Thailand experiences in Pattaya and Bangkok

Hey @Logan! I just posted about my experiences in Ho Chi Minh last night and let me tell you... I cannot wait to move on to Thailand. I'm planning on visiting Pattaya and Bangkok and was hoping you had other experiences in the two cities. I read on your Nguyen Phi Khanh reviews that you've mongered in Thailand, but I haven't seen anything posted anything on the forum.

Can you share anything on Pattaya if you have it? Are the big fancy massage places worth going to? How does the system work at the famous Soi 6? Do you have have experiences in Pattaya? Can you also share some experiences in Bangkok?
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I have traveled many places around Thailand, however I haven't spent much time in Pattaya. I can offer some guidance for Bangkok, as I know that city well. Here are some places around three popular BTS stations in Bangkok:

Nana BTS
Around the Nana BTS is the highest concentration of bars and clubs in Bangkok, and you'll see Viagra and Kamagra being sold everywhere you walk. A couple blowjob bars that were really good in the past have changed names, and are now called Wood Bar and Chrome Bar. In the past Lolitas has been good, but the girls don't look too attractive when I walk by now. And definitely try Kasalong, assuming the girls look good when you're there. This was my favorite place in the past, but now the quality of the girls are mixed results at different times of the day.

Asok BTS
The Asok BTS is the central transfer spot for the BTS or MRT, making it easy to get around Bangkok. And there's a great, cheap food court at Level 5 of the popular Terminal 21 shopping plaza. Within walking distance, I would recommend visiting Duangporn's Haven for a good blowjob bar experience. The previous location was called Som's Haven, but it has since moved and changed names to Duangporn's Haven.

Phrom Phong BTS
Near the Phrom Phong BTS, there are some really good places around here, but they will be a bit more expensive than the typical blowjob bar. My favorite blowjob is at 7-Heaven and you can choose the handcuff option to keep the girls hands behind their back. A couple good places for massages and sex are Thai Candy Massage and Bit Style Massage. And the one place I have not been to yet, but is at the top of my list of places to visit is the new Doki Doki Massage for the full Japanese Nuru massage experience in Bangkok. I tried going here once before, but they were closed. It's expensive, but you can choose the girl, and everything I've heard about this place has been nothing but exceptional. I will definitely go here the next time I'm in BKK.