in Bangkok. It's hard to catch an STD from a blowjob, and chlamydia is the most common STI. Even if I'm not showing any common symptoms, I use this clinic when I'm passing through Bangkok because I find myself in too many sexual situations where I'm not wearing a condom.

Attached are a few photos from the Thai Red Cross Anonymous Clinic in Bangkok. From the street, you'll see a Red Cross AIDS Research Center sign and a tall, white building showing through the trees. Walk into the Research Center and to the right of the white building and you'll see a smaller building with some stairs in front leading into the anonymous clinic.